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  1. We are expecting 12" plus of snow tomorrow. Can't wait for winter and COVID to be over.
  2. I was looking at a September cruise also and decided against it.
  3. I think you are right - from CDC: Is the COVID-19 vaccine going to be free? Vaccine doses purchased with U.S. taxpayer dollars will be given to the American people at no cost. However, vaccination providers will be able to charge an administration fee for giving the shot to someone.
  4. Interesting. I could be wrong. Do you think it is a tracking thing? Glad you got it!
  5. I am in 1B also...... My county is still doing 1A Health Care workers. This is so frustrating. We initially were told we would get the vaccine the first week in January. Now, our Governor is limiting percentages to certain groups in 1B (90% is going to one group, 10% to another group). More to come in our area. Glad you got yours scheduled!
  6. In the US - the government is picking up the cost of the vaccine also.
  7. Consider yourself somewhat lucky. I have testing at my work place for a reason.....
  8. It is possible there isn't a 4th berth. I am guessing the sofa makes into a bed for the 3rd person but nothing for a 4th person (nothing coming out of the ceiling and they are not allowing roll aways.
  9. That was amazing - ours was during that time also. I thought someone would figure it out but not within the first 5 minutes! I do recognize your name from the roll call.
  10. She posted something recently that it could be on a body of water and not necessarily a river. I tried to post something else but the image didn't post in the right direction.
  11. Yes - I knew that was an option! I did this cruise in 2018 and haven't been back to that area since. I still enjoyed this entire trip and going clear North. I just love fjords. Geriangerfjord is one of my favorites - my pics of Seven Sister waterfall was into the sun. So I must return! I wish I lived on the East coast and had access to the flights you have. It takes me forever just to get to the coast to fly to Europe. Must go buy groceries. We have ice coming soon.
  12. I had hoped to be on your cruise - I wanted to do it again because in so many ports I had multiple things I wanted to see. Also, on your cruise, you went to Flam and ours did not. I had to cancel due to work. I tried to post a picture from the ferry in Stavanger (Preikestolen) but my picture kept turning sideways when posting it. I hope you enjoyed Blue Puffin's tour. I only wish it was a smaller bus. Though the Princess tour had no extra stops and no commentary. I still want to go back to Norway. My next trip has to include Flam, North Cape/Honningsvag (so I get better
  13. You got it! Here is someone else's picture of the whole sculpture (my pics are not very clear due to fog):
  14. So this is a little unorthodox - photo not taken on a river cruise but ocean cruise and not on a river. Photo is taken very close to water. Name the location and the name of the sculpture (this is a cropped version of it - it is larger than what is shown). Using notamermaid's requirements somewhat loosely here.
  15. I was going to guess Arstetten Castle/Schloss Artsette in Wachau Valley in Austria. Danube River.
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