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  1. I think the size of the verandah rooms is fine for a Caribbean cruise. I suggest using the money you would have spent on the penthouse on some awesome shore excursions and first class flights to and from the cruise.
  2. We're also boarding in Hamburg. I'm guessing (and this is only a guess based on past cruises with other cruise lines) you'll have 30-60 minutes, depending on cabin class.
  3. Does anyone know if the Pinnacle Grille still serves breakfast to Neptune suite passengers? If so, are they allowed to bring guests to breakfast, even at an upcharge?
  4. Nineteen is a difficult age for cruising. Too old for the teen club. Too young to drink legally. That much said, if you go on your cruise at a time when college aged kids are out of school, your daughter will find kids to hang with. At 18 (7 years ago), my daughter went on a HAL Mediterranean cruise and found a group of 10 young adults (18-21) to hang with. They were together for the entire cruise and several are still Facebook friends all these years later. Bottom line: If your daughter is willing to make friends (don't hang out in the cabin all dsy and don't be afraid to say hello to someone), she will make friends!
  5. What night is the Royal Cunard gala night? I'm on that cruise (V918B), but don't see it listed. Perhaps, it's because I board in Hamburg. Any help?
  6. I have done multiple cruises , as a single dad, with a teenaged daughter. Both the tween and teen clubs are wonderful aboard Carnival. I felt safe having my daughter in the clubs. As a single mom, believe me, you will not be lonely on a Carnival cruise if you want to meet people. Just go to the activities where there are lots of people. You can literally hop from one activity to another to see what's happening. If you prefer solitude, you can find that too. I would suggest: 1. Plan on eating all meals together and make sure your kids know they're expected to be with you at that time. 2. If you have a curfew at home, don't be afraid to have a curfew on the ship. Entirely your call. Good luck to you. Please feel free to write with additional questions.
  7. TV Dad

    Menu Options

    Big Mac 1953, what are some of the items you order off the menu in QG? We are first time Cunard cruisers and QG guests. Everyone else can feel free to answer as well. I’m trying to get an idea of what is reasonable to ask for.
  8. I once went on a 10 night European cruise with my wife and college aged daughter. They needed one suitcase just for their shoes.... And still went shoe shopping in both Rome and Nice. You are not alone. Pak the third suitcase and don't feel bad about the extra airline fees. It's only $75-$100. And you'll feel so much better.
  9. Yes, I have. I think I on the roll call posted once. Although, I admit I haven't been on the roll call in about a month. They'll have the benefit of two days, to meet and mingle, on board before we get there. Have you seen any other mention of a meet & greet?
  10. I believe you and I may be in the process of starting one!
  11. VictoriaHeap, we are staying at the Fairmont both pre and post cruise. Fairmont is an amazing brand, I find their properties nicer than Ritz Carlton. Stella1250 My wife and I are Queens Grill passengers on your cruise! Perhaps we'll run into you on board!
  12. Greetings Stella1250! My wife and I are also on your cruise. Cunard offers airport transfers from Kiel post-cruise, but we could not get a flight late enough in the day to be able to use the transfers. We ended up booking a private car to return to Hamburg for one more night. blacklane.com
  13. I booked a private tour for July, 2019 with my wife. I ended up going with TJ Travel because they were he most responsive and were willing to customize our tour. Alla Tours told me they had no private tours available on the dates of our visit (July 22-23). They suggested we join one of their small group tours. SPB Tours did not offer to customize our private tour. They could give us a private tour, but wanted to stick to their standard tours. Hope this helps!
  14. I had the same question. We don't speak proper English in the USA. Thanks for the help.
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