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  1. Thanks to all who have replied. Am sure that as the walk to the top and the Tattoo get close excitement and several Advil will get me and my hip to the top.
  2. After looking at my previous post I decided to be more specific. If you have walked the royal mile and attended the Military Tatoo I am looking for information. Is it a difficult walk for older people, is it very steep, is there any kind of transport available or allowed? Would you recommend certain seats, have heard there is not a bad seat anywhere. Has anyone attended any of the exclusive dinners held before the event?
  3. Dog is probably cleaner than some passengers. At least you don't have to worry if the dog washed it's hands after a potty break.
  4. Will be going to the Military Tatoo in August. Wondering about the walk up to the castle for an older person? If one takes a slower pace is it a fairly easy walk. I realize everyone is different , just looking for opinions on those who have done the walk.
  5. In that part of the world we have seen nice restrooms, places where attendants pour a bucket of water to flush the stool, or perhaps just a hole in the floor, practice your aim before the cruise.
  6. Sounds like Nebraska weather. I can finally start counting down we will be headed for the ship in just a year. Hoping for nice weather in the Isle's.
  7. Yes Princess cruise ours leaves Southampton 8/8/20.
  8. I will try to clear this up for some, we are doing a cruise out of Southhampton. We will have two days in London before the cruise thus leaving us one extra day. On our cruise we will dock in Le Harve planning on doing the Normandy D Day excursion. Our extra day in London we are planning on the one day trip to Paris. Looking forward to the train ride seeing the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and probably a boat ride on the Seine. Figure this is a once in a lifetime as even tho we have done considerable cruising we will not be going to Europe again. There was a time we would have tackled this trip ourselves, but at this stage of our lives we have decided, to so to speak set back and leave the driving to someone else so a guided tour. Thanks to all who have replied even those who wandered somewhat, my popcorn is gone so I bid you goodbye.
  9. I'm still here happily munching popcorn, although I had to go back and read my original post to see what my question was. Since first post I have found and answered some of my own questions, thanks to those who stuck with the topic. For those who wandered abit feel free to continue as I have a large bowl of popcorn.
  10. Will be in London in August 2020 thinking about a guided one day tour to Paris from London. Anyone who has done this trip I am looking for pro's and con's. I see that this is a rather long day as to be expected. Wonder if they allow you to bring food or drink on the train. I see one tour that is called a deluxe tour where you get breakfast and lunch coming back, that price is more than we care to spend.
  11. Going next year in August the weather sounds like if you have been to Alaska or Nebraska pack the same.
  12. Perhaps after ten drinks your taste buds have gotten somewhat numb.
  13. Perhaps this person is trying to garner as much info from as many sources as possible.
  14. Extended stay on 17th, restaurants close by, as is Publix grocery for wine or snacks. If you have an extra day the walk to the water taxi is not to far and a good way to spend some time. Try google for hotels close to port you will get a wealth of info and maps.
  15. The Aug 2020 is scheduled for a 2:am departure. Thanks to those who replied, had a person who claimed to have knowledge about this port remark hope you can make this port. The Tatoo is our main reason for this trip , certainly hoping for calm sea's.
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