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  1. QV repositioned a few miles to the south yesterday afternoon. Here's what her past track looks like. A rather circuitous route around the fleet of tankers to end up off Southwold, only 6 NM from where she started. That's where she remains this evening.
  2. Once again I haven't been paying close enough attention to QV's whereabouts. When I last watched her depart Southampton on the Isle of Wight webcams during the afternoon of July 2nd, she was headed to Poole/Bournemouth. And her past track shows she was there until the afternoon of July 3rd. Since then she sailed to Southwold/Lowestoft which is where she has been since the morning of July 4th, apparently in the company of about 20 tankers. I can't say I'm familiar with that area on the coast of Suffolk. I don't suppose they usually get too many cruise ships there.
  3. I've done some more detective work to determine the current cabin categories for each of the deck 8 aft-facing suites on QV. First, as a reminder, here is a mock-up of what the QV deck plans show for the aft-facing suites on decks 4, 5 and 8. Current QV Deck Plan (Incorrect/Outdated) The suites on deck 8 are all color-coded as category Q4. On decks 4 and 5, the two outer-most suites (with wrap-around balconies) are category Q5 while the inner three suites are category Q6. Now, after learning that those deck 8 suites are not category Q4, I was expecting them to be categorized the same as on decks 4 and 5. However, this is a mock-up of what I was actually able to determine by starting bookings for each of those deck 8 suites on several different booking web sites including Cunard's own site. Actual QV Deck Plan (Corrected by Me) I was surprised to find the outer-most suites 8174 and 8179 (with the wrap-around balconies) on deck 8 are the less expensive category Q6 (as is the middle suite 8178 as expected). The other two suites 8176 and 8181 are the more expensive category Q5. Go Figure.
  4. Ah, that's very interesting. The aft-facing suites on deck 8 are most definitely color-coded as "Penthouse" category Q4 on the QV deck plans. See https://www.cunard.com/content/dam/cunard/inventory-assets/ships/QV/9/qv-deck-plans-2019.pdf (and every other web site I know of showing QV deck plans). However, when I attempt to book one of those deck 8 aft-facing suites on QV using the Cunard website, they are showing up under the "Queens Suite" category (which is Q5/Q6) rather than the "Penthouse" category (which is Q3/Q4). So, I suppose we have an error on the QV deck plans for deck 8 then? Or perhaps a change in the categories for those suites on deck 8 that hasn't been updated on the QV deck plans yet?
  5. QE has of course long since left Manila. But just to add a footnote to that saga, here is what it looked like at Manila this morning July 3rd when all 33 cruise ships in the area were parked within Manila Bay at the same time (one at pier 15 and the other 32 at the anchorage). Costa Mediterranea has since departed for Singapore this afternoon and there are no more cruise ships I see scheduled to arrive. So, I suspect the Manila cruise ship parking lot where QE was until June 26th may have reached its peak at 33 cruise ships this morning. As I mentioned earlier, there was a peak of 34 cruise ships in and around Manila on Monday before Viking Orion departed on Tuesday, but there were never as many as 33 cruise ships actually parked within the bay at the same time until this morning.
  6. Thanks for posting. Here's a link I found to that EU Healthy Gateways document for those who would like to read it. Interim advice for restarting cruise ship operations after lifting restrictive measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
  7. The times and venues do vary somewhat. Just as a general guide, here is a sample schedule for when pianists were listed in the daily programme on one of the days of a QM2 crossing last November. 5:15pm-6:00pm Chart Room 7:45pm-8:30pm Chart Room 7:45pm-8:30pm Commodore Club 9:45pm-10:30pm Carinthia Lounge 10:00pm-12:00am Commodore Club
  8. Yeah, we were both right on top of that one weren't we?
  9. QE has now been added to the Southampton VTS Cruise Ship Schedule page, currently scheduled to arrive at the Mayflower Terminal on July 24th at 8:00am. Ship Name Arrival Time Departure Time Berth Agent ... QUEEN ELIZABETH 24-Jul-20 08:00 26-Jul-20 16:00 106 CARNIVAL UK ...
  10. This has probably been mentioned before during discussions of Queen Victoria's 2017 refit, but could someone refresh my memory as to why the aft-facing suites on deck 8 of Queen Victoria were upgraded from category Q5/Q6 (Queens Suites) to Q4 (Penthouse Suites)? Those similarly-positioned suites on deck 8 remain category Q5/Q6 on Queen Elizabeth. Is there a substantive difference in those deck 8 aft-facing suites between QV and QE?
  11. That's the word for QE's ultimate destination. See sogne's, Bell Boy's and Solent Richard's posts (#117, #119 and #121 above) indicating QE is heading back to the UK with an expected arrival date of July 24th.
  12. QE is now on her way from Singapore, reporting Suez as her next destination, ETA July 14th.
  13. QE has arrived at Singapore on July 1st as scheduled. It's about 1:00pm local time. I've been impressed by the sheer number of ships of all types at Singapore. From what I've just been reading, Singapore ranks anywhere from first to third in the rankings of the world's busiest cargo ports depending on the metric used. For those still interested in the ongoing situation at Manila, they reached a new high of 34 cruise ships there on Monday after the return of Ovation of the Seas and Costa Venezia plus the arrival of Carnival Conquest and Carnival Dream. They're back down to 33 cruise ships now though after the departure of Viking Orion for Hong Kong yesterday. There have always been several ships out to sea the past few days, so they've matched but haven't yet topped 31 cruise ships docked/anchored within Manila Bay at any given time.
  14. QE is on her way. She has begun her departure from Manila within the past half hour, reporting Singapore as her next destination, ETA July 1st.
  15. It's Friday, June 26th in Manila and there are still 31 cruise ships there. Amsterdam departed for Jakarta yesterday but Zuiderdam has arrived to keep the count at 31. Costa neoRomantica has returned from her trip out to sea. That means we now have all 31 cruise ships docked/anchored within Manila Bay, so it's time for a new port diagram. Ovation of the Seas is pretty clearly on her way back to Manila. She's heading toward Manila from the west and is less than 24 hours out now.
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