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  1. Thanks for your comments. I am on Independence now, already 1of 2 weeks passed. 😭 So far well managed with pillow bumps. Didn't know there is blow up bed guards! Something to consider for next holiday.
  2. Thanks for the ideas. I might ask the room steward to make bumps in between the children as well as the edge so they don't get to kick and wake up each other..:)
  3. Oh thanks so much, I didn't know there is a separate section for this! Thanks for googling for me. I also did google and had chat with some clubs but it is hard to make comparisons btwn dive sites especially when you are not familiar with the water in certain region, so best to ask fellow divers!
  4. I am sailing on Indy from this Saturday and trying to find out if Malaga or Cadiz or Ajaccio(corsica) any good for scuba diving. Those are 3 ports that I haven't decided any excursion. Ajaccio is arrival 7:00 and departure 17:00 so if hurry and everything goes well we could make morning dive but tight. Malaga is arrival 12:00 and depart 20:00 so not sure if we could possibly make any dive. Cadiz is arrival 7:00 and depart 15:00 so also only morning dive, if any possible. It will be myself and my parents, and we have booked a diving in Nice before reaching these ports as we've been a few times so this time try something new and dip ourselves in Med seas.. If any of those 3 ports are good for diving compare to Nice, we want to try more but have no idea about what to expect as we've never dived in Meds. For a brief info, I am a dive master but it was when I was half of my age (OTL) and did majority of my dives in Red Sea but also some cold waters, my mum is 150+ diver and most of her dives in SE asia and Australia, and my dad has recently become a diver after being convinced by my mum for very long time and , dived in SE asia only so is in very warm and tropical water. If diving not recommended but good enough for snorkeling, then it would be also good to know so I could take my 8yrs old eldest. Appreciate any comments from fellow divers or snorkelers!
  5. Thanks very much for the details. I am in charge of planning and so much things to think of! I saw the reviews about Southampton departure more formal in formal nights and all of us are taking tux and dress!
  6. Seeing the reviews and I think it also depends on the sailing area. If you are in Caribbean people don't seem to bother and Southampton departure people tend to dress up more than other places. I am sailing on Southampton departure this weekend so my family have packed with tux, dress.
  7. I am sailing this weekend on Independence of the seas to celebrate my dad's 70's birthday with my family of 4 incl 2 small kids, my parents and a brother, total 7 of us. We had cruises with other cruise lines but all first time with RCCL. I have done some research but couldn't find all the answers and would like to get some help. Your comments on any of following will be greatly appreciated! 1. We are staying in suites and just got a message from concierge as a reply of my question, if there are any specific nights that MDR is recommended over specialty restaurants (because my parents are not huge fan of buffet and probably will go either specialty restaurant of MDR for dinners). The concierge recommended MDR on formal nights which is 3, 10 and 13th day. I was wondering if there is any difference in themes or ambiance on each formal nights or is it pretty much the same? Any other nights do you recommend to stay in MDR ? 2. I am trying to arrange celebration dinner in one of the specialty restaurants or on chef's table (I guess it is table in MDR?) Which one would you recommend and do they do birthday cakes or anything for the special occasion? 3. Concierge said that there are reserved seats in the shows for suite and diamond/pinnacle guests and advised to arrive 15mins before the show. Is it usually competitive or easy to get a seat? I wonder how early I should arrive to get a seat safely. I guess it is full ship on this sailing as in the middle of school hols. 4. Concierge confirmed that there are no bed guards available. I am planning to put my 2 kids(4 and 8) in the king bed to share or one each in single beds, but little bit worried about 4 yrs old as I will be sleeping in different room. I have fordable bed guard at home, would it be worth to carry it? Thank you!
  8. Booked two of 2BR this time, one cabin for 3 people and another with 4 people and had no issue. I think it is more of maximum people rather than minimum. When I tried to book these cabins first time, each 2BR cabin only allowed 2 people as maximum, so I gave up on this sailing and suddenly it allowed 3 and 4 people, so I booked.
  9. Dear Yorkshire-Pudding, Thank you so much to share the information and photos with me. I am so excited! I have done some cruises in the past but first time with RCCL and first 3 generations cruise, so try to study as much as I can before going on board. Tips on the towel very useful, actually was thinking about packing up the bulky ones but now all sorted, and I hope I can get some help from 'captain' kirk for my good night sleep. I will later post some question for the cruise, and will be greatly appreciate if you could share some more tips with me. Xx
  10. i am sailing next week on Indy and my family booked both 6416 and 6716, two 2 bed GS which used to be one 4 bed. Hope they kept it as 4 beds.. I will leave the review when I am back. I did some research it but not much information was found and also call center don't seem to know much about these cabins!
  11. I am much enjoying following your post. I am on next sailing departing 27th. Can't wait! Just found you had taxi tour in Gibraltar, Was it easy to find one and how much did you pay? We are 7 of us, including 2 small children.
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