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  1. Our October sailing was refunded early last week (just slightly over 80 days from date of cancellation), and this morning the sailing is missing from my upcoming cruises. I believe the working in order of date stopped months ago.
  2. It is simply because their phone system is at capacity, it is not intentional. They can only have so many callers on hold. Try calling first thing in the morning, or later in the evening. Is your agent an independent, or can you speak with his/her manager? Have you signed into Princess.com and looked to see if you have any future cruise credits issued to your Captain's Circle account? The funds may just be sitting there.
  3. 3 days after your cruise was cancelled and your TA "abandoned" you!? You either have a lousy TA, or you drove them crazy in just 3 days. *If you are getting a future cruise credit instead of a cash refund, your TA will collect the commission on this whenever you sail again. I think it's time you find another TA. Too bad we aren't allowed to recommend one here. Make sure you tell Princess when you speak with them that the TA "abandoned" you.
  4. Our refund came in just over 80 days from the date of cancellation. We never called or emailed Princess, knowing it would just slow things down.
  5. And you've already called twice, and then emailed twice!? Oy......
  6. At a minimum they might be merging the lines' loyalty programs. At most, they might be considering combining the two brands together, fearing that the Princess brand took too hard of a PR hit because of the virus. It also might just be part of a much bigger work-around to see that all cancelled sailings are properly credited. Either way, it doesn't concern us at the moment.
  7. The one day off is a "work-around", the system can't have two accounts with the exact same details. Obviously, something is in the works.
  8. With the free minutes offered to platinum and elite, you have to sign in and out each time you want to connect, otherwise, you'll burn up your minutes the first day. With the wifi package, you can stay connected all day with no worries. WIFI is free is many places, so when I bought Princess Plus, which includes grats, drinks and wifi for $40 extra per day, I didn't even factor it in. Grats are currently between $14.50 and $16.50, so drinks are only costing $25.50 per day. You can't beat that with a stick.
  9. We were on 2/15-2/25, and the only thing that was obviously in need of replacement was the gold Mylar film that they put on the interiors of the aft elevators. It looked cheap, and it was scuffed/scratched and peeling in many places. Surely there are better materials to use when refreshing the interior of an elevator, but it appears that they were going for the cheap fix. Would that keep me from sailing her again, absolutely not. Everything else was as expected, if not better.
  10. Last night I signed into Princess and VOILA, our FCCs from our cancelled October California Coastal are now in my Captains Circle Account. It only took 8 weeks to process....without having to call them every week, or challenge the charges with my credit card company. This morning I forwarded the info to our TA to apply to our Quebec to FLL sailing in October 2021. I assume I'll get an email from Princess at some point explaining the refund amounts, but so far I haven't heard a peep from them. Nothing in my spam folder either....just happy to have it taken care of.
  11. They said from day 1, that they had enough cash to stay afloat for 1 year with zero income.
  12. I would go as far as calling Princess and informing them that the agent is charging a fee for a cruise that Princess, not the client cancelled. There may be rules in place against such things. Your agent just may have blown his/her chance to book any CCL cruises in the future. Princess can either cut ties with the TA, or heck, let them pay the cancellation fee since THEY cancelled!!
  13. I'm thankful that they didn't leave us hanging while final-payment deadlines approached. With the FCC from 3 cancelled cruises, I now know exactly how much cash I'll need to fork over to pay my fall 2021 cruise off in full, and it's a nice low number.
  14. As each day goes by, I lose a little more hope that we'll sail in November. I have slightly more faith in catching our transatlantic next April, but I still think that it's less than a 50/50 chance, and I sure hope that everyone has their s*^% together by October 2021.
  15. We've sailed with Princess 9 times, and book with the standard casino discount all of the time, however, I only get free sailing offers from HAL, with whom we've only sailed with once. HAL mails me me every month with free offers, or highly discounted offers. We prefer Princess over HAL, and even wrote the Princess casino department about the fact that HAL is offering us so much more, and Princess did nothing, so we are now starting to book with HAL. I'd much rather have a free cruise, instead of free gratuities, or free laundry. We recently booked a "Casino VIP" 14 day FLL to Amsterdam for a third of the going rate, with priority embarkation/disembarkation, drinks, parties, tournaments, and casino cash.
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