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  1. I received the email for the updated map. When I got the original email, the invitation was for editing. I looked quickly at what you had done, but was too spooked that not being a proficient Google maps user that I would accidently change something. So sorry you had a problem, but sad that my caution was valid.
  2. Thanks again. Now I see the reason for the cable comments - Fox, in particular, broadcasts, but is low powered on the west side of the island so no hope for OTA.
  3. Thanks. Couldn't do it on Princess last month.
  4. BnB just confirmed no access to cable and suggested a bar. Going to be tough for a 1 beer/night max geezer? 🤭 We'll be in OSJ near St. Germain Bistro - any suggestions? Meanwhile, I'll try to look for online viewing options...
  5. Know this is OT, but could you use the same technique to attach a computer hdmi output to the TV? We copy our camera recordings to a HDD backup on a laptop & would like to view those copies nightly.
  6. In my infinite wisdom, I booked our pre-cruise flight for Feb 2, not thinking about the Super Bowl. I'm not a fan, but hubby is. The bnb lists wifi & Netflix. Before asking the bnb owner, would the game be broadcast locally in English? Or should I plan on an alternative like a Firestick? Don't think I'd be successful in convincing him to watch Heidi...🤣
  7. Please add me as a receiver of your walking tour efforts: diane dot acap at mindspring dot com. Hubby is limited in walking distances without rest stops. I've read that OSJ has a lot of cobblestones and is mostly sloped which will take him more time. And as I understand, there are a number of steps at El Morro. We'll be taking a cane seat for rest breaks, but did you find in your research/experience the areas that will be the toughest for him so we can break the tour up into seqments? Sure hope the trolley will be operational in Feb.
  8. Just a quick thanks for all the help. Finished our 2 day stay and will be checking out today for the ship. So glad I listened to you about changing to the YWCA. It was perfect for us with a close HopOn-HopOff pickup. We did a LOT of HOHO trips. 😊 Hubby managed to walk the Chinese Garden and from the Rose Garden to the Totems at Stanley. Great time had here by both of us even though I'm not going to make it on the SkyTrain.
  9. Got it ok now. Thought it was just the 24 hr check-in stuff. Thanks, polmcs.
  10. I see the 6 char confirmation code in EZ, but can't find where to check seats on AA. All I'm seeing is Booking, Check in and Flight Status... Since I booked via EZ, I don't have an AA log-in. For Alaska Airlines, found my info under Manage Trip.
  11. Thanks for the info. Guess I need to contact Princess to get the ball rolling. So tough being a newbie. 🤣
  12. Like the OP, I used a TA for Aug cruise but booked air with EZ. Paid TA the total. Now when/how do I see seat assignments & get actual tickets? Don't see anything on the Personalizer.
  13. Not to hijack, but questions in same vein that hopefully would be shared by OP... My trip is mid Aug 2019. When/who do you contact for emark/disbark/port wheelchair assistance? That is, email/call to specific Princess dept or general Princess #? If you have booked with a travel agent, do you HAVE to do this through them? I'd prefer DIY. How about airline when booked through EZ? I'm not excited about putting my CC# & authorization in any earlier than necessary, so can't yet get boarding info and I assume this means flight ticket stuff too 'cause I haven't gotten anything yet... Most likely we will be getting a scooter on board, but from posts here, sounds like elevators can be a problem, so guessing most practical for high usage times like dinner might be having hubby ride to elevator then hoof it from there while I return it to cabin.
  14. Happy Canada Day to my helpers.
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