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  1. You're making me want to go.
  2. I was not recommending them, just stating that they fly out of SFO not OAK. I prefer to avoid discount airlines myself.
  3. The new discount airline to PPT is called French Bee. It flies out of SFO. Don't know of any out of OAK.
  4. I believe that the item in the rooms is actually more of a cooler and not a refrigerator. Meaning that it can keep cold things cold but if you bring on warm drinks it will not make them cold. We purchased an unusual soft drink in port and wanted to chill it but were not able. Our room attendant brought us an ice bucket which solved the problem. This was a couple years ago when we did this, so things might have changed.
  5. Yes, we saw these great deals and booked a B2B on Sirena in January. It is a slow business time for us, the prices were hard to pass up, so we jumped. Plus, our TA has contacted us about lowering the price even more through secret sales or some such thing since we booked.
  6. That you for posting the photos. Following this has been wonderful.
  7. This is us to a tee. We fly quite a bit, but mostly US flights which are not worth using miles on. We earn enough miles on those trips to do our one international vacation per year. We are flying to Norway this month, business class, using miles. (Saver rate, too.) I don't need anymore miles. I like cash. Cash never expires and I can use it for those short haul flights in which miles are wasted on.
  8. I think most people go to the Caribbean because it is close and it is cheap. I think FP is safe as it is anything but those two things.
  9. It boggles my mind to think about this.
  10. I would never again book one of the obstructed views rooms. They are just too small. It was difficult for the two of us to get dressed at the same time. Others find them a nice sweet spot due to cabin location and price.
  11. Maybe if everyone does not respond, they will stop. ((crosses fingers))
  12. I know that your TA can hold a cruise for you but don't think you can do it online.
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