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  1. I was watching Watch What Happens Live after Below Deck last night and Andy Cohen mentioned that article. Thanks for the link, was meaning to go find the article today. I had never watched this series and binge watched it during this pandemic. It is crazy the amount of complaining about having to clean and make beds by some of the stewards, that is the job they signed up to do!
  2. Not sure what the issue was but just wasn't there when we tried multiple times on the three sailings that we had access to CK on Anthem. Funny thing is that the other person who said they can do it all the time was also a Pinnacle like you. There was a thread about it and others couldn't book it on Anthem either and this one poster could. Hopefully, we will have Anthem back in Bayonne someday so we can try to book CK online again. 🙂
  3. I had read that but it was never available for any of the sailings that we had access to Coastal Kitchen.
  4. What time of year have you experienced this on Anthem? I know that JS have issues booking dinner in Coastal Kitchen on Oasis class at times, have never seen anyone say they had an issue on Anthem.
  5. Simple solution is just put them on your ignore list.
  6. JS has access to Coastal Kitchen for dinner. On Anthem, we have had no issues getting reservations for dinner when we have sailed in a JS. Just go make your reservations for the week when you board and you should be fine.
  7. We enjoy dinner in Coastal Kitchen on Anthem. Service is excellent and food is as well. They have a delicious filet mignon on the first night, excellent, large lobster tails, a cauliflower steak my DH loves and much more. If you are in a GS or higher, you will receive an email from the concierge and you can book dinner reservations prior to your sailing. If you are in a JS, you will need to book once you board the ship. It has opened at 5:30pm on most of our Anthem sailings but opened at 5pm our last sailing. We make reservations for the week and then cancel as we go if we have a conflict with something else.
  8. One thing that you should look into before you book is whether this is a full charter or a partial charter and if you actually get suite benefits. If this is a full charter, Coastal Kitchen might only be available to VIPs, not suite guests. Crown and Anchor benefits will likely be different on a full charter too.
  9. I don't think the JS on Anthem have walk in closets either. Our two bedroom GS had a small walk in closet across from the small bedroom but not like the walk in closets on other class ships.
  10. Now, now, just as I thought we were getting along....
  11. Not worth getting more than a refreshment package for us as we don't drink much. My DH might use his 3 drinks on his card a couple of times a cruise and I only do if I use one of mine for him. We don't use the coffee machine in the lounge as we don't like the coffee it makes, we prefer better, specialty coffee, thus, the refreshment package. We will visit one of the lounges if we know some people on the cruise, but otherwise, we just go do our own thing.
  12. We have done a suite guaranty on Anthem a couple of times and ended up with a two bedroom grand suite on one sailing and a JS on the other sailing. The JS we got was what used to be called a Spa JS. It had a split bathroom, one bathroom had a sink and toilet, other had sink, tub and a separate stand alone shower. If you do go with the suite guaranty, just know there are three different types of JS on Anthem. Ours was on deck 13 and was under the kitchen area of Coastal Kitchen and there was lots of noise from above when they were cleaning that area late at night. Loved the location but hated the noise. The two bedroom GS was wonderful with two full bathrooms (one with a tub), a huge balcony with a dining table and a large living room in addition to the two separate bedrooms.
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