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  1. Oops, the June 7, 2020 crossing that I used as the example in my previous post is of course voyage M017, not voyage M107 as I managed to mistype it above. Just on the off chance anyone wanted to follow along to see the same fares I got from the US website.
  2. What Underwatr said. Since I already started this rather long-winded reply that goes into a bit more detail, I've gone ahead and posted it. The short answer is that you have to actually start a booking on the new Cunard website to see all the pricing for the various cabin locations. Now for the details. To keep things simple, let's just concentrate on how to get all the prices for sheltered balcony cabins on a QM2 transatlantic crossing, let's say for the June 7, 2020 westbound crossing from Southampton to New York (voyage M107). Since I'm in the US, I'll mention the pricing I'm seeing on the Cunard US website for that particular crossing. We start by selecting "See voyage details" for voyage M107. Then we can see within the "Accommodation" section that the pricing for "Britannia Balcony" is listed as "From $1,869 PP". But of course that's just for the least expensive grade of Britannia Balcony. When we expand "Britannia Balcony" within the "Accommodation" section, we see different choices for "Balcony", "Balcony (sheltered)", and "Britannia (obstructed view)". When we select each of those categories in turn, we find the following fares. Balcony: "Cruise Fare From $2,309 pp" Balcony (sheltered): "Cruise Fare From $1,909 pp" Balcony (obstructed): "Cruise Fare From $1,869 pp" That's getting us a little closer. We now know that sheltered balconies start from $1,909 per person. But now, to get any further, we need to select "Book now" to start a booking for the "Balcony (sheltered)" category. After selecting "2" passengers and clicking "Continue", we see that a cabin in the "Forward" section of the ship has been selected for us for a fare of $1,909 per person. This happens to be a category BZ cabin which is indeed the least expensive category of sheltered balcony. To find the fares for the other categories of sheltered balconies, we need to change the section from "Forward" to the other sections within the ship. Start that process by selecting "Change your room". Then select "Edit" within "Ship section". The next more expensive category of sheltered balcony is category BY in the "Aft" section. When we change to that section, we see the fare has increased to $1,989 per person. The next more expensive sheltered balcony is category BV which is in both the "Mid-Forward" and "Mid-Aft" sections. When we change to either of those sections, we see the fare has increased to $2,069 per person. Finally, the most expensive sheltered balcony is category BU which is in the "Mid" section. When we change to that section, we see the fare has increased to $2,169. Whew, that's what it took just to find all the fares for sheltered balconies. Also please note, you won't ever see the actual cabin categories shown as BZ, BY, BV, or BU anywhere during this process. Now repeat this process for all the other kinds of cabins. Not particularly straightforward, but I'm afraid that's what it takes to find all the prices for each section using the new Cunard website.
  3. You're welcome. I just realized I made a mistake copying the URL for the Cunard World Club page on the US web site. Even though the link I posted above says "en-us" it actually tries to go to "en-gb" because I edited the link incorrectly. When using a browser in the US, that "en-gb" should be redirected to "en-us" automatically, so it probably doesn't really make a difference. But just to be totally correct about it, here is a link that actually tries to go to the Cunard World Club page on the US site in the first place rather than having to depend on being redirected from "en-gb" to en-us". https://www.cunard.com/en-us/cunard-world-club
  4. Yeah, it takes some detective work, but I think Host Hattie may have found the following result when searching the UK FAQ for the term "loyalty". Under the "General query" results, there is the question "Wha [sic] are the terms and conditions of the loyalty club?". The answer to that question suggests visiting www.cunard.com/cwc. That URL leads to the same Cunard World Club page we've mentioned above. But that question can't be found at all within the US FAQ. So, it takes even more detective work to find the Cunard World Club benefits on the US website using only what's readily available there.
  5. That's actually one thing I have been able to find on the Cunard UK site. Take a look at the bottom of the home page under "Useful links" for "Cunard World Club benefits". As Host Hattie has indicated, that takes you to this Cunard World Club page. https://www.cunard.com/en-gb/cunard-world-club There is no such link under "Useful links" on the Cunard US website, but there is a corresponding Cunard World Club page on the US website found at https://www.cunard.com/en-us/cunard-world-club Edit: They may be trying to hide that page on the US website since it contains a "Manage my preferences" section at the bottom with a link to "Update my preferences" which does not apply to the US yet.
  6. Thanks to those that have replied to help clarify what the dress codes are on their QE voyages. To summarize: yorkshirephil reports both the first and last evenings are jacket optional on the May 31 QE Alaska cruise (I deduced his cruise from the roll call). david,Mississauga reports only the first evening is jacket optional on the June 10 QE Alaska cruise. Bell Boy reports only the first evening is jacket optional on the June 20 QE Alaska cruise. Dranuc2016 reports no evenings are jacket optional on the July 24 QE Eastbound Crossing and Iceland. Other than the last evening of the May 31 QE voyage which may be a one-off or a glitch in the VP, I think It's safe to reach the same conclusion as Bell Boy that the QE Alaska cruises are being treated the same as the QV Mediterranean fly cruises and there is no general trend yet to make the final evening jacket optional (for Alaska or otherwise).
  7. Oh wow, I hadn't heard about the dining times being changed. I see a discussion about that now on several of the roll call threads for QE's Alaska cruises. Apparently Cunard stated that is being done "in order to complement the full itinerary and land tours schedule". Not sure I understand that as a rationale for moving the dining times earlier rather than later, but so be it I guess. I suppose that shift in the dining times would indeed provide further justification for making embarkation day "jacket optional" on those voyages. In practice, I've heard they will make exceptions to the jacket requirement for those whose luggage hasn't made it to their cabins prior to dinner for whatever reason on other voyages anyway. It's just that I haven't seen embarkation day specifically stated as "jacket optional" before, except for QV's Mediterranean fly cruises the past few years. And I can't say I've seen the last evening's dress code stated as "jacket optional" before either.
  8. I prefer second sitting on an eastbound crossing like yours (for the reasons Underwatr and exlondoner mentioned) because the clocks are advanced an hour at noon on five of the sea days. That compresses the time between lunch, tea and dinner. Here is a link to the brochure about the drinks packages. https://www.cunard.com/content/dam/cunard/marketing-assets/pdf/life-on-board/drinks-packages/world-of-drinks-drinks-packages-brochure.pdf As you can see, there are several options depending on whether you are looking for alcoholic drinks, specialty coffees, or soft drinks. You'll see the alcoholic drinks package includes alcoholic beverages up to $11 (with a 20% discount on drinks over $11) as well as what's included in the other premium soft drinks and specialty hot drinks options (including small bottles of water). You might want to try one of the alternative dining options about half way through your voyage just for a bit of a change, but of course that's entirely up to you. The Britannia dining experience is very good in my opinion. We never tried the alternative dining options until somewhere around our third or fourth crossing. Not entirely sure about the reference to "two" afternoon teas. The main afternoon tea with waiter service that Lanky Lad described is in the Queens Room. There is also a self-service version in the Kings Court buffet and also some self-service afternoon tea style items available in the Carinthia Lounge. Those are free alternatives. There is also a "Godiva Chocolate Afternoon Tea" for an extra charge in Sir Samuel's. On some days there is a "Champagne Afternoon Tea" in the Champagne Bar, also for an extra charge. I'm not sure if they still have it, but for awhile they were also offering something called the "Lion's Share" afternoon tea with a beer flight in the Golden Lion Pub, again for an extra charge. Not really anything happening on board that you need to prebook before your voyage in my view. There isn't really all that much you can book before the voyage anyway. You could book the Verandah Restaurant ahead of time, but that's not really necessary unless there is a specific date you would want to book to celebrate a special occasion.
  9. I'm afraid the schedule hasn't been published that far out yet. Cunard may publish a schedule sometime later this year that goes into 2020. Otherwise look for the schedule to be listed in your voyage personaliser about 3-4 months prior to your departure date.
  10. Ah, thanks for that. So I didn't misinterpret your post after all. I'll be interested to see if this is indeed a sign of things to come or just for Alaska.
  11. Ah, thanks for that. I guess I misinterpreted yorkshirephil's post about "Jacket Optional" as being for the last evening. So it looks like the QE Alaska itineraries are being treated like the QV Mediterannean fly cruises were then.
  12. I wonder if this is something new for the QE Alaska itineraries. I know Cunard used to specify "Jacket Optional" on embarkation day for their QV Mediterranean fly cruises. This is this first time I've seen this mentioned on other types of cruises (and on the last evening rather than embarkation day). Are others seeing "Jacket Optional" on other itineraries? Not seeing it on our upcoming QM2 crossings, but I can see why they might do that on itineraries such as the QE Alaska itineraries where the last day is not a sea day.
  13. One additional note to add is that on the QM2 crossings I have been on, the theatre show on the last evening for second sitting has been scheduled before dinner at 7:00pm rather than 10:30pm. So for those on second sitting in Britannia (or those who prefer to dine later in the Grills), that allows plenty of time after dinner to finish packing their dinner clothes and have their suit cases out before midnight without missing the show.
  14. Yes, if you have booked directly with Cunard, then calling Cunard to cancel and rebook is the way to go to increase the odds of keeping your same cabin. They do not frown on that at all. Do be aware that even Cunard cannot guarantee that you will be able to keep the same cabin though, since there will always be a tiny window between the time they cancel your original booking and create a new one when someone else could grab that cabin, even though that window will only a few minutes. As one Cunard rep I spoke with put it, the chances of keeping the same cabin are about 99 percent when you cancel and immediately rebook with them in the same phone call. That's definitely the best way to accomplish that rather than cancelling and rebooking as two separate processes.
  15. The master dress code schedule for voyage V918 (July 14-28, Southampton-Southampton) indicates the Royal Cunard Ball will be on July 26, 2019. Your voyage V918B (July 16-25, Hamburg-Kiel) disembarks the day before on July 25, so it would appear you are going to miss that ball on your voyage.
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