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  1. Unlimited usage for up to four devices. No need to log on and off.
  2. Just remember, that you cannot go by yourself and pick up tickets for 6 people, all 6 of you need to show up.
  3. I think it's ridiculous to push a dog in a baby stroller, but this may be why some do so when bringing their pups into the dining room, so as to not soil the floor. Nobody needs to see that while eating.
  4. No seems to be the answer. The cruise is over, everything has been paid for. If you are off of the ship, you are on your own.
  5. Could you mean PPC, Princess Players Club. That's who sent me my offers
  6. That very well may be, but when all is said and done, this 3 day free cruise would cost me nearly $900 including the cheapest available flights from Atlanta. That doesn't even include a dog sitter!
  7. The casino marketing department is making offers to certain players based on some sort of criteria, whether it be play level, location, etc. I'm not sure how that's a crock if you don't fit the criteria. When I looked the other night, there were lots of balconies available for the 12/1 sailing. Maybe if enough people don't accept the offer, they will widen the scope of their criteria. I will say that this is the first free cruise that Princess has offered me after 8 sailings, and yet I sailed with HAL once last January and get offers for free sailings on a regular basis. My wife and I play the same amount of $$$ on all sailings, and no, we're not big gamblers. We know when to walk away, whether we're winners or losers.
  8. Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale are like night & day.
  9. I saw the same thing initially, until I signed in, and then entered the number of passengers. Currently I'm seeing interiors, balcony, and minis available for both dates. If they didn't make you an offer of a free or discounted cabin, the cruises might just show up as being "sold-out".
  10. I too received an offer for a free interior cabin on either the Dec. 1 or 4th sailing, but somewhere in the offer, it must have said 2020, as they sent out a correction email yesterday with the subject heading, "Oops… your free interior on our new ship is for 2019!" Sadly, this is very short notice for us, and $105 in port fees for Princess Cays seems silly when the port fees for our 10 day sailing next February, with stops at 6 ports including Princess Cays is just $159.50
  11. Many, if not all of us do exactly what you say cannot happen.
  12. One block from the boardwalk, we stayed at Casa Pellegrino Boutique Hotel. It's owned by an Italian family. Both service and accommodations are superb. Don't take my word for it, here' a link to Trip Advisor, so you can see what other folks have to say. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g34296-d8796643-Reviews-Casa_Pellegrino_Boutique_Hotel-Hollywood_Broward_County_Florida.html
  13. Youtube user: "Visit With Us" uploaded this well produced video today showing all of your dining options on the new Sky Princess including the chef's table. Enjoy. https://youtu.be/SwYwjubhG5w
  14. We were on the Caribbean Princess in late July/early August, and the offer was there. It could have been a glitch or you may have missed or overlooked it when signing in.
  15. If you are Elite or Platinum, the first day offer shows up on your device before you sign in for the first time on embarkation day. It gives you the choice to use your free minutes or trade them in for the slightly discounted unlimited package. It's the only time you'll see this offer.
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