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  1. A short walk from Ortega is the Speights brewery It is well worth a private booking which can be done on line and they also have a good cafe for lunch If you book privately you will get seniors price which you would not get booking through the cruise line
  2. As soon as you get on board both Angelos and Dragon lady are set up with desks for you to book every night for your choice including the Waterfront restaurant as well Earloy birds get the times they prefer
  3. Thank you for your speedy reply Sad but obviously the correct thing really
  4. I wonder if anyone knows the answer for me We have been getting the loyalty bonus for a few years and now have booked a cruise which goes over 2 segments. We booked it as one and note on our account with Princess it is showing s 2 credits - great - I am told this will give us 2 refrigerator fills but will we get two loyalty bonuses? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi David Can you add another one as we had a mad day and booked Regal Princess 38 days Southampton to Singapore 7th October 2020 I always said we would not sale on the huge ships but this was a bargain we could not ignore
  6. That is what we hope for as the rest of our time in UK will be spent with family including small and very small Great Grandchildren which may be exhausting but good
  7. Please could you add an unusual one for us 23rd July 7 days Tranquil Rose along the River Thames
  8. Sent all the relevant paperwork last week Just got an e mail asking for the number of our booked MSC cruise?
  9. Thank you They have a lot of good deals but it is pay up front
  10. I am having trouble finding this saw the cruise and the cruise and flights at some agents but this package sounds great any hints please
  11. Thanks for your replies
  12. Thank you I will try anyway nothing to lose
  13. You say you have received confirmation of being Black with them but the form says will not give their status unless you have a cruise with them booked Did you have a cruise at the time or is it just a condition they are ignoring? I have downloaded the forms and woujld like to get organised IN CASE I book an msc cruise in the future
  14. Sounds weird Glad they have gone
  15. Are their seats so uncomfortable? I have done his journey many times with other airlines and the seat itself (bottom) has never been a problem
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