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  1. Hi DaVid Please add 25th November repositioning cruise Singapore to Sydney Carnival Splendor Thank you
  2. Yes we did the amazon cruise from Fort Lauderdale to Manous and then back again as it was cheaper to enjoy the second cruise than fly home from Manous Excellent both times but slightly different probably the people you meet particularly your table guests
  3. They should keep the Sun and sell the sea asap
  4. Sorry Karen that is against the rules I googl;ed it originally with name of ship and date and eventually found it sorry I could not assist It is so long ago I cannot even remember to give a hint
  5. Thank you shaky beef sad but we are again 2nd class citizens in Carnivals eyes
  6. where can we find out about these cruises is there a link to the ship?
  7. As a couple knocking at 80 we have never had a situation where age on the traditional large table dining we choose has been a problem We now have 20 or 30 great friends made from these cruises and visit with them and they with us Age is not a discriminator
  8. Just been reading the Carnival site where they discuss the ability to take on a bottle of wine each at embarkation Is this also the rule here in Australia???
  9. Just asking as a heads up Is this bringing on a bottle of wine at embarkation only for USA cruises or has it come over to Australian ones yet? Can anyone give me a link for the permit?
  10. I think they know the sun and sea and previously the Dawn are good for Australian Pacific cruises as they are small enough to either dock or get closer to the islands for tendering against the bigger less manouverable ships and I prefer only having 1200 people to tender with me instead of 2500
  11. We have been on the Sun 6 times last one in December No problems just the usual glitches that happen on old ships but staff and entertainment etc excellent every time 3 new shows last December
  12. Not speaking of the special named drinks but just a brandy or whisky or vodka is it cheaper in Bali or should I get it to collect on the way back from the airport?
  13. Thank you just found a couple of companies half the price of Carnival and a little longer with refreshments
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