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  1. Thanks for answering but I was curious if any more discussion had come up regarding age and pre existing conditions as had been talked about long ago. And I do think it's impossible to cover all the bases with these swab tests. I really have no idea what the answer is.
  2. Although it seems so long ago, has it ever been actually determined if the cruise lines will have passenger eligibility criteria as far as medical clearances and the like?
  3. While it is totally understandable that the DIY washing rooms would be closed until further notice, a better approach would have been to simply state that policy as current fact and intimate that the $100 cabin credit could certainly be used for laundry spending...or anything else. It doesn't make sense that people would cancel a cruise if they didn't have access to a self serve laundry. People will figure it out. Those who already have their earned benefits would remain happily whole.
  4. Yes, I know. It may become very crowded.
  5. I wonder if, as they get up and running, will they drop the after 6 dress code? People will be dealing with masks and gloves and face shields, etc. and it might make the washing process more manageable with easily laundered clothes.I'm thinking less dry cleaning and special laundry instructions.
  6. I honestly think that people that call themselves snobs are not going to be happy with any product and will be setting the stage for irritation both as a passenger and to the staff that will have to deal with the perceived mishaps.
  7. Aren't those little fellows adorable? Imagine...working very hard to feed their families and put their kids through college! Actually... they sound just like my parents and their parents before them! In fact, they sound just like us! Isn't my family amazing too!
  8. I so agree with your comment and simply can't seem to get what the "I want it now" people are thinking.
  9. What is this always about? I and many others have been out of work for months also. Why on earth do you think people work? People work to support themselves and their families which is exactly as it should be. I always find this discussion condescending.
  10. Right now we just can't take a cruise. It's not safe and the rules are unenforceable. There will always be a mask "oops" or a "but it was just for a second" or any number of ways to break the sterility chain and it just takes one. How do you get the person off the ship? Turn the ship around and demand that the closest port accept them? I want to go to a Yankee game and to a concert but I can't. I wanted to watch my friend compete in an important horse show today...but no spectators. Tons of security and anyone caught with no mask or mask down was escorted off the property unless they were a rider in the show ring. Everyone wants this thing to turn around, but for now, cruising is way up on the list of non essential things to do in terms of slowing down the spread of this virus. It's not fair to insist that other countries or ship board crew be expected to cater to what I want to do because I want to do it.
  11. I read the very long document from start to finish and the idea that passenger cruising could resume safely any time soon is now completely out of the question for us. I hope that everyone takes the time to read it. I'm glad to see it from a crew member standpoint. Thank you for providing this.
  12. Perhaps you might find it more personally palatable if you mentally blurred out the word "Carnival" and inserted Seabourn in it's place because, after all, Seabourn is luxury and part of your Big Four.
  13. I am interested in what all the posters are discussing on this board as it relates to cruising...all lines and all ocean cruising. I would rather it be allowed to flow naturally and not have people told what they can and cannot discuss as that becomes disruptive. This board seems to have a lot of well read and well informed people who are commenting and I want to hear their opinions please.
  14. Rather than going around and around on this subject, wouldn't it be easier to contact the owners, editors and moderators of CC and explain to them that they have made classification errors on their own site?
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