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  1. I did do a search before hand and people did say their steps were amplified when the ship was at sea.
  2. Sorry - it was me typing at 6 am. Yes it is a TA. I meant to say it will update when it is near my phone when it is on.
  3. You need a visa. I have obtained 2 of them in my life. If you take an ocean cruise and stay in Russia for less than 3 days and stay with a group (either ship or a licensed agency), you don't need a visa. If you fly into and out of Russia, you definitely need one. I just paid the visa service for the visa because I don't live anywhere near where I could do it myself. They are not cheap. If you are going, I do encourage you to stay before and/or after in downtown hotels to maximize your experience. Your visa will need to cover these days also. Plus the 2-3 days in Moscow and St. Petersburg is not enough to scrap the surface of these cities. They are amazing.
  4. The Emerald has never had a covered pool. The older ships do (Grand, Golden, Star, Diamond, Sapphire, Coral and Island Princess).
  5. We were on a Danube cruise and had ports every day. There were only 2 days out of 10 where we had partial days. That may have had something to do with it. It was a very port intensive trip and very busy. We also had many overnights in ports. They had a difficult time filling Mozart Cafe at dinner because Waterside dining was so good. I never saw anyone talk about the Vintage Room and never saw it mentioned in any paperwork. I came across the room when walking around.
  6. I was somewhat worried about this. Maybe I shouldn't wear it on sea days as the results will be skewed.
  7. Thank you! You are an expert to me if you have been using it for more than 3 weeks and have taken it on a ship. I was thinking ship time and iPhone time may not be the same and I may need to manually change it. Thanks for letting me know when it updates if my iPhone is not on. So far, they have both been with it and both on at the same time.
  8. I am leaving before the end of the semester. I do need to check it but will only do it at night. Part of the deal when working in academia.
  9. So I acquired an Apple Watch (Series 5 WIFI only) over Christmas. So far, I really like it. Still new with it. I plan on taking it on a longish cruise where I have Best Sale Ever (free wifi). I am not used to carrying around my iPhone around with me on a ship. Usually it is just turned off. I don't plan on paying for cell service in the ports. Though if I have free WIFI on my iPhone and carry it with me on the ship, it should work fine....right? I don't have a desire to order a drink and have it magically delivered to me with the Medallion and my iPhone. So still debating about bringing iPhone with me around the ship. I am somewhat afraid of taking iPhone around with me and being pulled into work matters via email. I would prefer to just check those at night. If I have my iPhone with me during the day, I am more likely to respond to work emails. And the purpose of the trip is to try to avoid this as much as possible (except at night when I probably do need to respond to these). Any tips one can provide so I can take advantage of some features and also guidance when it will not work. I am assuming if there are time changes and my iPhone doesn't automatically change, I will manually change it. I am guessing the Watch will read off of that. I want it to record steps in port and on the ship. Maybe it will be best to just wear a regular watch. I will appreciate first hand knowledge - thanks!
  10. https://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/Onboard_Experience/Sterling-Steakhouse-Menu-Sample.pdf This is from Sterling Steakhouse on some of the other ships. Under steaks here: https://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/Onboard_Experience/Crown-Grill-Menu-Sample.pdf
  11. All I can tell you is what they told me. And the meat seemed to match what he told me.
  12. Thanks! I appreciate you posting this.
  13. Thanks for the follow up! Glad it worked out.
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