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  1. Well, I guess that knocks out the "everyone is treated the same" theory. If a crew member sees something that needs correcting they should be able to do it on the spot with backup from the management. Wouldn't it be interesting if a smoker who was feeling "anxiety" from screaming children got into the pool with snorkel kid and lit up? Should they send them both to a calming room with crayons and place mats and pictures of puppies and kittens? It is insulting to people who buy a product and actually expect to get what they pay for. Can you imagine an emergency situation where the entitled bunch, of all ages, create havoc? This attitude is seen everywhere today. What ever happened to the word NO?
  2. Why is the Crew fund cash only? If one has a large amount of non refundable OBC, it would be easy enough to use it up in the gift shop and then donate to the Crew Fund for party raffles and grab bags that they supposedly have. The items certainly have a cash value. I think I am understanding that a donation can not be charged to a credit card? How is all this cash being accounted for? I'm thinking it has to be a pretty substantial bonus cruise after cruise.
  3. As someone with a lot of experience in the American hospitality business, never have I noticed a job applicant for a typically "back of the house" position ask if their pay would somehow include a cut of the tips being handed to the people who were directly serving the customers. The pay scales were completely different because the type of job is completely different. No way is anyone required to apply for or accept a job if they don't think they are going to be happy with the salary. Being recognized specifically for a job well done, (as it should be) is a very nice thing to do, however there are so may jobs on board that we don't even know exist below deck that will probably never get a special commendation even though the crew member has done a fine job in the position that they have signed on for. They have helped the whole ship to run seamlessly. When we leave our cabin for the last time, there is a thank you envelope on the desk and the crew member who has taken such pleasant care of us is perfectly and privately free to keep it OR donate it to the Crew Fund if they wish to. I find it quite patronizing to think any other way.
  4. As usual, this is an interesting topic. Would it also be correct that the people who like to give little gifts and candy etc., are no longer allowed to offer these things?
  5. It is a very easy lookup to find out who any of the people are who are mentioned in this fun thread. No pseudo, highbrow blather is even needed!
  6. As long as we aren't talking about forced labor, I believe that enlisted service members do just that...by choice. I do think that it becomes a weak management position if superiors allow customers to speak to any workers in a rude or condescending way without stepping in when appropriate...and that goes for all professions. I would like to think that the crew are just like us and are hardworking for whatever reason.
  7. I am always pleased to see that Regent employees are just like most of us....working hard to support their families with the occupation they have chosen in life.
  8. To me.... room temperature milk equals improperly refrigerated milk.
  9. When we are on vacation we never plug in to anything so that takes 2 people out of the mix. I'm sure there must be a few others. What if everyone wanted to use this included benefit as advertised (and prepaid for)? By choice, we also don't use the included excursions and I know we are not alone on that front. What if everyone wanted to make use of all these inclusions that they are entitled to? That becomes disturbing.
  10. We have seen these PITAS also. I remarked that quietly and with no fanfare, these clods should be led to the least popular tables where the chairs have been pre-decorated with the loaner jackets already on the chair backs.
  11. If someone were to provide a photo of a wine list in response to a question and someone else were to say that the wine list couldn't possibly be true and needed further research....that would be similar to the discussion about a BBQ grill where a well regarded poster provided a photo of a Regent BBQ grill and it has been intimated that it needed further research to prove that it existed. In other words, quite incidentally, somebody has already looked at a grill and posted what they saw.
  12. To keep this thread flowing nicely, it will probably be easier to state that the photos posted by Henk and the photos posted by WesW taken at a Regent deck party are grills just like the one you have at home. Nobody needs to spend their valuable vacation time inspecting and reporting on a project such as this.
  13. I have never found posts from Wes to be confusing. I am 100% sure. A picture is worth a thousand words...hopefully. The deck parties are great laughing or otherwise and you had many posts on the thread. I am not familiar with how Azamara does things.
  14. We always enjoy the BBQ deck parties which were always held when we were in port. I guess it depends on what you consider a "real" BBQ. Regent boards...4/15/18,,,WesW posts a bunch of photos of a deck party with a gas grill as we remember it. Not charcoal briquets but most certainly a valid BBQ grill.
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