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  1. We would pick Anthem any day over Adventure. We love all the music options on Anthem. Two70 is a gorgeous venue that has Spectra's Cabaret, the tribute band of the sailing, The Quest and many other shows. It is also a great place to grab a bite and sit and watch the ocean. Expedition 270, a virtual reality game, is also now available in Two70, if your phone is compatible, mine was not. We also prefer the cabin furnishings on Anthem as opposed to the outdated furnishings on Adventure. I would look at the itineraries and prices of both Anthem and Adventure, then make my decision. Royal Suite Class on Anthem would definitely cause me to choose Anthem over Adventure if the prices were the same.
  2. Ricardo Mock was the only concierge in the CL last week. All correspondence prior to the cruise was also with Ricardo.
  3. It is, autocorrect got me. Was paying attention to Pink Floyd tribute by new wwry guitarist.
  4. We are on Anthem now, Roberto Mock is in the concierge lounge. Will check letter in cabin for diamond concierge and verify name.
  5. Anthem has a fireplace channel (40) that is playing Christmas music. Cabin beside us has it blasting so they can hear it on their balcony. We can hear it in our master bedroom and bathroom with doors shut.
  6. Lol. You would be rocking and rolling if you guys were here. Spectra and the gift cancelled tonight. Not safe for the entertainers. Having a “concert “ instead. Very loud bang and shake a while ago. Rollcall group has all sorts of rumors including hitting a whale lol.
  7. We are on Anthem. There are some decorations in the windows of the stores, small trees and one full size tree, but nothing else.
  8. It works from my laptop, not sure what you post from. I just hit the "+" multiquote sign in each post and then down in the lower right of the screen, a box pops up that said "quote 2 posts". I click on that box and type my reply.
  9. Hope all goes well. I hope your wife is able to manage luggage as you will likely have lifting restrictions for a while. We were able to cruise six weeks after my DH had surgery but only because we weren't flying and I could take care of luggage.
  10. Make sure whatever this insurance is covers pre-existing conditions or is a cancel for any reason policy. Those types of insurance are usually very expensive after final payment and might not be worth the cost. The cancellation penalty could be less than the cost of this insurance if this is a cheap cruise.
  11. Doubtful, but doesn't hurt to ask. You say you are sailing in around 60 days, at 61 days you only lose half your fare, at 60 days prior, you lose 75%. Check exactly where you are day wise as it could be a 25% difference in what you get back! Might need to make a decision now!
  12. Thanks! We were very surprised when we finally were assigned a cabin. There were never any JS or GS available since we saw the WS pop up. We booked it and then never saw it offered again. We really thought we were going to end up with a spa JS again or even a balcony but this just got assigned last week. Have already heard from the concierge, so we should be good!
  13. We have done guarantees at least five times, the last two being suite guarantees. Sometimes if you roll the dice, you win. We are sailing Anthem on Sunday. We booked a suite guarantee, which typically means you get a JS. We have been assigned a two bedroom Grand Suite.
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