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  1. Geez, why does the cattiness always seem to come out when ANOTHER dress code thread comes around...if the cruise line doesn’t care how formal or informal it’s guests are dressed...why should any of us? Now it’s a east coast/west coast beef? Come on, we all love to cruise...enjoy your vacations and be nicer to one another.
  2. Unless the cruise line you are sailing on has a particular dress code...go as formal or “not” as you want. Enjoy....I personally would rather be overdressed than underdressed but not everyone feels that way.
  3. Thank you for all the replies...since hearing that the beach BBQ will probably be VG, we went ahead and booked a half day sail in St Lucia and other than that we are probably going to go ashore in the other ports...look for a lovely bar or local restaurant for lunch...rinse and repeat 😎 Gotta love the Caribbean.
  4. Can someone tell me what the “premium” (captain’s) plan includes? Meaning, is there a dollar amount “cap” (nothing over $12 for example). On the website I just see “includes over 33 items” or something like that. Am I missing something? Also, thank you Misty for posting this.
  5. Thanks Surmy. That’s what I remember. Can’t wait...I can taste the painkillers now 😎
  6. Thank you Ellbon. Do you know if there are taxis available at the tender drop off on Jost Van Dyke to get you over the hill to the Soggy dollar bar?
  7. Yes, apparently Seabourn has Casinos on their ships. Happy sailing withthem! This is what I was referring to. Choice is what is best for the consumer. Having a small, luxury ship with a casino works for some. WS chose to remove them and that works for others. It’s all good.
  8. Don’t they still have a small casino on Seabourn ships? I’ve met some very friendly dealers onboard and the bar staff keep the drinks flowing 🍸😎
  9. We are booked on the “Antilles Island Hopping” itinerary Feb 22, 2020. Although this is not our first time on Windstar, it has been a few years. Do they still have the beach BBQ on these Caribbean Voyages? If so can someone venture to guess which day that might be so we can plan excursions accordingly? (See below). Speaking of which, since the ports are smaller,/lesser traveled (which is why we chose WS in the first place) we are finding it hard to locate vendors for excursions (in particular sailing or food related (cooking, rum, etc). For those of you who have been to these ports recently..any suggestions? thank you in advance for replies- Kelly Departs Bridgetown, Barbados 6pm Bequia 8-7 castries, St Lucia 7-10 les saintes, Guadeloupe 9-6 gustavia, st barts 9-10 Virgin Gorda, BVI 8-5 jost Van Dyke, great harbor bvi 8-5 san Juan , PR disembark
  10. If you log into their website and look under your Voyager Club details, you will see your expiration date (should be 3 years since last sailing) Hope this helps.
  11. Of course I did...autocorrect is the bane of my existence 🙄
  12. Honestly, wear whatever you want to dinner...doesn’t effect my vacation either way, but are pants and maybe closed toed shoes REALLY that comfortable? 🙄
  13. Are those menus available on the TV perhaps? I’m just curious how I would know what is available in the MDR without walking all the way down there. I’ll be sailing on the Solstice if that makes a difference.
  14. I have been fooled before by thinking the pasties and cakes look some delicious on cruise ships only to be terribly disappointed at first bite (I’m looking at you Princess almond croissants). So, for those of you with experience on X, which morning pastries and which afternoon/evening cakes are actual worth the calories? Favorites? How about the coffee? And does it depend on which ship? (I will be sailing the Solstice).
  15. Gen X - I will be on the same voyage and was wondering the same thing (I have some OBC and considering my specialty dining options)...Guess we will both have to wait and see. I have really enjoyed reading your trip reports here on CC so if I see you out and about I’ll be sure to say hi!
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