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  1. Alaska Gray Line is owned by Holland America Group (group that does Princess and HAL cruises and land trips). A friend booked a land trip from this website: https://www.princesslodges.com/travel-specials/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3Mei6Oji5QIVhIXICh0LlQ9qEAAYASAAEgJFB_D_BwE that included train trips to resorts. Just wanted to give you some options. Don't have first hand knowledge of either. She saved quite a bit from booking a land trip with Princess or HAL but stayed at the same resorts and took their trains. You have lots of options!
  2. If you email me, I can send you a list of vendors that our roll call used 2 years ago for our cruise. Not sure where you are in your planning.
  3. I did Princess 2 summers ago and we did Skjolden :( My guess is Flam was too busy.
  4. Unfortunately - Christmas crackers are prohibited on planes within US and flying into the US. The cruises I have been on have them but if you fly in early, you can often buy them in the US.
  5. There are not a lot of tours in this port (and it was one of my least favorite ports). We used this company and had 2 different vans: We did Tour F: http://skjolden.com/en/visit-skjolden-bussturar/ Here is the email address of the person in charge (Turid):
  6. AdventureBound is privately booked and RT out of Juneau. Another vendor runs the Tracey Arm off of the ship - Allen Marine. These usually are not on NB trips.
  7. You will want to do Princess to Alaska. RCCL doesn't go to Glacier Bay and does a poor job IMO in Alaska! Princess has so many enrichment programs, etc...
  8. I should say Crystal (Mozart) also had laundry machines for people to use, I never used them. Don't know about their other ships. I just sent my laundry off to be done and used OBC to pay for it.
  9. The 2 different river cruises I have been on have had laundry for a price per piece, not per bag. I have not done Gate 1.
  10. I agree, there are a lot of Asians who travel to Europe. Several (mass) cruise lines have tried to dedicate ships over in Asia with mixed reactions catering to Asians. Some of not been successful and have had to change back. I am just being hopeful that the ship may return to North American clients as I loved that ship. I do have to say we had quite a few people from Asia on my Mozart trip.
  11. I think it is possible the person is no longer with Crystal. Previously, when Crystal's pricing wasn't as obvious as their current website, I had inquired about a few cruises. I was looking at single rates and didn't want to bother my TA. Often times when communicating with someone, they would stop communicating. I then called asking for this person and they were no longer with the company. I don't know why they didn't forward my emails to another person but they didn't.
  12. The book clubs I have been a part of don't include these books. Maybe there are mystery book clubs that I am not aware of. The ones Princess lists are ones that our local book clubs also choose.
  13. Can I hope the venture is not successful and the ship returns to being marketed for North American passengers?
  14. I wonder why they failed to sign. I have a friend who worked for RCCL and said that they wanted really badly to get permits. This was several years ago.
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