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  1. That's fabulous news, Freddy! Let's hope Malta and Montenegro follow suit. Thanks for keeping us posted.
  2. Did I read a different interview? I didn't get a "no traveling" message from the piece I read. As Linda said, the interview added to the discussion about what it's like to travel these days. It's helpful to understand Viking's actions and the rationale for those actions.
  3. I can't say what amused me more: your assumption that our Canadian friend was from the U.S., or the mutual apologies once his U.K. bona fides became known. Plus, I learned that "shirty" is actually a word. Good work!
  4. Best hotel chain in Iceland is Fosshotels -- start from there. They have locations throughout the country.
  5. My picture of the same street, looking the opposite direction. Beautiful!
  6. The changes to Malta's entry rules over the last week have caused Air Malta and local hotels to lose a substantial amount of business. Check out this article in the Times of Malta. https://timesofmalta.com/articles/view/new-travel-rules-air-malta-sees-over-6000.886951
  7. Viking’s letter threw some veiled, but serious shade at the Icelandic authorities. I’m sure there will be meetings galore before the next cruise sails. Oh, to be a fly on that ceiling!
  8. Just so folks are aware: While the letter for the July 14 cruise did refer specifically to the CDC card, the new rules that Malta adopted today -- after the letter was sent -- do not refer to that card. Instead, the rules permit visitors from the U.S., Canada, and other countries formerly on Malta's amber list to enter that country if they possess a "vaccination certificate." That term isn't qualified or limited, so it appears to include the CDC card and other forms of vaccination certificates.
  9. Great news! Let's hope this is Malta's last flip, and that these new rules stick.
  10. This is great news for the folks who sail tomorrow! Looking forward, it will be very, very interesting to see what Malta does over the next two months. Will the country issue a letter similar to the above for all sailings during the summer? Will the country go back to its pre-July 14 rules or will it adopt some other rules? How will Viking respond? Etc. etc.
  11. The commenter suggests that Malta's new travel restrictions are perfectly OK. That's not what the EU is saying, however. The European Commission held a press briefing today. (The Commission is the EU's executive branch.) In the briefing, the Commission spokesperson raised concerns that Malta's new measures could be discriminatory. The spokesperson said: "A vaccination certificate cannot be a precondition for the exercise of free movement." The Commission has asked Malta to explain why it adopted the measures. Also today, France condemned Malta's sudden decision to bar u
  12. At his news conference last Friday, Malta's Minister of Health said most of the new cases occurred in young unvaccinated visitors who were attending the country's ESL schools. (There are over 40 in the country.) That doesn't sound like Viking's usual demographic.
  13. The social media site that can't be named reports today that Karine Hagen has arrived in Malta.
  14. @Jchiverssaid that Malta isn't accepting the CDC documentation. That is a correct statement. The U.S. Department of State's Overseas Security Advisory Council wrote in a health alert on Friday: "The Government of Malta does not currently recognize the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) vaccination card. Beginning July 14, U.S. citizens will not be permitted to enter Malta unless they have one of the before-mentioned Maltese-recognized Covid-19 vaccination certificates, regardless of their point of origin." https://www.osac.gov/Content/Report/a0398783-8fa7-494a-a6e4-1c
  15. Every country has the “right” to take actions as it sees fit. But having said “right” doesn’t mean the actions themselves make any sense. For example, what sense does it make for Malta to conclude that the CDC documentation for vaccination is unacceptable? And what sense does it make to exclude Americans en masse, even those who are fully vaccinated?
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