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  1. Love doing NE/Canada cruises even though we live outside Boston. One important distinction to remember is that you are going to Saint John, not St John. Might seem picky but one is in Newfoundland and the other in New Brunswick. We were on a rollcall that someone booked an excursion for St John and was almost out a lot of money!
  2. There is a review out there by A&L_Ont that shows a picture of the locker. It is actually a locking cabinet in the end table. I think they were able to put a duffel bag in it. Was a really good size.
  3. Just looked through my folder from our cruise. Top Tier was on day 2 at 11am in the theater. I was thinking of the suite cocktail party, which was on day 6. I don't have the invite for the M&M because they take it. We were on the 7 day Bahamas/Florida.
  4. Yes, that is the M&M. Top Tier has been on different days and venues. We like it in 270, but our cruise last month had it in the theater on day 6 at 10:30am. Other sailings on Anthem have been 4pm in 270 with music and dancing.
  5. Was that BBQ at Portside BBQ? You said Playmakers, but I think that is an oops. 🙂
  6. The Music Hall on Anthem is used during the day for different things, but most is on the lower level. The overflow from the Diamond lounge has been using a portion of the upper level of the Music Hall for years. Not an issue at all.
  7. Yes, I know this was a test. We wanted to watch it but had forgotten it was this weekend. The livestream had a split screen with multiple cameras on the capsule and a live camera from a chase aircraft. Last one we saw live while in Florida, the payload actually had something that my husband had worked on.
  8. Thanks for posting this. We were able to watch the livestream since we don't get the NASA channel. Amazing to watch.
  9. Mix it up a bit. Look at the itineraries at the beginning or end of a ships season, those can be longer or shorter and have different ports. We can't do the longer transatlantic or transpacific cruises but we can do a coastal before the Alaska season or a short 5 nighter prior to a New England/Canada season. We also try to book different ships as much as we can, though we seem to find ourselves on Anthem a lot. We aren't bored, if we get there, we will move on.
  10. Yes, it is open when you board. There are nice comfy seats at the absolute aft of the ship, behind the stage, that are great to sit at and relax.
  11. What ship are you sailing that has Chops for $35? I haven't seen that on any of our sailings in years.
  12. There are multiple videos, from different angles, that show what the grandfather did. If you search, they aren't hard to find, but they are very hard to watch. The grandfather made a terrible mistake. My heart breaks for the family.
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