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  1. I have 2 cruises less than 3 months apart. Ordered 2 weeks before first cruise. Wife and I. That is 4 tests, plus at least one extra in case one is bad . So 5 tests. 6 pack is cheaper than 2 3packs or 2 2 packs. I lost the lottery...my tests expire 1 week before my second cruise. Hopefully they extend them a few more months. It looks like they were sending out the freshest ones first, the replies from early/mid sept were showing late Jan to first week of feb modified expirations. Seems the batches being sent now are early Jan to late dec expirations.
  2. If there is a checkmark next to that section you are done. Any time you reopen it from there you will see blanks, as that is to let you do it again if you want to. Once done you do not have to do it again. There is no way to see what you have done, just the checkmark showing you are done.
  3. Same 4 night Jan 13 2022. Several different ship tours to Tulum, one to Chichen Itza, and some to San Gervasio.
  4. Is there a limit to the number of noodle packs you can bring on board (like the 2 bottles of wine)? Can you bring any noodles, such as ramen or spaghetti? Can you cook your noodles in the hot tub before bringing then into the pool? Do they have sauces, such as soy, spaghetti with meat, marinara, or do you need to arrange that with your steward or genie ahead of time? Are there vegetarian or gluten free options? Can you get a shot of tequila added? Will they have a "taste of Coco Cay pool noodles" excursions?
  5. That is not how it works. Variants arise from mutations (no virus sex).
  6. You may have hit the nail on the head. Has anyone received an offer on Delta or other branded card? I have seen carnival on my gold sky miles though.
  7. If you do not mind the extra $2 and change, try the Oberon (might have to go to vintages, but it is showing on the main dining room menus). If not, the Kendall-Jackson "Vintners Reserve" or the Andrew Peace Cab should be similar to J Lohrs.
  8. Hmmmm...wonder if moving 90 offers to your card counts as abusing the system:)
  9. I do not see an option to delete, either before or after adding to the card. Am I missing something? Or do you meaning by adding ten to your card it adds ten new ones?
  10. Date of final dose is currently the date of the second shot in a 2 shot series, or the date of the first shot for the J&J.
  11. That is my wife's typical boarding day shirt
  12. Harmony march/april 2019 9 night 3200 (1600PP) was a JS on the hump, give or take a hundred. Wow prices jumped. Harmony is a great ship, but 6K is 3 cruises for 2 on other classes.
  13. I know my childhood phone number. I do not know my wife's phone number (she has only had it for 15 years....)
  14. If you are near them, you can set up a username and password for them, and use the app on your phone to get them checked in, vaccine cards uploaded, and health questions answered. Once onboard the app isn't really necessary.
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