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  1. If you cruise a couple months a year then menu repeating is a bigger deal. However, generally we only cruise once a year, if that. We mostly take land based vacations. Repeating the menu is less of a concern for us. If less food waste means the price of the cruise does not increase as fast, then I am okay with that trade off. Does anyone know the % of cruisers on the average cruise that have been on an Oceania ship for one 30 days or more per year? I suspect that those who cruise a lot are more represented on this board than those who cruise 12 days per year.
  2. I know you did not ask me specifically, but in the interest of gathering more data points on this whole B2B issue, I have a B2B in January 2020 that I booked in June 2019. It is still two segments.
  3. They come when you are at dinner. You will not be bothered unless you skip dinner.
  4. If you hang up the towels they will not replace them. Those towels we wanted refreshed we placed on the floor or in the tub. They do different things in the evening 'cleaning' This cleaning is when you get the currents or anything else that is distributed to the cabins.
  5. The Vero water bottles in the room are glass not plastic and are washed in a commercial dishwasher between uses.
  6. There is already a night light in the bathroom. So the outlet is live, but you don't need to bring a light
  7. I am glad that they you share something that you do for yourself. The price change is very useful. I also often scan the price/day column when the new itineraries come out. Quick way for me to find the hidden bargains.
  8. Why did you stop with the R-ships? I found it very informative information to have
  9. I also am not able to view the photos. I have long been a 'friend' of the Oceania Facebook page, so that is not the problem. The most recent photos I see are the Greek dinner on Sirena and Jacques Pépin. I have noticed on other occasions the inability to find photos on friends pages that I know are there as I have viewed them before. Presumably FB is trying to show me things I have not yet seen. However, this is the first time that I cannot see photos that others say are there and that I have not yet viewed. One of many reasons that FB is so frustrating.
  10. That is what they are trying to get for it. I want to see if any are actually sold and at what price.
  11. Bottle of wine? Not according to this. Interesting that the brochure does not match the website. https://www.oceaniacruises.com/oceania-club-after-november-2019 https://www.oceaniacruises.com/oceania-club-before-november-2019
  12. Besides all the standard advantages of using a private company for St. Petersburg, smaller group, less expensive, etc. These companies will often get you into the museums before the 'regular' opening times. Your standard midweek tour you are there, (along with their other tour groups so not alone) while there is a huge line outside the door waiting for it to open up. This was just the first stop of the day so the rest of the day you know just how crowded these places can be.
  13. Interesting, thank you for posting.
  14. Last year we both wore Santa hats and my husband wore a Santa themed Aloha shirt. We were given the evil eye by several guests. I thought it would be fun. Others obviously disagreed.
  15. As long as you use a tour company you will not need to get a separate visa. They provide you with one as part of the tour.
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