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  1. Though, Glacier Bay is almost never cancelled and ships do seem to get close even when it is rainy. You did the same thing I did - after not getting to any glacier on the first cruise, I did several on my next trip! Most don't get a 2nd trip! My first trip was a RT out of Vancouver so doing a glacier trip in Whittier or Seward was not an option. Many do RT out of Vancouver or Seattle. I now know that the one ways are far superior for glacier viewing.
  2. Several lines do Glacier Bay. I do put it as a "Must" for a first cruise. Hubbard and Tracy Arm are often skipped due to conditions that prevent the ship from getting close. If you only have one glacier day, you can miss it (like I did on my first cruise). Try to book a cruise with 2 glacier days.
  3. Here are fares: PC_2021_CNE_SailingScheduleFaresAmenities_08_2019_FINAL.pdfPC_2021_CNE_SailingScheduleFaresAmenities_08_2019.xls
  4. Here are fares: PC_2021_SummerCarib_Sailing_ScheduleFareAmenities_08_2019_FINAL.pdfPC_2021 SummerCarib_Sailing ScheduleFareAmenities_08_2019.xls
  5. Alaska does draw a different crowd. Even on Carnival ships, everyone tends to be older. Also, in Alaska - the scenery is the entertainment :)
  6. I also think that Crystal would do a good job. I know vegan is different than vegetarian. Crystal had their own vegetarian menu each night and I am sure they could do vegan well. A friend is vegan and has sailed Crystal Ocean with success. There is a certain food that I do not like and I felt like it was shared with the entire staff so later when I asked someone I didn't know about the soup of the day - they informed me I would like it. I kept wondering how the heck he knew this.
  7. I am around your age and stopped Carnival at 28. Probably stopped RCCL around 31. I think it is important to try multiple lines to find the right fit and then after awhile - try another line. I would recommend also looking at Celebrity. You never know who will have a better deal.
  8. There used to be companies that would not lodge people in Moscow and St. Petersburg but used hotels instead. I don't know of any companies who do this. A friend had a chance to speak with the head of one major River Cruise Company who used to be in Russia. He said they could not fill the ships and stopped offering sailings due to this. Sounds like lack of interest to me. They were losing money on their Russian ships. Viking has reduced the amount of ships they used to have in Russia compared to when I went.
  9. I don't think there are any companies that use hotels anymore. Many companies have pulled out due to lack of business.
  10. She may not be in charge when she does it. My agent chooses which weeks she does the $100 deposits - she often chooses when Princess Europe comes out or Princess Exotics comes out - when a lot of people book. My agent owns her own company - so she can choose.
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