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  1. I have never attended one that is an hour. Maybe 30 minutes.
  2. Hopefully they still do Muster Drill to the theme of Love Boat - it is actually entertaining. I think 20 minutes is not a bit much when it comes about learning about safety.
  3. I continue to be amazed at your photos!
  4. According to DebDays website, she spoke to the Captain in May concerning this. It is the British Columbia Marine pilots that are not allowing Princess to sail East of Vancouver Island. So if people are going to be mad, be made at British Columbia Marine pilots. Princess wants to sail the route their other ships do. I personally don't think they will be allowed to - this ship is just too large IMO. Though I am not a Marine Pilot or Captain obviously. I wish Heidi would pipe in. https://www.debsdays.com/search?updated-max=2019-06-08T10:34:00-06:00
  5. There are a few other ships that are doing that same route. You can easily pick (2) 7 night cruises to do a 14 night cruise.
  6. Turned out I was right - they did offer "Panama Canal trips" on Grand class that did stop at Colon for tours years ago. They were RT out of FLL and were advertised as Panama Canal. I thought they were pathetic and others probably did so as they stopped selling them.
  7. I realize that. I thought Princess put some Grand Class ships that did RT FLL that went to that area and allowed people do excursions but didn't go through the locks due to size. I can't quickly find anything to back this up and since I would not do a Panama Canal cruise - I wasn't paying too much attention.
  8. I think there are a lot of large ships in Alaska and many cruise lines are having a difficult time filing them. It is not just a Princess issue.
  9. No it hasn't. I wish they had never put that ship along that route. Or at worst, put it out of Seattle RT. Sometimes large ships are not the answer to everything. I wish Princess knew that. I agree -it is a much more scenic route.
  10. As per your passenger contract, they don't have to go a specific route. They have the right to change the route or the ports.
  11. I think it did a partial transit. Not the entire way.
  12. "Inside passage" is a very vague term - it can technically be the route from Juneau to Skagway.
  13. Technically - it is until December :) The ship is still sailing until the end of the year.
  14. The river cruises stop sailing in December and don't start up again until March. It gives Genting plenty of time to "rebrand" Mozart for their new market. I doubt they will sail under the Crystal brand. The Mozart still has 6 more months under the Crystal brand. I am sure those sailing on her the rest of the year will enjoy their trip as much as I did. Glad you are enjoying Bach!
  15. Coral

    Alaska 2021

    I would look into Alaska By Cruiseship by Anne Vipond. Look at the different ports and glaciers and then find a cruise that meets your needs. Since it is a special cruise - maybe include land. Decide if you want to do land on your own (plenty of advice on this board) or through a cruise tour (know exactly what you are getting if you choose this).
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