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  1. I've never done room service but I do go to Lido at around 0615 hrs. for Wife's juice and a Croissant or Danish -to be taken back to the cabin. Any resultant cutlery or crockery gets a rinse in the sink and is packed neatly in the Bathroom, until the Cabin steward clears things generally It doesn't go outside in the hallway. The one thing I don't like about room service is the hallway wreckage that sits there for far too long, looking tacky. .
  2. . We did Carnival's 'Canada Cruise' twice now - out of Manhattan, to Boston -to Portland,ME then Saint Johns NB ..then Halifax NS then back to NYC. Nice enough cruise: quite sedate compared to warm weather Caribbean cruises! Most ppl imagine they're going to sail past a coastline filled with autumn colours right there in your face... Nothing is further from the reality. You'll see the fall colours only when you go ashore! Although we did see some distant whale activity en route to Boston
  3. . That last bit? Yesterday I came across an interesting saying... It was LAWFUL but AWFUL
  4. . Thanks for that. Panasonic seems to make quite a line of these tablets/laptops. If I ever get a laptop, it could be one of these. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toughbook
  5. . Geez, I sure hope so because I've always found their Pizza to be sub-standard thin crust crapola, and not just because the thin crust.
  6. . Oh that sounds like Fun!! - Thanks for the warning. Hard to beat local expertise!
  7. . I'm sure Security sees hundreds of these one-a-day pill boxes PER CRUISE You and I are not the first, and will not be the last but it can't hurt to take extra pills along in their original labelled containers just to make sure! DEA might be on board and they can be scary - lol
  8. . Time now to seriously do something about the grossly-inadequate smoke extraction system? Naaaaah...
  9. . LOL - There you go again - thinking logically!
  10. . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Registry
  11. . You bring up an excellent point that I never even considered (and few others as well) And it's not the sort of thing the ship would broadcast about because Carnival cruises are about fun fun fun, despite the mourning held inside.
  12. . Have a look here to see it all laid out, with years, tonnage, LOA etc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carnival_Cruise_Line#Current_Fleet
  13. Usual rule applies! Carry less stuff that you think you'll need. Carry more money than you think you'll need. I simply can't imagine how She or I would fill two suitcases... in addition to a carry-on? LOL!
  14. . Bet you didn't know that...did you?!
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