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  1. Sorry, late to the game here on this ship. Is it correct that there is no adults only area like the retreat pool area on other ships? Looks like the pool is in the Sanctuary, so did they expand the Sanctuary and eliminate a retreat area? How do people like the buffet being low on the ship? I love the Lido deck location and don't think I'd like to leave the pool and go down the elevator to eat in the buffet.
  2. They are basically tracking devices for Princess to track your movements and spending for marketing purposes. They also allow you to enter your door without need of a separate key or card.
  3. You can get replacement medallions at the port if needed
  4. Increases are overdue, surprised it hasn't happened already
  5. They were good when we were on a couple of weeks ago, and hope they are again in 2 weeks
  6. Elaborate please? What is there to argue with at embarkation?
  7. As much as I complain about benefit cuts and such on Princess, it's still a better overall value for the money than other cruise lines.
  8. We were on this ship a couple of weeks ago and had a great time. Will be back on again in 2 weeks. Enjoy your cruise.
  9. Look at post 62. Most of those numbers they claim the value of make no sense.
  10. We were on the enchanted 2 weeks ago and no coke zero. On the Sky in December, no coke zero, but they had sprite zero. We now just bring our own onboard. No idea why they don't have it available.
  11. A bit I guess, but Princess doesn't value them as they do the face value of the venue. It's sort of like the plus package, it's clear that Princess values each alcoholic drink at less than $2. I suspect they only value the specialty dining at a few dollars as well. Were you to get compensated, I suspect it might be $5-10 total. I always find the math interesting when you really think about how they price things.
  12. Poor choice of words. Because of the thread, I assumed all the conversation was about the DR. This is what I meant. I wasn't sure if this new update from them meant that you could dress casual and eat in the DR. I would consider that if they could also speed up the dining process as well. We quit going because it was taking 2+ hours to get through the entire service.
  13. If they allowed casual dining and got thr service to an hour or under, we would consider going back to the DR.
  14. For the anytime, can you now wear shorts? Might consider it if one of the dining rooms is casual dress.
  15. I don't buy the package, so no issue for me, but how would someone get caught? If I go buy a drink and walk away and hand it to someone, who is really watching that? Not condoning it, but not sure how you could get caught. You think the bartenders care if you order a drink and then hand it to someone when you turn around? I doubt they pay attention or even care.
  16. This is pretty normal how cruise lines do "sales". And other retail.
  17. This is still the case. The AI packages are huge profit items for the cruise lines. I'm good with it, as you mention. It keeps the cost of the basic cruise fare more affordable.
  18. Your health is your responsibility. All you have to do is tell your waiter what your issues are, and they will take care of it pr find someone who will.
  19. Princess only cares about your money, not your issues. Get your TA to sort it out
  20. You have to trample people in front of you to get a seat in the sanctuary. Make sure your shoes don't stick to human skin and you should be fine. When they release you to board, be sure to have both hands free to push people out of the way. At least that has been my experience when I'm in front of a sanctuary wanting person.
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