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  1. Ships are not going to get smaller, only bigger for main line cruise lines.
  2. I'm quite surprised to hear this considering Princess demographic are middle age and older persons. Really surprised that this is true. I'm capable, but hate those ladders.
  3. Talked to my TA today actually and she told me that the coupon books are provided when the TA is having a sale (I have no idea when they are having a sale), but assume they have them periodically, and that is the only time they have them available, at least for the agency my TA is affiliated with.
  4. We love our inside cabin, nice and dark and the A/C is usually better because no glass or open doors. We have had a few balcony cabins, but rarely use them so inside cabins work well for us. If I did Alaska or some place with constant scenery, then a balcony is nice.
  5. This is my thought as well, should have no issues doing this if you want.
  6. We basically quit going to the speciality restaurants after the last price increase, and the change to charge for a 2nd entree. We thought it was a decent value when you could get an entree and the one to share, allowed us to try different things, but now it's just too expensive for what you get IMO. Our last cruise we had the BOGO and then one from our TA, so we ate at Crown Grill twice. Our upcoming cruise we still have a BOGO, so we will go on the first day, but that will be it.
  7. If you look under the Booking Summary of your cruise, then right below the header a line that has how many days till your cruise, and across from that is "Boarding Pass and Travel Summary", then Print Travel Summary, and in the actual travel summary it's listed. Like I said they hide it well, it's not in one of the categories under the booked cruise, that would be too easy.
  8. Found it, wow, they sure bury stuff like that. Mine isn't showing it, just the free gratuities. But I still have one from our last cruise, so I will use it for this one. Thanks!
  9. Where would you find this in the personalizer? I never remember seeing it on our last cruise ,but we did have them and used it.
  10. We did it on the Caribbean this summer, and plan to do it on the Sky in December.
  11. I haven't tried this, can you take an uber into the port to board the ship? I didn't think they could go thru the customs checkpoint? Can they come get you and take you to the airport after the cruise as well?
  12. I won't use something like that either, but how will they prevent those who don't have the coke package from using them? Will you have to scan your medallion to unlock the machine? What's to prevent others from filling up while you are close by?
  13. Not a big fan of the change to the adults retreat pool. Seems like a lot less chairs on the pool level.
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