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  1. Aplmac

    Carnival's new MARDI GRAS!

    Due to start cruising in October 2020 A collection of artist's impression and photos from the shipyard at Turku and a few other locations
  2. Aplmac


    She's doing sea trials now!
  3. Aplmac

    Sea Trials route.jpg

    Mardi Gras sea trials - late September 2020 I see a few very sharp turns!
  4. Sea trials begin! With tugs in attendance.
  5. Out in open water now..
  6. Sea trials begin! -out to sea
  7. Sea trials begin! Tugs helping her get out.
  8. Aplmac

    Departure Sea Trials.jpg

    Sea trials begin!
  9. Aplmac

    MG cruising along!.jpg

    Artist's impression, of course..
  10. For awhile back there (April, May, June) it was doing quite nicely! Now it's descended into.......
  11. Aplmac


    Will soon be ready for action and sea trials
  12. Aplmac

    Engines are running.jpg

    Smoke coming out of those stacks!
  13. We've had to be near-draconian, but with a velvet glove and a persuasive female Prime Minister. It hasn't been easy, and it isn't easy now. And it will be like this for the next year or so, unfortunately. About 2-3 months ago we hurried created a hospital with isolation facilities in the scenic North of the island. 200 bed capacity. 'Les Miserables' get sent there when the test comes back Positive! So we can handle y'all! Rockley beach -top Hilton Beach -below
  14. Gradually, we are seeing more visitors here on the island of Barbados. Nice to see y'all returning to our shores Flights come in quite often now and inevitably 2 or 3 Covids get picked out and isolated locally. People on those flights sitting near to such identified, get monitored for the next week or so, and the local health authorities DO go around to their places and conduct further tests!! Must say they have it fairly well worked out so we can benefit from some small degree of tourism economy while keeping this wretched Covid-19
  15. Aplmac

    MG Port Bow.jpg

    It does too!
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