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  1. I’m sorry if this has already been answered elsewhere...my 4/25 Panorama Cruise was canceled and I filled out the form for full refund days ago. Like most of you I didn’t receive any sort of confirmation email, (just a quick confirmed notation message on screen). I did take a screen shot of the form for “my records”. My questions are: I know it says in the original cancelation email that pre paid beverage packages, excursions, etc will automatically be refunded, but they still show up on my planner and it looked like there was a option to “cancel” them. Do I need to do that? Also, when I log on to Carnival.com my cruise planner/manager still states “ 15 days till your cruise” although it is obviously canceled and I have requested a refund. Is that normal? Are others like that as well? i realize I may never see my money again, but I want to make sure they don't use my ignorance of proper procedure as an excuse. I do not have a PVP to ask...I booked myself online and wait times are frustratingly long so I am hoping someone here can help.
  2. Although not inexpensive, St Nichols Abbey rum is very good, and a lovely spot to visit.
  3. Fabby50 - for my upcoming Panorama Cruise, my plan is to mostly eat in the specialty restaurants (not a fan of eating in the MDR solo). May I ask which ones were your favorites and why? I am definitely a meat eater, but am open to trying new things. My focus is more in the overall experience (service, presentation, quality, deliciousness) thank you in advance.
  4. I believe this is exactly what Virgin Cruises is doing. All food court type stations, and specialty type restaurants... no buffet and I think no MDR if I read correctly. To the OP, you might want to check them out?...at least they are trying something different.
  5. I am wondering if any of you have current info regarding which pier is used in Castries St Lucia for Windstar ships (Pride specifically).? We are getting a driver for our day there and he has asked which pier La Place Carenage or Pointe Seraphine? Any clue? Thank you in advance.
  6. Is the MDR usually open for breakfast on disembarkation day? How late?
  7. I will be boarding the Panorama in April. I prefer to eat “later” and am interested in trying the many specialty restaurants. As a solo diner, do I need to make reservations or can I walk up most nights (as long as I am flexible with timing)? In a perfect world, I would have a cocktail, see the 7:00 evening show and then walk up to a restaurant and get a table without too much wait, enjoy my meal then it’s off to comedy, or the piano bar...whatever. Can I be that free flowing or do I need reservations each night? Also, for those of you who have dined solo, how is the service? In my limited experience on Carnival, asking for a table for one confuses the staff and I tend to have to wait because they think I MUST be waiting for someone to join me 🙄
  8. Thank you for such a detailed answer. I guess I’ll roll the dice one more time 😎
  9. Great review. Could you elaborate on the noise from your cabin? I am booked in one of those deck 7 Havana insides you spoke of. How bad was the noise? I was across from a crew closet area my last carnival cruise and it would have been almost comical how loud the banging was except there is nothing funny about a vacation with no sleep 🙄. I booked deck 7 because I was concerned about a deck 5 inside being too close to the Havana bar/music area....did I make a mistake?
  10. Geez, why does the cattiness always seem to come out when ANOTHER dress code thread comes around...if the cruise line doesn’t care how formal or informal it’s guests are dressed...why should any of us? Now it’s a east coast/west coast beef? Come on, we all love to cruise...enjoy your vacations and be nicer to one another.
  11. Unless the cruise line you are sailing on has a particular dress code...go as formal or “not” as you want. Enjoy....I personally would rather be overdressed than underdressed but not everyone feels that way.
  12. Thank you for all the replies...since hearing that the beach BBQ will probably be VG, we went ahead and booked a half day sail in St Lucia and other than that we are probably going to go ashore in the other ports...look for a lovely bar or local restaurant for lunch...rinse and repeat 😎 Gotta love the Caribbean.
  13. Can someone tell me what the “premium” (captain’s) plan includes? Meaning, is there a dollar amount “cap” (nothing over $12 for example). On the website I just see “includes over 33 items” or something like that. Am I missing something? Also, thank you Misty for posting this.
  14. Thanks Surmy. That’s what I remember. Can’t wait...I can taste the painkillers now 😎
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