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  1. They also stopped taking bookings for the Crown for July-Sept 2021. That is usually followed by the sailings being cancelled. Princess hasn't announced anything officially yet.
  2. I've been offered free sailings before, even on HAL with whom we've only sailed with once, but our current Princess offers, although not free, seem to be even better than what the "king" has been offered. He stated either here, or on the casino board that Princess plus was not included, and that would cost an additional $40 per day. Well, if you take my 35% discount, and factor in the free play and OBC, my all-in cost per day is $35 per day. Room, board, drinks, wifi and grats. Since the title of king is already taken, and I'm no queen, just call me Jack, or Joker....take your pick. He's
  3. I never won a car, but I was lucky enough to work on the re-make of Vacation and spend a few days in Wally World when they filmed it here in Atlanta several years ago.
  4. And if any of this were true, we'd all be in casinos every day instead of working full time jobs. And if everyone wins, as you claim there would be no need for gambling hotlines, and zero poverty. Need money? Just go to a casino, because MarinerBoy says everyone wins the majority of the time. Someday sit at the airport in Vegas and ask folks as they're leaving if the won or lost. Some folks can't even afford a ticket home. All hail the king of the casino, the last of the free cruisers. Do not question his wisdom, for he is all-knowing. Oy, what a sch
  5. As my father used to say to me, "How do you think casinos pay for all of those neon signs and the electricity to keep them lit up!?" He also used to say, "There's a sucker born every minute", and from the looks of things, it still holds true.
  6. Someone gets their first comped cruise and all of a sudden they're experts. Casinos have made money for hundreds of years. The odds are in their favor. They know what they are doing, and can afford being "tricked" by someone using mommy's pocket money every once in a while. Only someone like Trump could bankrupt a casino. These cruises cost the casino department nowhere near $6K price tag you mention, they contract cabins in bulk at huge discounts. You may not even get to take that first cruise, as I'm pretty sure they monitor the boards here, and you've admitted tha
  7. Princess is being paid by the casino contractor. You admitted that you scammed them into thinking you are a high roller. They'll quickly learn that you are not, and that will be the end of your offers.
  8. First of all, free cruises are more common than you think, especially to people who post here regularly. You are not the first, nor the last person that has been offered a free cruise that knowing full well that they didn't spend enough time or money in the casino. The boards are filled with stories from little old ladies who get casino offers, and they've never even stepped foot into the casino before. So, don't be too disappointed when folks don't fawn all over you for boasting about your offer. Secondly, don't be in a rush to tell someone that their offer is wrong. Offers are per
  9. There's a whole board for Cruise Casinos: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/455-cruise-casinos/
  10. Or....they might sell a ship or two.
  11. Here's 2 interesting posts about the VIP sailings from the casino board:
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