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  1. Not sure what's up, but I see the "Portos da Madeira" website at apram.pt is showing a 17:00 departure for QV today. Here's a partial screen shot from my phone taken on that website.
  2. bluemarble

    QM2 2022

    Perhaps lost in our discussions about the QM2 2022 "Caribbean and South America" world voyage are these additional QM2 itineraries that have also been announced for later in March/April 2022 following the world voyage. Norway And Northern Lights Mar 22 - Apr 3, 2022 Mar 22: Southampton Mar 24: Hamburg Mar 27-28: Tromso Mar 30: Trondheim Mar 31: Alesund Apr 1: Stavanger Apr 3: Southampton Westbound Transatlantic Crossing Apr 3 - Apr 10, 2022
  3. bluemarble

    QM2 2022

    Yeah, on the Cunard US website, the new 2022 voyages only seem to work for now if they start or end in a US port. They seem to be working better on the Cunard UK website. Here is a link to the full 71-night QM2 2022 world voyage Southampton-Southampton as found on the UK website. This may work in the US if you get and accept a prompt to allow you to proceed to the UK website. https://www.cunard.com/en-gb/find-a-cruise/M203C/M203C Alternatively, here is a link to the 55-night New York-New York segment of the QM2 2022 world voyage that does work on the US website. https://www.cunard.com/en-us/find-a-cruise/M204B/M204B
  4. Now we know it will be QM2 doing a South America voyage in 2022, albeit not a circumnavigation and no Amazon River component as QV has done/will be doing.
  5. The QE 2021 Alaska season voyages are now officially posted on the Cunard US website and can be found via the voyage search function. The 20-night Tokyo to Vancouver voyage is listed as voyage number Q118N, and a 30-night Tokyo to Vancouver" voyage is listed as voyage number Q118A. When I attempt to "See voyage details" for voyage Q118N, all I am getting at the moment is this message. "Our website is currently undergoing maintenance. We will be back online shortly and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."
  6. I just noticed the 2022 World and Exotic voyages are now posted on the Cunard US website as are the QE 2021 Alaska voyages.The voyages are showing pricing on the US website although I'm not yet able to actually "See voyage details" for the QM2 2022 voyages yet. Note those voyages will be on sale December 18, 2019 for Cunard World Club members and December 19, 2019 for the general public.
  7. Thanks for reporting the QM2 World Voyage itinerary for 2022. My usual online sources are still quiet about that. Interesting to see that the crossings to/from New York to begin and end that itinerary are 8 nights. Not unprecedented, but it has been a while since QM2 has done 8-night crossings without a port call such as Halifax or Le Havre. That itinerary is at odds with Australia port schedules showing QM2 in Sydney on 6-7 March 2022 and in Melbourne on 9 March 2022. But I have no reason to doubt those port schedules have now been superseded.
  8. All my recent experience is on QM2 where there are indeed dessert offerings during the "Late Snack" time period in the Kings Court buffet. I would be surprised if the same were not also true in the Lido buffet on QE.
  9. One strategy that we've seen avid dancers adopt at our tables at second sitting on QM2 is that they excuse themselves before the dessert, coffee, and petit four courses. That can cut up to 30 minutes from the dining time, allowing them get to the Queens Room for the evening's dancing program earlier than they would otherwise.
  10. I'm not seeing anything yet about QM2's 2022 schedule beyond January 10, 2022 (other than a few March 2022 dates in Australia that we can deduce from port schedules).
  11. Part of the problem with the FAQs is that there are now separate but similar UK and US FAQs that need to be maintained independently. The UK FAQ is in better shape than the US FAQ. I get the impression that the US FAQ was initially copied to the new website rather haphazardly from the UK FAQ and then tweaked from there with very little effort being put into correcting the resulting issues or keeping the US FAQ up-to-date. Here are a couple examples to illustrate this point. From the US FAQ (not very helpful information about the dress code) From the UK FAQ (much more detail about the dress code) From the US FAQ (some old info and no links so you can't actually see an example of a menu) From the UK FAQ (more up-to-date and with actual links to the menus)
  12. At second sitting on QM2 during transatlantic crossings with a large table of 8 or 10, it usually takes between 1.5 and 2 hours for dinner. If you are on a table for 2, that time can be reduced somewhat and perhaps it's a bit different on a QE voyage. Here is a Cruise Critic article that will help with your second question. What Is Friends of Bill W. on a Cruise?
  13. Canuker, you may be interested in this thread, if you haven't seen it already, about the trials and tribulations of the new Cunard website since it was first introduced almost a year ago now. It might be interesting to go through that thread and try to determine how many of the issues discussed there have been addressed, how many are still around, and what new issues have been created in the mean time. One issue I just started noticing today in my desktop browser is that the number of available "Filter by" options to filter voyage search results now varies according to how wide I have made my browser window. Oddly enough, the number of available filter options increases as my browser window width decreases. I used to diligently report every issue I found using the "Feedback" mechanism on the website but I think that has mostly been a fool's errand. I'd estimate I've reported over 100 issues that way and not very many of those issues have been resolved. And I can't say whether any of those were resolved because of my feedback since there is no mechanism for the feedback to be acknowledged.
  14. Here are the evening dress code details as stated by Cunard which apply to most voyages. This applies to the main dining rooms and many, but not all, of the other public areas of the ship after 6:00pm. ========== Gala Evening: On Gala nights it’s dinner jacket, tuxedo, or dark suit for the men with a regular tie or bow tie. Evening or cocktail dress, smart trouser suit, or formal separates for the ladies please. Smart Attire: Gentlemen, every night we request you wear smart trousers with a shirt and jacket; tie is optional. Ladies, blouses and skirts or stylish trousers and dresses are welcome. Of course, if you prefer to spend your evenings in more relaxed attire, a selection of casual dining and entertainment venues is always available for your enjoyment. Feel free to dress casually as you visit any of the following venues: Kings Court, Lido Buffet, Golden Lion, Casino, Carinthia Lounge, Winter Garden, Garden Lounge, Yacht Club, and G32. Non-ripped, jeans are appropriate, but please refrain from wearing shorts, sports attire, swim wear or sleeveless t-shirts outside of the gym, spa and deck spaces. ========== Note the two types of dress codes are called "Gala Evening" and "Smart Attire". There isn't anything specifically called "Formal" anymore, even though the "What to pack" page on the Cunard US website insists on using the incorrect terminology "Formal Attire" instead of "Smart Attire" on that page. The dress code does not apply to the outside areas of the ship, so you may go out on deck if dressed casually. Also, just for the record, there is currently a "Smart Attire (Jacket Optional)" dress code on Queen Elizabeth while she is in the Australia region, in place of the usual "Smart Attire" with jacket required dress code.
  15. I received this year's Cunard email Christmas card a few days ago. For those who haven't seen it yet, here's the online image that's used in the US version of this year's Cunard email holiday card.
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