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  1. Mine was applied to the farthest cruise out which only had a hold on it as opposed to the one with a deposit that was sooner. It was stupid.
  2. Princess is just applying them how they see fit. It is frustrating! I know my TA is frustrated at this also because she has to go back and re-allocate them how her clients what them allocated. She wishes Princess wouldn't allocate them with out direction from client.
  3. I am hoping to be on a river cruise a year from now. Don't hesitate to get your friend AMEX involved if your refund isn't processed within 60 days or so.
  4. I think you were wise. I hope you didn't run into any penalties.
  5. Coral

    Alaska in May

    In Alaska you will want to do excursions. The best part of Alaska is not in the port towns - it is getting out of the port towns. It is different than the Caribbean.
  6. Just wanted to say "cool game"! Great idea!
  7. In the US - we celebrate all weekend. Hopefully they do as well.
  8. As big of a deal as it is in the US.
  9. I can't believe it is already Thanksgiving for my Northern friends! Happy Thanksgiving! This year has been the most bizarre.
  10. Coral

    Alaska in May

    People complain about the evening hours all the time on this board. If they have 7-7 hours, they can organize 2 excursions. They can't seem to do this with 2-10 or 2-11 hours. They find lack of excursions in the evenings and don't feel comfortable renting a car on their own.
  11. You will stay on the ship. Park Rangers board the ship and there are lectures onboard that day.
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