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  1. You can call Princess directly. I had 10 people email me the other day after I posted this chart as their money was in a holding account or applied to their next trip.
  2. You have to call Princess. I am guessing your money is in a holding account also. This would go towards taxes and fees on a future cruise. You can request a refund if you prefer. I keep mentioning holding accounts because people haven't heard of this. I have had several email me that this is where their money has been all along.
  3. Yes this is allowable. You can get on the ship in Vancouver, sail to Whittier and then back to Vancouver. I have done this many times. Sometimes Princess even books this as a 14 night cruise closer to sail date.
  4. I had a 4 week vacation planned that was cancelled to celebrate a big milestone - and it included some British Isles ports also. It is no fun. Better to be healthy, safe and bored than sick. I live less than 2 hours from you and am watching our cases increase every day. It is scary out there. I now know several who have been tested for COVID-19. I can't say that a month ago. I am still waiting for a partial refund from an April cruise.
  5. I agree about the drive to Seward (very scenic). I also like the train ride to Seward. If you have a couple of days before the cruise, I would consider spending time in Seward.
  6. Whittier is very, very small. Everyone who lives there lives in the same building. That building also has a grocery store and school. Old military town. 26 Glacier tour is great and very stable. It also docks right next to the cruise pier. I think there is fishing and kayaking also in Whittier. Otherwise, not much. I would not spend the night in Whittier. There is one main hotel and it has had money issues even before COVID-19. Though, those who stay there seem to like it. It is relatively new - it was built in the last 20 years. Much more choices elsewhere. You can drop your bags off at the pier and then go on 26 glacier tour. The ship offers the same tour for turnaround guests so no worries about missing the cruise.
  7. I am not aware of any company that allows this either. I don't think it is unique to Viking.
  8. I actually like the promenade deck. Covered and not crowded. Easy to go from side to side also.
  9. You might want to give your agent a call. They would probably be thrilled to make a booking as opposed to their normal cancel a booking that they have been doing for months.
  10. For me, it is both. I hate crowded ships.
  11. Yep - just keep repeating that. My refund is also wrong (and short). OK - that is weird how they did yours.
  12. It is more of a holding account. FCC can only be applied to cruise fare. The Holding Account is for "other things such as taxes and fees and if you have insurance, etc..." In the US, we can request this as a refund if we want.
  13. If you had paid your cruise in full - I think you got 125% of your cruise in FCC. My sister had a big Europe trip with land trip. She had been making payments but had not paid her cruise off. She made out big time, much better than I did (with Pause 1) and much better than if she had paid her cruise off. It makes no sense.
  14. Yea - that is one benefit of Royal Caribbean's "lift and shift" or something like that. They protect the price and benefits and move you to a similar cruise. There is still a chance that your price may come down on the Princess cruise. Keep checking.
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