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  1. Refunds seem to be all over the place, we got ours for February cruise, some people have got theirs for April cruises, I guess it depends on who has been handed the work, if they are princess are working from home, that they are doing their job or not, surely they have targets they have to meet so people start getting their refunds.
  2. We received our refund for February cruise in March through TA although now waiting for TA to pass on money told 6-12 weeks from TA even though Princess refunded money, FCC was put on within couple of weeks back in March, now waiting for refunds for May and June cruises.
  3. I think they should be building this size ship they are lovely to cruise on not too big and not too small. We loved our time on the Golden Princess and have also sailed on Sapphire and Diamond, beautiful ships.
  4. This survey and the Police Commissioner's comment does concern me, we just finished watching the true story of Richard Jewel who discovered a bomb at the Atlantic Games in 1996, he was targeted as the bomber by the FBI, once the FBI thought it was him they never bothered to look for anyone else, and we all know that Richard Jewel was innocent. Is the same going to happen here they are gunning for Princess so instead of looking at all the facts they become narrow-minded.
  5. That's really disappointing so much for finding out the truth when the NSW Police Force don't ask the obvious question as it was the disembarkation that was the biggest question.
  6. I think in America there is a blood test similar to diabetes pin ***** test that will give results within 15 minutes to test for Covid 19.
  7. We went on the Golden Princess last May to Alaska, she looked a bit tired on the outside, but internally she was lovely, loved our cabin, and the layout of the ship. We will hopefully go on her under her new name with P&O here in Australia, will be interesting to see what they change.
  8. Yes, even though last 2 cruises cancelled have one booked for next year on Royal Alaska and Japan.
  9. Our last princess cruise was 18th February this year on the lovely Majestic Princess, was meant to be 13 nights however was only 4 nights plus extra day in Perth. Lovely ship, entertainment and staff.
  10. I'm looking forward to going on her as Pacific Adventure as really like this ship we did Alaska on her last year.
  11. I know it is really sad, as cruising was so good for people who have health issues enjoyed cruising, as cruise ships catered for them, now I don't know what will happen.
  12. They will it will either come through your TA if you booked through TA or from Princess, our last cancellation it took 48 hours from announcement. This group of cancellations if faring better than our last cancellation in May we got offered 100% refund or credit account with $150 on board credit for future cruising this lot of cancellations get 25% off FCC.
  13. I think Credit Card reimbursement would be the simplest solution, I can understand them giving a credit within Australia, however, you are from overseas, and as you say may never get here, talking about credit card reimbursement, stayed at a hotel once which just let me say had half day rates, we stayed one night that was enough, we ended up contacting credit card company explained situation and they got our money back.
  14. I agree with you, I can't see the cruise industry closing down there are too many of us that enjoy the cruising experience.
  15. I agree with you, I think the ships are getting too big with 4,000 plus passengers, I prefer the 100,000 size ships, they have inside pools as well as all the features required. The big ships do have some spectacular shows, however, I would rather a smaller size ship with not so many passengers more intimate feel.
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