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  1. I actually didn’t phrase that correctly. Anyone who lives with those that are vulnerable get free flu jabs for this year. Partners have always got them free but not children.
  2. for this year due to Covid, family members of a vulnerable person also get it free.
  3. I loved looking through those. We should have been doing much the same itinerary in December, so it was lovely to see so many of the things we planned to do. The large pool table by the way is a snooker table. Thank you.
  4. The rains arrived in Corfu a few hours ago but they appear to be on the edge of cyclone ‘lanos’ and you are far further south east in Crete. It had already hit Zakynthos, Cephalonia and Ithaca in the Ionian islands a few hours back when I heard about it. This is interesting. Keep safe. https://www.windy.com/?37.160,20.720,7
  5. Hope you have a lovely time. We arrived back from Corfu on the 26th. We decided if we were going to take any risks we would prefer to go somewhere we know and know we will have no problem social distancing. Booked front seats on the flight, masks, visors, hair turban, etc.... Everyone was well behaved and we found the Corfiots to be excellent in their safety and hygiene measures.
  6. In Corfu, I would steer clear of Paleo and the hordes of tourists and hire a boat and skipper for the day. Two choices, Paxos and Anti-Paxos or the North East coast which is the strait which runs between Corfu and Albania. For the north east coast; visit Kassiopi early, coffee on the harbour and some pleasant trinket and olive wood shops and boutiques, then bay hop, stopping for a swim in empty coves, see Kouloura which is always featured on photos of Corfu, Agios Stefanos, the Rothschild mansion, Kerasia, Kalami which was home to Lawrence Durrell and his wife Nancy in the White House, then lunch at Taverna Agni or Toula’s (booking essential) in Agni bay which are two of the best tavernas on the island. Rick Stein has eaten twice at Toula’s and the food writer and Camilla’s son Tom Parker Bowles eats there most years. If it is a late port, you have the top restaurant in the whole of Greece at Ano Koriakiana, Etrusco; Ettore Bottrini’s 2 gold cap place and some superb tavernas in Corfu Town; the Venetian Well, Rex, etc followed by an aperitif or two on the Liston whilst people watching.
  7. Thank you all. Amazing help. The one I am leaning toward is the 11 night Aegean Pursuit voyage on the 16th October, particularly for the 2 nights in Istanbul. I have been to Istanbul before years ago and it would be good to go back. There are some interesting ports I haven’t visited and several I have.
  8. Thank you. I would like to visit Koper and Kotor but we sailed from Venice for the Croatia cruise last year and had 3 nights staying in Venice then.
  9. Thank you too. August is so hot in Greece generally but that itinerary is excellent. Plenty of places we haven’t visited. We did the Croatia intensive last year although the 2021 has a good variation of ports but not enough for me to book it this time.
  10. Thank you. Seville is the part of this which really interests me. Seville itself and also the cruise up the river. As we have been small boat owners for many years; passages like this are of huge interest to us. The navigation; the close proximity of the banks, the scenery, etc adds to our general interest.
  11. I am looking at transferring our deposit and OBC as well as taking advantage of the $500 OBC offer on certain cruises for 2021. I am specifically looking at the Mediterranean cruises departing end August - October inclusive. We only took our first cruise last year and I know no one knows what the future holds from a virus perspective or how Azamara will fare or look in our new world. So, which cruise would you chose and why? What are the stand-out ports and/or experiences that would sway your choice between the different cruises on offer please? They all have pluses and minuses for us; so your experience is invaluable to us. I am not interested in the Black Sea itineraries; too expensive. Thank you all.
  12. i can’t remember 😂. It was whatever was given on board for booking in the first half of the cruise. Does anyone know when the second half of 2022 is released? It rather feels like Groundhog Day booking for 2021.
  13. I didn’t pick up the messages above before I rang BA. The flights are cancelled which is a relief. I then rang Azamara to see what my options are regarding cancelling/changing my booking. There isn’t a cruise to change to using Lift and Shift, so I have following options:- - pay balance and wait for it to be cancelled to reclaim all monies paid. In my opinion, not worth it for a £250 deposit. - get a FCC for deposit amount and lose OBC. - book a future cruise and transfer deposit and OBC to this.
  14. Thank you. Yes, booked flights separately.
  15. Werangels

    Flight help UK

    Me again! We have 5 flights booked in total for when we should be doing our SA cruise in December. I have received notification from BA that our first flight to Joburg has been cancelled and they have moved us onto a later flight the same day. This gives us the option to cancel this flight now or allow them to rebook us onto the later flight. It is highly unlikely the cruise will happen as you all know so, would you cancel this flight now? Thanks for your help.
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