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  1. We are about new experiences, otherwise we may as well stay at home. We will randomly return to places we love, but not with any routine. I spent most of my school holidays in caravan park cabins in Sandbar (Smith Lake) or Long Jetty. I disliked the repetition. I did go somewhere during most holidays when I was a kid, as long as a train line was close - North Coast Mail to Brisbane, Spirit of Progress to Melbourne, Newcastle Flyer to Sydney. Like the majority in our era, we didn't fly until we could pay for our own airfares. Have license, will drive. Currently very much into seeing many parts of the world while we are fit to travel and can afford the insurance. I do know some people that holiday in the same caravan park every Christmas, but not for us. When we can no longer travel overseas, there are quite a few Aussie gaps we can fill, made easier by a $2.50 train fare that will get us to the South Coast or Katoomba.
  2. Perfect angle on the 5th one - Statue of Liberty on the Lido deck.
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  4. Alaska, yes 4 ships per day in the main ports. Many Alaskan ports support cruise ships. Ketchikan & Skagway are very tourist oriented ports.
  5. The proposed restriction is to give the locals a days peace - they are proposing no cruise ships in Juneau each Saturday.
  6. Medallions are picked up in the cruise terminal during check-in. One side of the Bordeaux is set aside for Reserve Collection (club class) and suites. You should be able to dine in either dining room. You need to select a time and a date plus tap on main (for dining room). Hope this helps. Good luck.
  7. Prior to our first cruise, we were given a great hack. Pack some Febreeze, and that way your clothes would smell newly washed, even if they weren't. When our bag was delivered to our cabin, Sydney's finest wharf handlers had done a number on the case, and also split the Febreeze container. At least the laundry was quiet on the first sea day, as 1/2 of our clothes needed a wash.
  8. I can't believe how low people can stoop down to. Hmm, crayons you say. I might have to add them to my packing list 🤣
  9. Carnival is a bit different, but not all that different to P&O. All swings and roundabouts, and P&O will no longer be an option in the years ahead. Carnival is only a plan B option for us anyway. Just find the good bar for the good mixologists. It is the quality of the mixologist, not the brand of ship, that determines whether you can get a good martini. A good mixologist will usually appreciate that you know what you like when you order your drink. The only thing they are not geared for is a naked martini, but the QM2 Commodore Club has been the only place I have been able to get one of those on a cruise.
  10. Norwegian Getaway is calling there, and she would shadow Crown Princess. Otherwise, I would agree that tendering becomes a hassle for bigger ships. That is the miss for us next year, as we only get one Canadian plus two US ports. The plus, and our hook, is the extra ports in Norway.
  11. On a 7 to 14 nighter, we would do it daily until 4 nights from the end of the cruise. I was wondering how it would go on a world cruise, and we will likely follow your two day routine.
  12. It looks like most of the bigger ships have pulled out next year, with NCL the only regular visitor. 2025 & 2026 WCs on Crown Princess both skip Bar Harbor, with the only US ports being New York & Miami.
  13. Barb has seen one first hand. They aren't pretty. It generally comes about when there is a queue for a machine, and the completed load is owned by someone who is in the buffet or getting some sunshine on deck - sometimes to return hours after the cycle is finished. It is a pretty low act to dump the clothes. There is the other version, when they return to find their clothes all neatly folded in a pile.
  14. It works well. Get the washing bags in early enough so you have clean clothes through to the end of your cruise. Much easier travelling with 5 days worth of clothes than 14 days. Just don't wait for a full bag of laundry to accumulate before getting your washing done. If travelling prior to the cruise, get a bag done on the first evening.
  15. They appear to be suitable strength. The barman in the Alchemy Bar said most of their cocktails/martinis were doubles. The newer bar staff are all being trained to make those standard P&O staples like Toblerones & Fruit Tingles, so even though they aren't on menus, they intend to carry them on. Just a few of the menus.
  16. P&O used to be the same before they bought out their dearer package. At one stage also, their "unlimited" package was 15 drinks - including any waters and coffees. For the wine drinker, these bundles might steer a few away from drinks packages. Deluxe 5 bottle package - $180 Sparkling Chardonnay-Pinot Noir, Two Truths, Southeastern Australia, Australia Prosecco, De Bortoli Wines, King Valley Australia, Australia Prosecco Rosé, Brown Brothers, Victoria, Australia Sauvignon Blanc, Ruffled Feather, Eastern Australia, Australia Sauvignon Blanc, Ride On, Marlborough, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Andrew Peace, ‘Empress’ , Soanna Vineyard, Limestone Coast, Australia Sauvignon Blanc, Kim Crawford, Marlborough, New Zealand Pinot Gris, Andrew Peace, ‘Empress’ , Soanna Vineyard, Limestone Coast, Australia Pinot Grigio, Devil’s Corner, Tasmania, Australia Pinot Gris, De Bortoli Wines, ‘LaBoheme‘ Act Three’ , Yarra Valley, Australia Chardonnay, Chatsworth Estate, South East Australia, Australia Chardonnay, AndrewPeace, ‘Empress’ , Wrattonbully, Limestone Coast, Australia Moscato, Seahorse Bay, Southeast Australia, Australia Moscato, Brown Brothers, King Valley, Australia Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc, De Bortoli Wines, ‘Willowglen’ , Riverina, Australia Rosé, Andrew Peace, ‘Masterpeace’ , Victoria, Australia Rosé, De Bortoli Wines, ‘LaBoheme Act Two’ , Yarra Valley, Australia Pinot Noir, Moppity Vineyards, ‘Lock & Key’ , Tumbarumba, Australia Shiraz-Cabernet, De Bortoli Wines, ‘Willowglen’ , Riverina, Australia Shiraz, Chatsworth Estate, Southeast Australia, Australia Cabernet Sauvignon, St. Augustus, Langhorne Creek, Australia Cabernet Sauvignon, Two Truths, Coonawarra, Australia Cabernet Sauvignon, Andrew Peace, ‘Winemaker’s Choice’ , Langhorne Creek, Australia Grenache-Shiraz-Mourvèdre, D’Arenberg, ‘The Stump Jump’ , McLaren Vale, Australia Malbec, Alamos, Mendoza, Argentina Merlot, Andrew Peace, ‘Masterpeace’ , SouthEastern Australia, Premium 5 bottle package - $260 Sparkling Chardonnay-Pinot Noir, Tyrrell’s, Hunter Valley, Australia Sparkling Chardonnay, The Lane Vineyard Lois’Blanc De Blanc Adelaide Hills, Australia Sparkling Rosé, Petaluma ‘Croser’ , Adelaide Hills, Australia Sauvignon Blanc, The Lane, Adelaide Hills, Australia Sauvignon Blanc, Robert Oatley Vineyards Signature Series’ , Margaret River, Australia Sauvignon Blanc, Squealing Pig, Marlborough, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Pipers Brook, Tasmania, Australia Pinot Grigio, Santi‘ Sortesele’ , Veneto, Italy Chardonnay, De Bortoli Wines‘ The Estate Vineyard’ , Dixons Creek, Yarra Valley, Australia Chardonnay, Tyrrell’s Wines‘ Hunter Valley’ , Hunter Valley, Australia Albariño, Margan Estate, Hunter Valley, Australia Riesling, LeasinghamWines‘Bin7’ , Clare Valley, Australia Riesling, Jim Barry Wines, Clare Valley, Australia Sémillon, Tyrrell’s‘ Hunter Valley , Hunter Valley, Australia Sémillon, Brokenwood, Hunter Valley, Australia Vermentino, Bremerton, Langhorne Creek, Australia Viognier, Yalumba‘ YSeries’ , South Australia, Australia Rosé, Yalumba YSeries , South Australia, Australia Rosé, Maison Castel, Provence, France Pinot Noir, Rob Dolan Wines True Colours , Yarra Valley, Australia Pinot Noir, Terra Sancta‘ Mysterious Diggings , Bannockburn Central Otago, New Zealand Shiraz, De Bortoli Wines ‘Woodfired Shiraz’ , Heathcote, Australia Shiraz, Mount Langi Ghiran‘ Billi Billi’ , Grampians, Australia Shiraz, Chateau Tanunda, Barossa Valley, Australia Shiraz, KAP Bros Wines, McLarenVale, Australia Barbera, Margan Estate, Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia Malbec, Bleasdale‘SecondInnings’ , Langhorne Creek, Australia Merlot, Grant Burge Wines Hillcot Vineyard, Barossa, Australia Tempranillo-Graciano-Shiraz, Margan Estate ‘Breaking Ground’ Hunter Valley, Australia Stickies, Botrytis Viognier, Yalumba ‘FSW’ , Wrattonbully
  17. Send the plate around for another lap. 🤣
  18. If you want to go to Spain to get your clothes hose washed for free, great!!
  19. It is a worldwide issue. Those with a job in hospitality or tourism are all open arms to tourists. For most other locals, they would rather you stay of their lawn.
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