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  1. Welcome to the boards! 😎 Have not seen any discussion on this board of their refund policy, or requests for exceptions to their contract.
  2. Sorry, it was supposed to be "KW" but the auto correct feature "fixed it" for me.
  3. From the MIA airport it is a 3.5-4.0+ hour drive to Key West. Spend a day driving down, with stops, and stay in ME if possible. Try El Siboney, a casual family run Cuban restaurant I have been enjoying since the early 1980s - I hope they survive the virus shutdown.
  4. Often suggested on this board - many prefer the option of a package including hotel/transport, etc.. What hotel depends upon what time your flight arrives and where you want to stay. In general, the later your flight into Orlando arrives, the easier it is to stay near the airport and head to the port the next morning. See what rates you can get on your own at hotels near MCO, and then check with CorTrans or Cocoa Beach shuttle for transport cost (usually starts at about $20+ each way) or a one way rental, to see if it is a good deal.
  5. Yes - better. Although when cruising starts again the health screening that is likely to occur may add some time to the process of getting on and off the ship.
  6. Several - we like the Homewood Suites, but there are others in the area to choose from.
  7. JohninDC

    beach charges

    If you lay you towel out away from any bar/restaurant and do not use their facilites you should be okay. If you want to use their facilites and order drinks from the bar, then you should rent a chair from the beach club.
  8. Easier to see ruins from other ports - Cozumel is better for a beach day.
  9. The ruins on Cozumel are very small and not impressive, but they are much easier to visit than the bigger ruins on the mainland. I would only visit them using a cruise line excursion. Travelling with a 10 month old I would save the ruins for later and enjoy Cozumel. Lots of family friendly beach clubs - check out Playa Mia (great kiddie splash area) and Paradise Beach. 😎
  10. Pretty sure I suggested Goportcanveral.com package deals in my post, but that's a company putting together hotels and transport - not a hotel shuttle, which is what the OP was asking for.
  11. You are not going to find an Orlando hotel that offers a shuttle to the port - it is a 50+ minute drive. You are not going to find a PC area hotel that offers a shuttle from MCO - it is a 50+ minute drive. Best bet is to find your own hotel - as mentioned above, when you arrive may affect your decision - and transport. We prefer to stay in Orlando and use a one-way rental car to get to PC. There are shuttles (Cocoa Beach and Cortrans are popular) or you can even use Uber/Lyft. goportcanaveral.com has some hotel and transport package deals -worth a look.
  12. Best case, it is a short walk and maybe you use a porter to help with bags, Worst case, it is a short taxi ride and you should be generous with your tip to make up for the low fare and the driver's long wait. One day (soon!) I will be able to take enough time off to contemplate back to back, or side to side cruises. 😎
  13. We went with friends to Paradise Beach last year - first time there in a long time - and the beach entry was very easy. Plus the pool is HUGE, the facilities are good, and the food was way above average IMHO. A great pay as you go option, or they also offer an AI package.
  14. Cases per day can be a misleading statistic. Some places are doing more testing, so the number of cases is going up, compared to other states with poor testing (like my state of VA). Better metrics include hospitalization rates.
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