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  1. Can anyone give me an estimate of the cost of taking Uber from San Pedro to LAX
  2. I've found that the prices can change all day 1
  3. This will be our fourth time to Cartagena and am looking forward to again touring the Walled City. Yes the vendors are persistent but just tell them no and keep walking. The last time we were there one of the first vendors had lace tablecloths at a price of $25. Because I showed an interest in them he followed us around for the couple of hours we were there. Each time we say him the price of the tablecloth went down to finally when we were ready to leave I purchased it from him for under $10. Honestly that was all it was worth but it still looks nice on my dining room table. We took a taxi from the port all the times we have been there. You just have to be aware of all your surroundings!
  4. I know this topic has been disguised before but I cannot find any current information on the topic. We will be leaving the Island Princess in L.A. On April 24 and would like to know if Princess has EZ Check for your luGgage. We are flying with Southwest back to Pittsburgh. Thanks
  5. I never realized there was a difference so please don't but me down for asking this question. I have usually booked with a travel agent but this time because the price on Princess site was less than on the travel agents site so I booked with Princess. This cruise was booked less than 2 months before the sailing date so when I saw the price Princess offered I jumped on it and I did not realize that I could then transfer the booking to my Travel Agent.
  6. We are sailing April 8 on the Island Princess
  7. How soon before your cruise does Princess send our the info on Cruise Director, etc for your sailing?
  8. Yes Book on your own. We have stayed at the Hyatt Place and Embassy Suites and been very satisfied with both. They are close to the port, restaurants and grocery stores, etc for last minute shopping.
  9. I've decided to delete the message I posted yesterday because of all the negative answers I have received how can I delete this?
  10. We have bought travel insurance from Princess and also through Insure My Trip. I realize the older you are the more expensive it is to purchase, but we would never travel without it. We are both healthy older adults but one of our concerns is having to be airlifted off the ship which could be financially devastating without the proper insurance. The one thing that about Princess insurance is the evacuation is only for $50,000 and it could cost much more to be airlifted off the ship.How do all of you feel about purchasing insurance?
  11. WOW!! As always there is someone on here ready to correct our mistakes. So the Upsell Fairy didn't find a sucker in me!!!
  12. The upgrade fairy didn't find a sucker in me!!
  13. I really appreciate all of you want to thank you for your honest answers. I didn't think it was that great but needed your opinion!! Thanks again!!
  14. We booked a guarantee BF on the Island Princess for 15 days. Was given a BD cabin then last night I received an email saying we could have a BC for $450 more. I have until tonight to decide, what is your opinion? I will say the new cabin is about 15 cabins closer to the center of the ship then our original cabin which was closer to the back of the ship! Thanks
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