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  1. The advantages Chank has over other beaches is that it offers non-beach activities (dolphins, sea lion show, nature trails) plus a separate snorkel area. The beach there is small compared to Sanchos or Paradise. As C-Legs pointed out, it is likely that other beach clubs will contract with the cruise lines to create authorized beach excursions, but that is likely to mean they will need to close down to other customers (if there are any) or find a way to keep groups from different ships separated. We will see. 🤔
  2. My go to choice in downtown. Whenever this is all over I cannot wait to return to Miami, to enjoy a fun night out, wake up to a view of the port, and to go on a cruise! 😎
  3. I am sure that there are several business owners in Key West who would disagree with you, but the majority rules and everyone will need to learn to live with the restrictions. I will miss great Cuban food at El Siboney on port visits - I have been enjoying that place since the early 80's. 😢
  4. Just finished a big proposal submission - I could sure use some tequila right about now! 😎
  5. A stretch limo with a stocked bar would be my definition of the "best choice." I agree with you that screening for returning passengers will add some uncertainty to the travel planning process, although at least initially the number of passengers will be significantly reduced from the max capacity most ships previously sailed with. If returning passengers are still being screened until the afternoon it is difficult to see how all of the new passengers can be segregated and screened before boarding, and still have the ship depart by the normal 5:00 PM or so. 🤔 We will s
  6. Same for DC and especially for the crooks in Philly - bad taxis are why, pre-virus, I just about gave up on cabs and switched 99% to Uber or Lyft.
  7. My wife was a notable exception to that observation. 😲
  8. There will be a board with the current cab fares to most of the popular tourist spots near the cab line for your pier. Used to be about $16-17 each way, and the fare covered up to 4 passengers sharing the taxi - so pair up with others from your roll call. It never hurts to verify the cab fare BEFORE you get into the taxi. Nachi has never been offered as a cruise line excursion, so your opportunity to go off on your own to the beach of your choice may be limited until we are out of this virus situation.
  9. Based upon the latest from CDC and the testing and trial cruises the lines will need to do to prove their safety processes and protocols, I would be amazed if cruises started up before next spring or summer - and would bet $$ that it will be later than that for most of us. I'm afraid that this old sea dog will not cruise again until '22 or later. 😢
  10. FLL is preferred by many because of the "Southwest" effect on air fare, and as you note the transport from FLL to Miami is not that challenging.
  11. MIA is the easiest airport for POM - a 15 minute cab ride from MIA will get you to your hotel for about $25-30 (just under $20 in Uber or Lyft). Many POM cruisers choose FLL for the airfare savings. The ride from FLL to downtown Miami hotels will take 35-45+ minutes and will cost about $70-75+ in a cab or about 1/2 that in UberX or Lyft. Post cruise a taxi (flat rate fare - ignore the meter) used to be $28+tip; there will be a line of taxis waiting. Check the current flat rate fare for when you cruise. Good luck and have a great cruise! 😎
  12. Happy to help and good luck. I hope it works out for you but I will be surprised if this old dog gets onto a cruise ship until 2022 or so. 😢
  13. The hotel is in downtown, very close to the port - a LONG way to the mall. The ocean front is in Miami Beach - about a 10-15 minute (depending upon traffic) ride from the hotel. There may be a bayside beach close by - I would call the hotel or check Google Maps.
  14. Taxi between MIA and POM or POM to MIA used to be a flat rate of $28+tip -- suspect that will have gone up to about $30 by the time cruising begins again. UberX or standard Lyft used to be just under $20 for the same trip. As Bruce mentioned, 1130 used to be a good time in your situation, but post cruise screenings before they let you into the city/state may slow things down a bit.
  15. You might have done that pre-virus, but my bet is that when (if? 🤔) cruising returns the post cruise screening will add a considerable amount of time to your schedule. Coming from POM I would not book a flight out of FLL before noon to be safe.
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