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  1. Soufriere just did a little emission around 3 p.m. - we've had worse. Air quality is now quite foul, in Barbados, visibility is quite reduced dust blowing around as wind has picked up a bit and a sulphurous smell a bit like gunpowder is about... yuck! Windows are now closed. Best air quality is in the house! In these pics you can see wave after wave as they proceed west-to-East, over Barbados.
  2. And here is Carlisle Bay just now 12:45 p.m. Sunday 11th. April NOT a good time to visit the island, sorry! That's the Yacht Club BEACH at lower right! It used to be white sand.............
  3. - and as we speak we are now receiving the proceeds of that 10 o clock pop... It's so dark outside, a little after Noon, that our street lights have come back on - AT NOON - lol -what else can you do? Cry?! This is what DOVER BEACH looks like around 11 a.m. - probably a bit more coated-grey by now!
  4. Here comes the 10 a.m. pop -soon to deliver another dose of dust to Barbados!
  5. La Soufriere popped again around 10 a.m. Sunday 11th. Pop after pop after pop! Wave after wave of dust, coming our way.. Will this ever end? My wife is "cleaning" - lol -wasting her time.
  6. Soufriere just popped again, around 10 a.m. local time! Ash is actively falling on Barbados - visible if you look carefully!
  7. Ash is falling again, here in Barbados. I can see it! No wonder the rain that fell half-hour ago was dirty. This is not done yet: could be days yet!
  8. The garage for my car is an under-the-house arrangement where it is not enclosed, yet it's out of the weather generally. There is NO escape from volcanic dust. This is how it looked this a.m. before a brief wash-off and then the Dirty Rain fell on it! Almost a waste of time but not quite.
  9. Two more pops! Ash-fall rate this evening ramped-up around 5 p.m. and is now light but steady at 8:45 p.m. I have a catching arrangement set up, and the sample is increasing. Everything in the house now has a thin film of light grey ash. had we known better, perhaps we shoulda locked up things a bit, shut windows and doors, etc.
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ejecta We've heard stories today of boulders coming down on Vincentian roofs! Maybe even THROUGH the roof?
  11. Those pock-marks in the dust on roofs are varying sizes of ejecta from the volcano not so far away from New Sandy Bay Village. Hot stones, rocks, even small boulders ..raining down on the village! -Can you imagine??
  12. Here in Barbados we are relatively unscathed! Every thing is now covered in fine volcanic dust (our biggest "worry") but otherwise we're good. Alternating periods of light and dark spells ...whole day long as clouds of varying thickness go over us. Folks in the North of Barbados seem to be getting thicker dust and darker spells. I'm thinking this could go on for a few days yet, but don't tell my wife who wants to get busy with cleanup! I am gathering clean dust samples for souvenir. _______________________________________ Conditions in S
  13. Those evacuees taken by Serenade of the Seas to St. Lucia are agri-workers on their way to Canada...but St. V. airport is so bad they are being transferred to St. Lucia, to travel onward from there. She is now docked at Point Seraphine, Castries. Here in Barbados, we've had alternating periods of lighter and darker conditions over the last hour or so. Awhile ago I could just about see (against darker backgrounds) the very fine ash-fall that is now precipitating.
  14. We've had alternating periods of lighter and darker conditions over the last hour or two. I can just about see (against darker backgrounds) the very fine ash-fall that is now precipitating.
  15. I just received word that the folks on Serenade are Those are farm workers on their way to Canada, David... the St Vincent airport had to be closed so they were shuttled to St Lucia by cruise ship.
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