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  1. Hamburgers at Pub Lunch now?? 😲
  2. So beautiful! Can't wait to be there in a few weeks! 🛳
  3. I've cruised to both countries and, thankfully, was able to stop in Greenland and cruise its fjords...amazing! It was quite expensive; a very small buffet lunch was $40pp and a pair of thin gloves were also $40! My cruise stop in Iceland was canceled as our ship kept trying to get into the harbor but high winds prevented it. I've been to Iceland 7 times and I really think a land trip is best. I always take Icelandair (to Europe too). It leaves from many US cities...check out their package deals! Easy to get around, amazing scenery, lovely people, English spoken everywhere, and don't miss the Blue Lagoon (as long as the lava spares it). I love staying at the Silica hotel there, but Reykjavik also has many nice places to stay.
  4. I booked my next cruise (Dec 20-30) just 11 days ago and got the very last Caribe balcony cabin. Since then I've received 3 emails from Princess about bidding on an upgrade! Seems like they really want my cabin...but their upgrade prices are too high for me.
  5. Good to know...mine will be for 10 days and I think 5 are sea days. I will miss it being in a more intimate venue but not having to wait will balance that out. I love all the pub lunch offerings!
  6. Is Princess still offering the Pub Lunch, in particular, on the Ruby? Or is it gone or been changed to one more nickel-&-diming option?
  7. Are they having the platinum/elite get together (where they have appetizers) every night?
  8. Everyone's different; Oceania met all my criteria and was an experience I'll never forget. And that was important to me because I am just a middle income single person who saved for 30 yrs to take that journey and I'll never be able to afford it again. But my pictures and memories are precious since this was a once in a lifetime experience for me.
  9. I haven't cruised since this upgrade bidding system started so I have a question. I booked a Caribe balcony (larger balcony) in the aft area where I like to stay. I got an upgrade offer for 3 categories but I'm wondering if they would tell me where the cabin is located before I would accept their approved bid? Or does it work like a guarantee cabin and they just place you where they want? I'd rather just stay in my current cabin if the bidding is a pig-in-a-poke. 😄
  10. I don't have a solution to your problem, but my TA used to credit my account with all the OBC pre-cruise but now they're adding half of it pre-cruise and the rest on embarkation day. I have the same issue as you because I can't book all the excursions I want until after boarding.
  11. I took the 2-day/overnight ship excursion to Luxor with Oceania and it was totally first class!! Didn't cost much more than private ones.
  12. I have a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C) with Aetna and it covers medical care outside of my state and outside of the USA. Regular Medicare or a Medicare Supplement plan do not.
  13. I did the Oceania world cruise (161 days), then stayed on the ship for the next 3 cruises (another 31 days); total of 192 continuous days. It was amazing, especially being on a smallish ship. Highly recommend Oceania!
  14. Your pharmacy can contact your insurance company to allow you to get a refill filled in advance (up to 90 days)...it's called a "vacation override." Of course, you still have to have enough refills on the prescription to allow that. If you don't, you'll have to ask your provider for a refill on the medication.
  15. Agree, especially about costs. I took the 2019 Oceania world cruise and they included nearly everything into the fare and I also had tons of OBC. We had 60% port days and it was a lifelong bucket list trip fulfilled. No regrets choosing this cruiseline or itinerary.
  16. As you can see in my question, I wasn't asking about a "perk" of swapping out the minibar (I fully realize that the "perk" is the actual minibar), but was just asking if the swapping options included specialty coffees. Thanks to all those who answered my question!
  17. I use my bags from several cruiselines to carry groceries home from Aldi.
  18. One exception that I experienced...I booked a balcony as a solo (2 credits) but was upgraded to a full suite. I got all the suite perks but not the 3rd credit because they said that I hadn't paid for a suite. Fair enough...it was a marvelous experience and I'm already Elite.
  19. Since I can no longer swap my minibar for a coffee package, I'm going to take my little French press, some coffee grounds and my tall insulated coffee cup. Will make cold brew just like I do at home. Will supplement occasionally with a Princess latte.
  20. Maybe I can sell my liquor bottles to someone...just kidding! I'll just be buying my daily latte with my OBC. It seems weird that they still offer replacement with other liquor or wine...I would think those are more expensive than coffee.
  21. I have not cruised since March, 2020 because of shutdowns and mandates...decided to wait till normalcy returned. Unfortunately I don't drink alcohol or soda pop so it seems like a waste to trade the minibar for water. Thx for the info! Very happy with my Buckeyes this year!! 😊
  22. I'm Elite, but haven't cruised since the pandemic started (got back from my last cruise the day before the port closed). I'm ready to book a cruise and looked at the Elite benefits on Princess.com to see if you can still trade the minibar setup for specialty coffees. It only said other liquors, wine, soda or water. Has anyone been able to get the coffees lately or know if they've done away with that option? TIA.
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