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  1. 4 ships is a light load for Cozumel. All three clubs are about the same distance from the piers, and cab fare should be equal no matter which you choose. You will have a good time and should be safe no matter which you choose - just keep track of ship's time and when you need to be back. I've been to all 3 and it sort of depends upon your priorities. Nachi Cocom offers great food and service, a small pool with swim up bar, nice beach, and will be quiet and relaxing due to the limit of 130 guests per day. You each get a 4 course meal with good sized portions, but not technically AI where you order anything you want, as much as you want, from the menu. I usually cannot finish all 4 courses. You can see the water toys at Sanchos from Nachi. Sanchos will be much more lively and crowded, with several small pools.Nice beach with lots of shopping and other add ons available (massage, pedicure, etc.), and you order from the menu - on very busy days they sometimes limit everyone to the buffet. Paradise Beach will also be more crowded than Nachi, offers a HUGE pool and the best facilities of the three. True AI in that you can order anything from the menu as often as you want - the taco truck was popular when we were there in February. Your assigned waiter will take care of you all day. When my wife and I cruise we prefer Nachi. When my daughters join us we wind up at Sanchos (more singles action) or Paradise Beach (more families and they love the lounge chairs built into the pool). You call!
  2. JohninDC

    Silver Moon

    Thanks for the feedback!
  3. Several hotels in the Rocky Point area of Tampa offer cruise parking deals with shuttles to the port. Check out Chase Suites, Hampton Inn, etc.
  4. .For a 1245 flight you need to be at the airport by about 11:00 or so. With the 30-40 minute drive from POM to FLL, that translates into off the ship with bags and clear of customs and immigration by about 10:30. The reality is that the ship will push you off by about 9:00 or so and you are likely to have time to kill at the airport.
  5. Thanks for the detailed feedback.
  6. www.sunny.org has a list of Hotels offering cruise parking deals.
  7. What's your budget? Your economical might be my splurge. February is during peak tourist season, so prices will be high - book something ASAP!
  8. Only some of the hotels out near the MIA airport location offer "free" port shuttles. Embassy Suites MIA and La Quinta East are two options to consider. IMHO hotels near the airport are only good options for those flying in late who just want a room - you will see nothing of Miami. If you choose to stay downtown an Uber X from MIA airport will run just under $20, and. another $8-10 will get you to the port in the morning.
  9. Too risky for me, but lots choose to fly in the day of their cruise. In case there's an issue have you checked the schedule for the next flight that will get you to MCO? I would also invest in good trip insurance.
  10. La Quinta East is a budget option near MIA airport, popular with cruisers and includes a shuttle to the port. Embassy Suites MIA is another option. None of the hotels offering cruise parking includes a shuttle back to your car after the cruise, so plan on $30 for a cab or about $20 for an UberX.
  11. JohninDC

    Paradise Beach

    Check their web site, but unless it has recently changed, you can still choose either AI or pay as you go.
  12. Most rentals within FL do not charge a one way fee, but you may not qualify for the cheapest rate. Best bet is to go to your favorite travel web site and plug your dates in to compare multiple agencies. If it is close, National, Alamo, Thrifty and Enterprise offer free shuttles between their MIA airport location and the port.
  13. Use Disney transport back to MCO or Uber if you are not staying on the property, and then shared shuttle to PC. You'll save a few bucks compared to door to door Uber service (I would spring for the Uber, but it is easy for me to spend your money).
  14. Interesting! I have not seen that here.
  15. You can UberX from PE to MIA for about $35-40 for the car. Since you have most of the day to kill check www.resortpass.com for hotels and resorts offering day passes to their spa, pool and beach facilities. Or Uber to South Beach, store your bags at the Luggage Lounge, and enjoy a boozy brunch and people watching before collecting bags and heading to the airport.
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