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  1. i did , we did , and with patients we have aobtained an original.
  2. 🤔huh, there was a silver tray with two champagne glasses and a card informing us that there is a bottle of Nicholas Feuillatte in the refrigerator
  3. 🤣 you can always go Logan Roy on everybody.
  4. wonderful itinerary, take lot's of photo's and post some on day nine. ☺️
  5. whoa ! 😀 wine tasting. Use permanent ink when signing up for excursion.
  6. my guess there is a reason for installing them.
  7. I've noticed this to , also in Asian travels.
  8. 🙂 aww come life's short, and ya can't take it with ya when ya go.
  9. you and me both. If your smiling it's on vibrate
  10. I think the new president of the princess line had an epiphany with the medallion app. Although useful, it appeals to the younger crowd that lives and dies by the cell phone code. Padgett must have seen the future of the industry being zero and ones . 0001100111.Seeing the customers carrying the translator to the grave with them and texting St. Peter " hold the gate I'm on the way" .
  11. love the suite life. A well placed suite makes a difference. Large room, sitting area, wet bar, large tub and shower, two sinks, lots of closet space, wonderful linens ..... scoot across the passage to the concierge lounge have a seat in the fine corinthian leather chair for evening cocktails, hor d' oeuvres and stimulating conversation. Sashay on up to the dining area to be greeted by a smiling staff member, who addresses use as madame and sir and escorting us to a secluded and quite corner of a private dining area. We settle on the Indian family style special for the night. Wonderful food, service and atmosphere. Gallop on up to casino for an evening of high stake adventure. When the moon rises head back to the concierge lounge for a quite night cap and slip back across the hall to our suite with drinks in hand so that we may sit and gaze upon the moon lit seas while laying in our comfy loungers draped in 32 0z. plush robes.
  12. " Maybe because of the way I smiled and treated them. " Karma 👍
  13. we received notification in January of pending increases. Bottles, corks, label's and shipping all would be increasing. Not only cost increase but, supply shortages.
  14. 🤔 so your saying a 40 % increase/glass for a chardonnay that would cost me fifty dollars a bottle retail ? and by the way I'm on my third glass as we speak 🍷
  15. post edited , due to lack of class
  16. the thrill of success can't be beat. We usually end the journey financially ahead and visit future cruise planning office
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