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  1. On the website under the add-ons section there is now an item called "Deep Blue Extras" with a description of "A collection of unrivaled luxuries" along with our bar tabs for our voyage next week.
  2. Have you tried switching voyages and/or connecting the second voyage in the app? Go to the Me tab bottom right, then Settings top right, scroll all the way to the bottom and select Switch Voyage. All of your bookings should be listed, if your other one is still missing select Connect Booking to add the missing voyage. As far as I can tell you can only see add-ons for your next cruise on the site. ☹️
  3. You can make up to 3 reservations per restaurant on 7 night voyages as well.
  4. Dial the moment your phone clock rolls over to 9am eastern on Sunday morning. Never waited more than 10-15 minutes going this route.
  5. There are lots of quiet options and not just partying all the time so I'm sure you wouldn't be relegated to your terrace. We have been dining at Gunbae on embarkation day as you are sat with strangers at that location if your party is less than 6. A good way to meet some people early on. While we haven't done the grog walk ourselves yet, I imagine that would be a good way to start a solo cruise as well.
  6. You can find menus from April at this site, including the Galley. https://profcruise.com/virgin-voyages-restaurant-menus-2022/
  7. You can book each restaurant 3 times on longer voyages. We enjoy Extra Virgin and are going there a lot on our back to back 7 day voyages. 😁
  8. Good to know about the B2B situation as we are doing that next month. When I called yesterday the agent said something about having to annotate that we were doing a B2B which I found interesting. You were formerly able to see loot on the website so I wonder if it was removed because people were having issues with it showing the wrong amount.
  9. I called Sailor Services about our B2B out of Barcelona today and was able to add a bar tab to both voyages with the agent. It does appear that on the website you can only manage/view/purchase add-ons for the closest voyage and then see limited details for all of your voyages, unlike the mobile app where you can completely swap voyages (but not purchase bar tabs).
  10. I believe VV is using the World Trade Center. 1ª planta Edif. Este, Moll de Barcelona, s/n, 08039 Barcelona, Spain
  11. Negative, based on several posters experiences they will not transfer forward.
  12. Sea Blazers received a purple band with a charm for onboard recognition and then you get "lifetime" bar tab promotion of $125 bonus for every $300 purchased in advance of sailing.
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