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  1. Would have thought bad publicity would be ok!🤐
  2. TA's are a waste of time, no worse than that they drag things out unbelievably. Yes they offer a few bucks more but I can manage without that.
  3. I had a cencelled Saga cruise booked through a TA and a week ago the person on the phones asked my bank account details saying I would get a cheque, today had an email from the TA's finance department saying that I had refunds on both CC's that I used for deposit and balance payment.
  4. Promised refund from TA, they have really dragged their feet over this will never use them again, to be on my CC within 6 days......only taken 2 months + 6 days!
  5. My post said it was covered for holidays booked before March but not for ones booked after and not for new customers, it also covers for CV19 for cruises transfered to a later date if booked before March and a person was a customer before March. So what did your comment mean?
  6. Check your travel insurance on a, effectively, new booking.
  7. Nationwide on the cover with their cirrent accounts offer cover for any cruise booked before March 19 and if that is rescheduled will cover that too. If one has to buy an upgrade with them, cancellation cover is lost but medical and repatriation are covered. But not for new customers.
  8. I would have thought that if you want to move house, that's up to you not PO🤪🤣
  9. I This sounds about right to me. Stephen Hawkin always said that humankind had to find a way to travel into space if it wanted their kind to continue. He cites a virus that we could not control as one of the two ways he thought human life on earth would end. CV19 could be the one. Who knows?
  10. Also be aware that next years price are high, as far as I can see. If you take a voucher and not transfer your holiday then check out about travel insurance. A cruise with no cover for CV19 could be an expensive holiday if the virus returns as many have suggested.
  11. Glad it worked for you. What is the situation with all that change regarding your insurance cover and CV19
  12. Whatever it means it means its a long time without an end which can be seen now.
  13. Yes it is Foreign Office @foreignoffice Travel update : The Foreign Office indefinitely advises against all non-essential global travel
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