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  1. I always like to have a floral arrangement in our cabin when we arrive to surprise my wife. For the past view months whenever I click on "Flowers" in the "On board Services" menu, I get the following error. I know I can buy an arrangement shore side, for a lot less money and carry them on, but it's just not the same. Many weeks ago, I took the time to contact Princess and let them know that this part of their site is not working, and not generating any revenue, but nothing has changed.
  2. A roll call for that sailing does not currently exist. Go ahead and start one.
  3. I couldn't even tell you the name of the person that replaced her.
  4. Well, we have an inside booked for the July 3rd sailing of the Caribbean Princess, so if it sails, we'll have a pretty good idea of what's what.
  5. They should be at full capacity by then. I don't think you have anything to worry about.
  6. Other lines have moved everyone into balcony cabins, leaving every other cabin vacant. The next sailing they use the cabins that were vacant on the previous cruise and use the week to clean & sanitize them for the following trip.
  7. Opoli has a black car service as well, they call it "executive" and the price is much better than Uber. I just priced a trip from LAX to the Westin in Long Beach. For pick-up right now, Uber wants $96 for black car service, Opoli is $55. Both can pick up at the terminal.
  8. Yes, black car service and executive car service are one in the same.
  9. Only "executive vehicles" can do curbside pick-up. LAX now has a new feature, LAX-it (pronounced LA exit) where everyone must go for a cab, uber, opoli or lyft. You can walk or take one of the shuttles that arrive every 5 minutes. https://www.flylax.com/lax-it
  10. Opoli is a nice alternative to Uber and lift with no surge pricing increases. https://www.opoli.com/#/search
  11. Opoli is a nice option instead of Uber or Lyft, with no surge price increases. https://www.opoli.com/#/search
  12. I usually opt for Uber over taxis, but they can take a long time to get into the port on a busy day, while there are already a ton of taxis waiting for you. It's not worth the wait, take the taxi.
  13. When making a claim, be prepared for them to examine the details in minutia, ie: the cheaper tour didn't include a free bottle of water.
  14. The last time we did this trip, we flew into LAX and since it was my wife's birthday, I opted for "black car service" which was expensive, but wonderful. Uber and Lyft are great options in Long Beach. The price should be the same or less than sharing a shuttle van.
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