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  1. We too sailed 13 days on her last year from Florida to Quebec, and loved it so much that we booked the same cabin on the southbound version of this trip for October 2021. We also have 2 more bookings on the Caribbean for this November, (if she sails)
  2. The balcony's are waaaay too small on the Royal, so scrap that. The Coral is the way to go. She's the favorite of many of us.
  3. I'm not the least bit worried. To me, this is almost as good as buying a $1000 Princess Gift Card on Ebay for $500. It sounds risky at first until you check things out and find out if you're protected or not. I feel safe that I'll either get all of my money back, or go on a cruise for a decent, if not excellent price.
  4. Whatever works for you. Who am I to judge? I'm not going to walk away from the chance to double my money.
  5. I think it's whatever you have down, but who am I to know for sure. Remember, they didn't believe me when I said more cruises would be cancelled.
  6. Don't cancel, let Princess cancel, that way you can take advantage of their offers such as doubling your deposit if you haven't yet paid in full.
  7. There goes our October 10 day California Coastal. We had a feeling this would happen, but didn't cancel so we could at least get our deposit doubled.
  8. Think of the port fees the governments collect whether you get off of the ship or not. Any idea how much money Cozumel collects from 19,000 people daily?
  9. It's very simple, no pier, no cruise ships. If they can't accommodate the ships, the ships will go elsewhere, if tendering is not an option.
  10. I only mentioned private islands, owned by the cruise lines. If any of the other ports listed want to continue getting tourism dollars, they will have to build their own piers. Adapt or perish. Build piers, or find another way to make up for the lost tourism.
  11. They'll disembark anyone who doesn't follow the rules. Happens all the time.
  12. The quickest/easiest way to deal with it, is to not stop at ports requiring a tender. It looks like it's time to start building piers on all of those private islands like MSC has done.
  13. Yes it is...we were on it's 5th sailing, and not only did she look great, but she smelled great too.....gotta love that new ship smell, or as we'd say, "man, this smells like ship!"
  14. I normally wouldn't book a cabin anywhere near the theater, but this was a casino deal, and I had very little choice. Any insight is greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance.
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