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  1. to go to downtown, you take it from Sea-tac to Westland, which is pretty near to the infamous Pine street area Additionally, some cruisers have seen some undesirable and dodgy people in the train and around the stations. Is it really unsafe? Would I be better off with a taxi or Uber? Thank you for your advice
  2. Err.... a few countries are now officially in recession. UK included. So yes, there will be cost cutting.
  3. not true. the comparison with 'home' is silly. at home you can certain swap up different ingredients , brands, supplies etc and have you forgotten, you can eat out? on a cruise ship, you are rotating between a few kitchens, maximum. and to those people saying you won't get sick of it because of the ability to try food from different parts of the world, i think you dont understand what a world cruise entails. MOST are sea days. thus that isn't really answering the query.
  4. well some people don't mind it so its not a problem for you two i guess but eating food from the same cafeteria, or even a restaurant, even if they change up the menu, mix and match the ingredients, isn't ideal, for someone with a more discerning palate. just in case you aren't aware, 'specialty dining' food comes from the same kitchen, usually, just with more expensive ingredients and nicer presentation. "Essie's Mom" so far there are no recent food-related threads on the world cruise section. Plus, I'm sure you are aware, cruise food standards have been falling over the years.
  5. A world cruise sounds really appealing to me... I am thinking of saving for one when I finally retire in the future... But is it okay to eat the same food from the same kitchen for 2 months? I know the menu changes, but the taste won't be very much different, and the menu would likely cycle itself? Anybody been on a world cruise yet? Hope you can share how you managed this problem
  6. yea pretty weird but mine popped back suddenly on the app maybe you can check it again a lttle while later i suppose
  7. please share with us, how you managed to embark, in the end...
  8. anyone has their app suddenly delink the cruise from their accounts, and gives an error when you try to put it back in again?
  9. sorry for being offtopic, during which of these themes would a white dinner jacket be appropriate? (besides black and white of course) thanks
  10. Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong are pretty safe developed cities, so you wont need additional vaccines. Vietnam is kinda tricky, but if you dont intend to eat anything outside of restaurants and hotels, or have physical contact with locals there, then you are alright. but if you want to be extra safe, then consider Hepatitis A, and typhoid for contaminated food, maybe a flu vaccine for general protection for any sort of travel anyway Hepatitis B is for blood and sex, so it depends on what you are planning to do.
  11. yes that should be your best option, assuming you dont have giant luggage bags. just make sure you have plenty of 100 YEN coins for the coin lockers i assume you probably want to stow them at the lockers at Shin-Yokohama train station, which is the closest station to the museum. https://www.yokohamastation.com/lockers-and-baggage-storage-at-shin-yokohama-station/ But take note, Ramen museum opens at 11am (1030 on Sat and Sun), so be quick about it. All the best!
  12. Thank you for your advice In that case, I would probably book a taxi on their website on embarkation morning , probably, so I can meet it at the hotel entrance. đź‘Ť
  13. is radio taxis a good choice when it comes to transport between hotel in Southampton and cruise terminal? westquaycars is also recommended by some forumers here as well. which taxi company would be best? i am thinking of booking one in advance, for both embarkation, and disembarkation many thanks
  14. Oh i see I suppose pre-ordering this , pre-cruise, guarantees a seat then Thanks for your help
  15. hi there, did you manage to figure out why it was stuck on day 1 10am? I am having the same problem with my cruise...
  16. can someone share if = room slippoers = bathrobes are provided in the stateroom for the Luminosa? thanks!
  17. thanks for the information its a cunard cruise, so its probably going to be the far one, Kai Tak terminal.
  18. hi sounds great! im gonna be on the same cruise, but in April instead. Lots of food options on the Luminosa, including the little spots for BBQ, burritos, pizza etc. I am probably too old for the physical stuff on Airlie beach, so I'm gonna have a nice stroll. Don't forget to rub the 1 ton statue's backside at the central atrium haha
  19. yes you are probably right yea, i would be stressed the night before the flight if there is no room for the unexpected.
  20. Additionally, if you wish to visit MARINA BAY SANDS (shopping, casino, food etc) it is at BAYFRONT station, and not Marina Bay.
  21. the area around Lavender isn't very tourist-friendly away from your hotel, so just go straight down to the MRT and off you go to nicer areas To get to Gardens by the Bay, you need to make 2 train transfers: Lavender (Green Line) ---> City Hall (Red Line) ---> Marina Bay (Brown Line) -- > Gardens by the Bay
  22. Hi everyone, First time going to Hong Kong.... My flight that I intend to book will land at 10am in the morning, will I be able to make it to the cruise terminal in time for embarkation? How long would the immigration and luggage take? I believe the best transportation option would be to grab a taxi from the airport to the cruise terminal. Or would it be better to stay a night in Hong Kong? Thanks a lot everyone
  23. Bali is nice if you like sun and sand. A quiet resort.
  24. hi everyone, if my flight is 9pm at Heathrow, does anyone have suggestions on what to do from disembarkation at Southampton til then? I believe disembarkation would be complete by 12 noon latest, for most cruises, I suppose. Its gonna be tough as I will be dragging one large luggage about town. Thanks!
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