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  1. Yeah, I'm not sure these new webcam images from the Cunard website are quite ready for prime time yet. Occasionally I'm seeing images that look like they are reasonably accurate and seem to be updating every few minutes (when doing hard refreshes in the browser). But then they seem to revert to older images, such as showing night images while it is daytime at the ship's location, or switching back to an image of the ship in port long after it has departed.
  2. Yeah, it's just listed as the "Chef's Galley: Pizza & Pasta Station" in the daily programmes. One would think it's merely a self-service area of the Kings Court buffet as it is during the day. It took us quite a while to figure out it actually offers table service with ordering off a menu during the evenings.
  3. Just to expand on what frankp01 has mentioned, the Chef's Galley is located at the far aft end of the Kings Court on the starboard side. Basically opposite the alternative dining venue which is located aft on the port side.
  4. By the way, here are photos of the menu for the Chef's Galley evening pizza and pasta station I took a couple months ago. Also, this is considered a casual venue. The dress code does not apply in this area of the Kings Court unlike the alternative dining venue with a cover charge where the dress code does apply.
  5. No need to book the Chef's Galley on QM2 for the evening pizza and pasta station table service, nor is it even possible to book as far as I know.
  6. As the author of the last few iterations of the "Cunard Webcams" sticky which used to be on this forum, I'll jump in here. That's no longer a sticky since Cunard moved the webcams from the locations used in that sticky and no alternative locations could be found that would work in a post here on Cruise Critic. Interestingly enough though, I just noticed a couple days ago that Cunard has once again begun posting webcam images on the ship information pages of their website. Those new webcam image locations would be workable in a Cruise Critic post. However, I haven't had the chance to investigate how reliable those images are yet and it doesn't appear they are updated very frequently. More research will be needed about that and since I just began a 21-day voyage on QM2 yesterday, it may be a while until I can dig into that more deeply.
  7. I'm back on board QM2 and once again the Carinthia Lounge is not serving the small plate lunches on embarkation day in New York. This time I asked about it and was told it depends on how many in-transit passengers there are as to whether or not the Carinthia Lounge serves lunch on embarkation day.
  8. Currently on board QM2. Here are the Twinings teas that are readily available from the dispensers in the Kings Court. English Breakfast Earl Gray Assam Pure Green Tea Pure Camomile Pure Peppermint Lemon & Ginger Cranberry & Raspberry
  9. The Cunard post-cruise coach transfer from the Brooklyn cruise terminal to LaGuardia airport costs $40 per person if booked in advance and $49 if booked on board. We have used that coach transfer on several occasions. Because of ongoing construction at LaGuardia, the service has not been all that great lately. A year ago, the coach only dropped off passengers at terminal B and at the arrivals level rather than the departures level. Earlier this year, the coach was only able to drop off at terminal C arrivals (cars where allowed to drop off at terminal B but coaches were not). In both cases, passengers with flights departing from other terminals were on their own to use the airport's shuttles to get where they needed to be.
  10. The dress code is the same in the Kings Court Alternative Dining venue as in the main dining rooms. Each day's daily programme makes a point of stating in bold type "Dress Code Applies." in the section describing the cover charge, hours, and theme for the Kings Court Alternative Dining restaurant.
  11. Yes, there is usually a discounted price of $14.50 per person for the QM2 Kings Court Alternative Dining venue on embarkation evening compared to the regular $19.50 cover charge on other evenings.
  12. It may be mentioned elsewhere, but the only place I've managed to find a reference to Queens Grill off-menu ordering on the Cunard website itself is this place in the FAQ. What makes Queens Grill different to Princess Grill? Quoting from that reference: "For breakfast, lunch and dinner, you’ll have a table reserved in the Queens Grill Restaurant where the sublime menu is designed to whet every appetite. But, should you not see what you want, our chefs will do their very utmost to create whatever takes your fancy."
  13. I was referring to the links to the menus found in this sticky on this forum called "WELCOME TO THE CUNARD BOARD ... Here are some useful links". Here are links to the sample menus for the Britannia Restaurant from the FAQ that work (they were taken from the UK FAQ). Britannia Restaurant Breakfast Britannia Restaurant Lunch Britannia Restaurant Dinner And here is the link from that sticky to menus contributed by rafinmd. Menus QV/QM2 2019
  14. Yeah, during 2017 and earlier they almost always had a Black & White Ball on every crossing. Last year they began scheduling a new Royal Cunard Ball theme instead of the Black & White Ball on eastbound crossings. But now on your specific August 18 eastbound crossing they have neither of those themes for whatever reason.
  15. The standard schedule for the themed evenings on 7-day crossings last year was to have a Black & White Ball and Masquerade Ball on westbound crossings and a Royal Cunard Ball and Roaring Twenties Ball on eastbound crossings. That didn't vary based on the season. But this year they are breaking the mold on a couple of the August crossings. Cunard recently posted a revised theme schedule where they have replaced the Masquerade Ball with the Roaring Twenties Ball on the August 11 westbound crossing (that crossing still has a Black & White Ball). They have also replaced the Royal Cunard Ball with the Masquerade Ball on the August 18 eastbound crossing. I'm guessing from your post that you are on the August 18 eastbound crossing since that now has the Masquerade Ball and Roaring Twenties Ball for its two themed evenings. If so, that crossing was originally scheduled to have a Royal Cunard Ball, not a Black & White Ball (as fizzy1 has mentioned). In any event, I don't know the reason they have chosen to change the theme schedules for those August crossings this year. Just as an aside, the schedule shows a Royal Ascot Ball instead of a Roaring Twenties Ball on the July 28 eastbound crossing. That may be because the immediately preceding 14-day westbound crossing (including Iceland and Canada) has both a Masquerade Ball and a Roaring Twenties Ball on its schedule.
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