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  1. Searching for a excursion where my husband and 12 year old daughter can snorkel and I can relax on board. I do not snorkel and mobility limitations make climbing in and out of the water challenging. Anyone know of a excursion that would allow me to settle on board while they snorkel. Saw one called Turbo-Cat Snorkel & Beach Escape that looked interesting but some reviews sounded like they go to a beach where you have to disembark the boat through the water? Another was Shipwreck and Turtle Cove two site snorkel on Castaway Girl. Anyone with experience on either?
  2. This is great information! I need help with strategy! We want to try to get into a Chefs Table Dinner as well as a Winemakers Dinner on our 7 night cruise. I understand you can’t sign up for both of those until you are on board and then wait to see if you get a invite. If we got into both of those we wouldn’t do a Balcony Dinner. Can you cancel a Balcony Dinner? Should I wait until on board to schedule the Balcony Dinner or schedule? Also, our 12 year old daughter will be with us. Would she come to these with us (if so anyone know the charge) she would rather go to the kids club - I assume it’s open at night? Love to hear some advice and strategy!
  3. Is there a Winemakers Dinner on the Regal Princess? Sailing on a 7 night cruise in March and would like to participate if it’s available.
  4. Anyone done the Ultimate Balcony Dinner for 2? Does it include wine? How was it? We want to do the Chefs Table but understand it’s not scheduled until we board. Do you have to schedule the Balcony dinner before you board? Our luck they’d be the same night if we prescheduled!
  5. We are cruising on the Regal Princess in March and it is in port at St Thomas 10-10 on a Wednesday. The cruise has a excursion to a Sunset Party at paradise point for $49 per person which does not include food or drinks. Does it cost that much more to go up paradise point at night? Why would it cost so much more than going up during the day? Is it worth that or should we go to dinner at a nice restaurant instead. Any restaurant recommendations for a special meal?
  6. I should have clarified - I meant iced tea. Sorry I didn’t specify. Thanks so much for your help!
  7. If you don’t purchase a drink package what is the cost to simply order a tea with dinner? We are trying to decide between purchasing a package or bringing water and soft drinks on board. How many bottles of wine can we bring on board? We are driving to the port so flying isn’t a issue. I’d welcome advice as this is our first cruise where we’ve had to pay for beverages.
  8. We are cruising out of Fort Lauderdale on the Regal Princess in a Club Class Mini Suite on the Riviera Deck. Can anyone tell me the earliest time we will be able to board? When looking at our booking it shows our deck begins boarding at 2:00 but do we get to board earlier since we are Club Class?
  9. We would like to participate in a Chef's Table dinner on a upcoming cruise in March. It appears you make that reservation when you are on board? Is that correct? Are the reservations hard to obtain? Can anyone share with me the cost of this dinner or recommend which night to do it on a 7 night cruise?
  10. First cruise on Princess and considering a Club Class Mini-suite on the Regal Princess. What does early embarking and debarking give you? How much earlier can you board? Is it a real benefit?
  11. Has anyone used the "Priority embark and debark" with the Club Class? What does that give you? How early can you board? They also mention "evening canapés" what is that - I assume they are no charge and you pay a delivery fee or tip? I'd love to hear thoughts on those two benefits of Club Class? I appreciate all the advice and input! This will be our first cruise on Princess.
  12. Is Club class in a Princess mini suite worth the additional cost? Do you have access to concierge and the areas the suites have on the ship?
  13. We've cruised twice before on Disney and are considering a 7 day Eastern Caribbean Princess cruise. Our daughter will be 12 at the time of sailing. How is Shockwaves for her age on Princess? She's a very outgoing only child. We are looking at the March 1 sailing - will there be other children on board her age? We want to make sure she is entertained. I'd love to hear from anyone who has cruised both with similar age children.
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