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  1. @DaniDanielle, I hope your waiter is making something to go along with that Cosmo. 😄
  2. Not all who cancelled were sent information because our cruises weren't cancelled yet. When we cancelled on March 10th, we were told we would receive our refund within 7 to 10 days. So, we expected to receive our refunds within that time frame because that is what we were told. We are not in a hurry for our refunds, we expected them in the time frame we were told. We have not received any of our cruise planner refunds back or the percentage of our cruise fare. The cruises that were cancelled by the cruise line have had emails sent out explaining what to expect. Those of us that do not fall in that category received an email showing cancelled cruise planner items but no time frame of when to expect refunds. so we have to go by what we were told on the phone when we cancelled. Relax and enjoy your life too and realize that not every cancellation falls under the same rules and people have every right to be concerned that there might be an issue with their refund if it is not received in the time promised.
  3. We have been holding off cancelling our Jetblue flights, hoping that they cancel so we can get a refund instead of a credit. They have now extended the credits to 18 months from the date the credit is issued, instead of a year, so that is better. We are going to keep holding out for a while since it is also for a May cruise that is cancelled.
  4. It was unseasonably cold in Massachusetts yesterday afternoon.
  5. We had a similar experience on Harmony. Diamond lounge is tiny and concierge did nothing about people standing waiting for seats and idiots holding tables for their friends. There was a private party every night in Jazz on 4, so an overflow lounge was never opened.
  6. Hopefully, it is full of toilet paper. Some people are down to their last 100 rolls!
  7. They are being real, she feels sorry for her son. That doesn't mean she doesn't feel sympathy for those who have lost a loved one.
  8. I will answer the question. We have lost our $18 drink packages. I don't drink much at all but we bought at that price since it was the same as what we spend on the refreshment package. I was looking forward to trying some different drinks and finding a new favorite.
  9. People are aware of what is going on and this thread was started so people could have a short pity party before returning to the reality of what is happening in the world today.
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