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  1. There are/were also plans for a whole new cruise terminal at Bridgetown, sticking out into Carlisle Bay, from Trevor's Way. Sugar Point is to be its name!
  2. https://www.nationnews.com/nationnews/news/244009/speightstown-cruise-pier-plan Cruise facilities in Speightstown now seem to be part of “a solution” to Barbados’ tourism product! Somewhere here!
  3. Even after a DEEEEP Clean I wouldn't want to cruise of Diamond Princess. I worry about the poor people who will have to steam-clean the thing from stem to stern literally! I'm talking every single nook and cranny on board! Even the chain locker up forward! All air-conditioning ducting will need to be removed, for starters. God Alone knows how many other on-board systems will need to be gutted and replaced. LONG and enduring Dry Dock Costs are going to be horrendous in addition to the cash hemmorage already endured! This could kill Princess Cruises? I hope not. It may be a lot cheaper for Princess/Carnival CORP. to simply sink her in 200 ft. of water somewhere for SCUBA-divers...
  4. This may help understand the process... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peritoneal_dialysis
  5. Aplmac

    Walking Distance

    You'll walk into 'town' (almost) but skirt the shopping area to your left as you proceed - Make your way up the boardwalk that fringes the waterside with the fancy boats tied-up over on the other side of the water CROSS the bridge at the top - go UNDER the arch and you are now heading up Bay Street. You'll get to BOATYARD's bright yellow wall first, then a brief window-to-the-sea - then LOBSTER ALIVE in the blue building, next. see pics of Arty's umbrellas You're now on Carlisle Bay, and it curves around a lot further. Lots of beach for everyone, under umbrella or not.
  6. Did you see that a paying passenger couple on Diamond Princess (Americans?) actually died from this thing? Number of dead: now stands at 2,100+ and counting _________________________________________ What are they going to do with that ship? Who wants to cruise on that? -even after a deep steam-cleaning? Can you say Stigma?
  7. Hanging around ports is never a good idea, unless you're so "urban" you can't help yourself. Beach time is largely over-rated, unless you've never/rarely done the ocean. Your hubby and I can agree on that one!! If your husband must endure one beach day, St. Lucia or Barbados might be that day, but at the expense of seeing all our island sights, instead! As first-timers on these islands, the best use of time and money is to engage an island tour and get to see the place. Taxis abound at all these stops so you'll have no problem finding one. Just GO sight-seeing! You'll encounter all sorts of stuff. If you can get together 3 or 4 couples in a group you might hire one of those larger 10-seater vans and maybe keep individual costs a bit lower. DON'T forget your camera if you're getting out to Cockleshell Bay in St. Kitts... where you might also do some beach-time, in between things.
  8. Lovely ship! Pics of her entering Barbados waters.
  9. You're not the only one who's been holding out on the Southern Caribbean route hoping for a ship to replace the 26 yr.old boat! Hundreds of islanders remain ticked off that, over the last decade or more, we got to enjoy decent Carnival ships in this order: Destiny, replaced by Victory replaced by Valor, replaced by Liberty - each replacement improving on the previous ship! And then we get this thing.............
  10. And on the land/beach side of things...
  11. A few pics to show various aspects of Carlisle Bay
  12. We passed thru the volcano a few years ago. It's an atypical 'volcano' -just a denuded area with boiling springs and steam vents -and measuring instrumentation. Nevertheless, it is truly volcanic, empowered by hot magma down there -and probably not too far away! It's definitely worth a look if you're the geologically-interested type.
  13. DISNEY Cruise Line is what you want! They have lovely ships, specially for kids !
  14. Carnival's "Southern Caribbean" route is one of its most popular! The ship is always full or nearly-full. It is unlikely that no ship will get posted to Puerto Rico to facilitate this interesting loop Southward to Barbados, and back to PR.
  15. It also means a "new" ship for us who live in Barbados and who board here. Hopefully we'll get a ship considerably more modern?!
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