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  1. It depends on the time when they cancelled and when your cruise is. When they cancelled mine, my incentive was not as good as my cruise was farther off. I still think there will be deals to be had.
  2. I am going to sound negative here but I would not make final payment. I would ride it out but if things don't look good, don't make final payment. Several of us are still waiting for refunds of cruises cancelled by the cruise lines. If the ships are sailing then, I am sure there will be deals to be had for that cruise.
  3. I cancelled March 6th and was told by Princess - I qualify for options 1 and 2. My cruise was in April. Was your cruise March 7th? I am trying to remember.
  4. Dog - it was in this letter: https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/global-ship-operations-pause.html In addition, Princess will honor this offer for those guests who had made final payment and cancelled their booking on or after February 4, 2020. The future cruise credit can be used on any voyage departing through May 1, 2022. It basically means the chart (link in letter) that is also listed in this letter applies to you but you have to fill it out.
  5. Or medication they know will successfully treat COVID-19.
  6. You may be surprised. I cruised after 9-11. I got a balcony on RCCL the first week of December for $700 (no single supplement) and upgraded to a full suite for $200 more. You may see single supplements return to 130%.
  7. We have never been able to use FCC as a deposit in the past - so this makes sense. We should soon see what our FCC amount is, even if it is not applied until final payment. Hopefully this is shown soon. So I can't apply this to a booking in December that I have not made final payment on? This part makes no sense.
  8. All you have to do is look at American Cruise Lines, Pearl Cruise lines and Un-Cruise to see what cruise prices would be like.
  9. I think CLIA was trying to negotiate a waiver on the PVSA Act. I think this has caused the silence in Alaska. Maybe RCCL realized yesterday it wasn't going to happen.
  10. Only Princess and travel agents see it I think. It has been discussed quite a bit previously. You can call who you book through and ask for it to be selected.
  11. It is an option in the booking system. It basically means you only want an upgrade if it takes you to the next type of cabin such as an inside to an oceanview or a mini suite to a suite. You don't want to go from the lowest balcony to the highest balcony cabin.
  12. I disagree. Just 2 examples: Cruise ships bring 1 billion to Seattle's economy. https://www.seattlebusinessmag.com/tourismhospitality/seattles-1b-cruise-ship-industry-stung-princess-cruises-decision-suspend I found this for Vancouver: The Vancouver cruise industry stimulates on average nearly $3 million in direct activity to the local economy for each ship that visits Canada Place, generates nearly 7,000 jobs across Canada and $300 million in wages, and contributes $840 million to national GDP. https://www.portvancouver.com/news-and-media/news/2019-expected-to-bring-a-record-number-of-cruise-passengers-to-vancouver/ When I am in Alaska - I book private tours direct with the company. I know these individuals are locals. I eat at local restaurants. I know I am not alone. You are correct that some companies employ college students in Alaska. I am aware of many college students from the US go to Alaska for summer jobs. These are still Americans who are benefiting. I work in Education and know some of our students are from Alaska and they work in the Princess/HAL lodges in the summer when back home. After I posted last night, I did a search and all of those "luxury mattresses" that Princess has "are made in the USA".
  13. Cruise lines employee thousands of Americans at their headquarters, call centers, hotels, railroads, Gray Line of Alaska, etc.... On top of that, embarkation port cities in the US such as Seattle, FLL, Tampa, etc... greatly benefit from being a port city (hotels, restaurants, site seeing places and transportation companies). Cruise lines buy all of their food from US companies. US cruise ports greatly benefit from cruisers when they stop in these cities (New England, CA Coast, Alaska). This includes tour operators, restaurants, site seeing places, bus drivers, etc... US Airlines benefit bringing people to port cities. The cruise industry does positively affect the US Economy and does generate jobs.
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