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  1. Hospital worker here. If anyone is having difficulty with ears being irritated, there are mask protectors that make it more comfortable. The go around the back of your head or neck and connect to the ear straps. Very easy. My nephew made them for us on his 3D printer, and they're awesome.
  2. That's the same cruise we chose! Our cabin looks pretty good...deck 7 Infinite Veranda. Curious to see what that's like, if we sail.
  3. Sorry, I'll explain further. Two days ago I got an email from Blue Chip with an offer of a comped veranda for certain cruises. I had to select 3 sailings from their list and submit it to them, which I did. Today, I got the email with documents for one of the three sailings. It looks just like the booking confirmations I've gotten in the past, however, I've not paid any deposit. It shows the itinerary and cabin number. Under booking status, it says "Offer". A while back ago I had an offer, although different from this one, and by the time I called, there were no comped cabins left, so I'm just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and if this will still be available by the time they open tomorrow, or do I actually have a this cabin booked. I'll be calling them at 9AM! And I remember you from the AC Boards way back! Small world.
  4. I got an offer from Blue Chip today. Tried calling but they're closed til tomorrow morning. Does anyone know how long these offers are good for? The offer gave me a booking number with a cabin number, just not sure about how to confirm this offer. Anyone have any advice? Thank you, Eileen
  5. Well hello neighbor! We're from Pennsburg/Green lane. As for the Pride, we're scheduled to sail on the same cruise as you! This will be our 8th time(if we go), and our second Halloween cruise. They do so much during this time, both for kids and adults. There are costume contests, halloween trivia, halloween themed desserts, decorations throughout the ship, and some people really go all out with their costumes! The staff is the best, and the ship is just the right size for us. It's an easy 2 and 1/2 hour drive too! If this gets cancelled, we'll just book for the same time next year, since we are bringing our 3 kids, their spouses, and the 5 grandkids, and they love Halloween!
  6. From where I live, there is no mass hysteria at all! We went to the grocery store Friday night, then to BJ's (like Costco), and was able to purchase everything we needed. Maybe its regional, not sure. I'm concerned because we are on the Legend in September, leaving from Venice and my husband has pulmonary/cardiac issues, so I do want to know what's going on with the virus. No hysteria, just a normal concern.
  7. We were on the Pride this past September, and he told us he would be going to the Legend, which is great for us, since we'll be sailing to the Mediterranean this Sept., on the Legend. Love Ken!
  8. Go 3 different nights. Problem solved! 👌
  9. We've always gone to the MDR maitre'd on the first night just to give him a heads up that we would be having dinner at the Steakhouse, but would be returning the next night.
  10. For us, nothing says you're on vacation like enjoying dinner on the first night at the Steakhouse. We usually use the 50% off option to get a better wine.
  11. Great! Brag about scamming the system. Then you'll be annoyed when they take away the ability to "launder" gift cards. Some have said that they were only allowed to do it once. Hope that's true.
  12. We last sailed on the Pride in September of this year. This was our seventh time on the ship and I have always found it to be clean and in good condition. We see the crew always painting, repairing ceiling and floor tiles, and washing balconies. Is there rust? Sure, but it doesn't take away from the enjoyment of our cruise. Our next is a Halloween cruise next year, and we're bringing all our kids and 5 grandkids! The ship will be another year older and maybe have a little more rust, but we don't care. The crew is outstanding!
  13. The last two or three times on the Pride, we arrived around 10:30, which is when the parking lot usually opens. If you are Diamond/Platinum, or have purchased FTTF or having a wedding onboard, once you have parked, you will be able to line up in the priority boarding que. We have been onboard as early as 11:15-11:30.
  14. I spoke to someone on their chat line, and he said they will be coming out again shortly. This was last Monday. We'll see.
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