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  1. I have no clue if it got settled. I pretty much gave up. Princess's practice of refunds to different credit cards in weird amounts got the best of me. I have a Med cruise scheduled for the spring but I am thinking it maybe too soon. The Delta variant is scaring the hell out of me. I will probably move it to the fall.
  2. Though not just river cruises. Princess this summer isn't allowing anyone not vaccinated (at least in Alaska). Families have had their cruises cancelled.
  3. I wish they would extend it to 2023. Considering cruising is just starting - there are a lot of individuals who have FCC to use. Prices are pretty high. People have families and they don't know when they will be allowed on ships or feel safe on ships until the kiddos have been vaccinated.
  4. I cancelled something recently and it was quick - probably a week. I think there is more of a delay if Princess cancels the sailing.
  5. I hope they have access to the vaccine before this winter!
  6. My dog was very opinionated. And if you know German Shepherds - they can be quite vocal about their opinions. She really liked Lexus SUVs.
  7. I had a significant decrease. They would not talk to me about the credit to my credit card - the TA had to call.
  8. Love the color! It does look like a racing car! Now watch those speed limits!
  9. I found an itinerary I loved with Tauck. I was disappointed in my talk with them. Considering what we are dealing with (COVID) - I thought their terms were very rigid and didn't allow any flexibility. I think given these un-certain times, I wold wait to book with the until this pandemic is over. I was looking at next fall. Right now, I will only book things that are fully refundable with out dishing out $700 for an insurance policy that is not refundable. The high cost of air was just another disappointing part of the conversation but not a deal breaker.
  10. I called Tauck in the last month. I was hoping they had airfare deals. What they were quoting me seemed like rack rates for Business Class. Though they did try to push it using the example of in case of cancellation or change of itinerary, the fact that they would take care of it.
  11. This is just another day in a TA's world these days. I think my TA spends all of her time re-arranging clients and tracking down changes.
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