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  1. Currently on Sirena, the 2 specialties open at 6pm, 30 minutes earlier than the other restaurants.
  2. This is good information. We have a bunch of American miles I was going to use for ATN business class flight. Now I will think again and find a better use.
  3. Yes, this seems to be the new normal. Taking an Eastern Mediterranean cruise this fall, many people joined the roll call and have added their names to the meet and greet. However, they are not joining the private excursions. (One of the tours is with Spain day tours).
  4. That will be interesting. Humphry Slocombe has fantastic ice cream.
  5. I do believe that those waitlisted do pay the current published rate. However, I have never been on a waitlist so I really don't know for sure. I only mentioned that the cruises were waitlisted to indicate that the ships will sail full, therefore there should be no reason to discount the published rate to fill empty cabins. I had to do the math, but both of the cruises are 15%+ cheaper than current published rates. And one is significantly more than that, but I do know that is an unusual situation. That is an apple to apple comparison. I do have an OCC TA. I have no idea if this is unusual or standard. i have never done this (the math) with any of my other cruises. I book at a price I am comfortable with and if I get a lower price, great, if not then that is okay too. I assume all of my TA's clients would have also gotten this same deal. Is this the same price others with OCC are paying? Don't know, not my business. BTW, I have no status. I don't go asking others on my plane if they got a better deal and I have the same attitude on cruise pricing.
  6. I have rarely pay the price that Oceania lists on the website, or will quote you if you call. I do not get a 'rebate' after the fact but I get an agent who is aware of hidden sales / deals and will lower the price of my cruise without any prompting on my part. My two upcoming cruises are currently waitlisted, yet still, I am paying much lower than the 'cruise only' fare and I have O-life. It that better than a rebate? I don't know, but I am satisfied with what I get. And most importantly, she was able to pull a rabbit out of a hat when I really needed it and has earned my loyalty because of that.
  7. Yes, I agree I would like for Oceania to do this.
  8. That is a very interesting itinerary.
  9. This thread is really unbelievable.
  10. The ship looks lovely. Looking forward to your review
  11. I feel quite confident that the name has already been chosen.
  12. If he really needs to be on the internet for a few hours every couple of days then it could easily be an issue. We travel a fair amount, not so much on cruises, but we are only able to do this because DH has the ability to deal with business obligations by having good internet. Our Norway cruise this summer we ended up using the free internet at the port terminal on more than one occasion. This was fine for exchanging emails and making a Skype call or two. However, processing payroll would require a higher level of security than you can expect on a public open internet connection. Sadly, Oceania is aware they have bad internet and it is not a priority of theirs to fix it. Many guess as to the reasons, but they are just guesses.
  13. The is a good amount of space under the porthole for storage. We used it for wet things, like our snorkeling gear. We have been in these cabins once and found them to be okay. They are darker due to the small window. . However, on the plus side, they are very quiet. They can only be accessed by one set of stairs so there is no through traffic making these dozen or so cabins extremely quiet.
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