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  1. I have always said, if they mandate cruisers to do the drill before inbibing, it would get dome a LOT sooner
  2. You are way more experienced on this than me, and I do appreciate your expertise. Seems like there was multiple instances of lack of communication, by the tour company to the cruise line, the port agent at the pier, NCL to them on assisting to get them home, and who knows what else. They have apparently agreed to pick up all charges. I do have a question for you, the PVSA fines, is it customary to levy those on individuals, or the cruise line?
  3. I will be with some mgt types in a couple weeks. I will see if I can gather some info they can share on the scope, at least offer some non solicited ideas.
  4. When I saw the bottom line of their costs to get home, I was shocked.
  5. Carnival has doing this since covid. Easy peasey
  6. You know exactly what you pay when you book. Micro managing the quotation process solves absolutely nothing and def qualifies as an overreach. Airlines online menu drive their sales all the time, what rate you pick, what seat you pick etc etc. You know what you pay when you book. All this said, it is here now and we know who to thank.
  7. Ditto and way more than 4 times….. Originally (on Vista) they used to put out Cuban coffee (Not sure what the heck the Op even mentioned) and cuban breakfast items, but that was only on that ship and for first year.
  8. Yup, on all counts. It has been a while, but my recollection in this logger show was in easy walking distance to the port. Someone on the excursion company should be looking for work as well. There is a local port contact as well. Many dropped the ball on this, this family should be cruising for free on NCL for another trip.
  9. The whole thing is a lot to do over nothing. The end result is single cruisers pay more now. All because someone has to meddle in a no gain add on that solves nothing. The real question is will you cruise more or less because of this meddling?
  10. Why would they need to back peddle at all with restaurants? The point was that for the majority, there was no change in pricing but only in the quotation.
  11. Because people looking at quotes and unknowing of what the new law enforced the the industry to do, might defer thinking with the popularity and their past history and experience to look elsewhere
  12. The law just took affect July 1. Sales have been up but this link is the affect since 7/1.
  13. Profitability is way easier on the macro side, as opposed to micro. We neither have the variables they determine to be important (or the order of their importance) and in the end we get what we get. Way too many unknowns. Loyalty program, its costs, what they want it to be, and the factors they determine to be crucial are mostly unknowns as well. We have discussed the many options (and there are a bunch) here a LOT. The simple truth is there may be reasons foe the change JH alludes to beyond things we think are important. John has dropped WAY many hints lately for it not to be coming and coming relatively soon. When and what it will be and how it impacts all of us are things we will just have to wait and see.
  14. I agree with the idea, it makes sense to me. They (and we also) need to realize that there is a def distinction between fares, profitability and loyalty.
  15. Good news,,,, I guess much ado about nothing, as are most laws like this. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/finance-legal-regulatory/cruise-demand-not-seen-impacted-new-honest-pricing-law
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