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  1. I cruise because I can depart from Bridgetown Port, 10-15 mins. away from my house and because I don't have to fly anywhere! Cruising makes a reg. Air Travel holiday look shabby! That's why I cruise.
  2. The individual's Biggest Carbon Footprint Of All Time
  3. Being the only passenger on a flight is also incredibly creepy not to mention the individual's Biggest Carbon Footprint Of All Time If it were me, I would refuse to fly.
  4. There's nothing left to cut! so get over it. Cost-cutting results in a crappy product, eventually.
  5. Thank you for saving your cards! Every one of my cruise cards represents a great week/cruise of my life!
  6. Would love to see SCANS of any really-early Carnival Cruises cards or what passed for cards in those days, pre-1990! This is history, people. Start recording history!
  7. Earliest cruise card I know of is 1986 -July. And he still has it! -Hope it's willed to me
  8. Like you, I have paperwork from most cruises, the receipts, boarding passes, anything that gets stuck into a folder. Apart from that I maintain meticulous documentation re. all our 14 cruises. Booking numbers, Cabin numbers, Voyage Numbers, dates and destinations. They want details? I can drown them in details! If anyone has any spare cruise cards to dispose of I can surely use them! Just email me at <dh-jennie (at) outlook dot com> to make arrangements. Here are a few more from my collection
  9. Dear oh dear! The ultimate sacrilege! You should have kept them for my collection. Shame on you - lol My cruise cards represent the best weeks of my entire life!!
  10. You never saved your cruise cards? They take up too much space? lol You must have had one of these designs shown below.
  11. It's going to bring rough conditions to the entire East coast of Florida!! Can you say Surf's UP! ? As it curves to go Northward, Southern Fla. may get an ease in nasty conditions........
  12. We're rapidly approaching Peak of Season. Be afraid - be very afraid! lol Both graphics show the same thing - peak of season at Sept. 10th I just thought you might like a choice of color scheme... This is NOAA statistics, not my invention.
  13. Wasn't the German ship EUROPA supposed to be tops?
  14. I had lunch on board Seven Seas Voyager one day, a few yrs. ago and was struck by the boring decor: Couldn't believe how bland! Mind you, I'm a Carnival kinda guy -so we're talking opposite ends of the decor scale not that Farcus decor is desirable, it's not!
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