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  1. Great to hear !! At least it appears that the cogs are turning - good for you. Cunard has advised me that they have "processed" my refunds on 12 June and 19 June. I had previously been asked over the phone how I wanted it all back as I had paid a combination of CC to TA plus direct Bank Transfer to TA , and I told him CC . I will be really happy when and if this saga is over. I am waiting on around $30K . We were to also experience the Queens Grill - it was too good a deal not to 🙂 - but it wasn't to be. Personally I don't think that any of us will be cruising again for a long time .
  2. Thanks Brian!!!!! 😞 The question then is - will they remain out of bankrupcy until mid -August????? 😞
  3. Where did you get that date of 15 June from ?.These are the exact words from Cunard to me " I am pleased to confirm that a refund for 2LDX4P has been processed in our system on 10 June, and for booking 2QHDMJ on 19 June. As these bookings were made through a travel agent, these refunds will be paid direct to the travel agent who will then issue them to yourself in accordance with their own terms and conditions. Please note that refunds via travel agents are done so through a cheque, which may take up to 20 business days to arrive from the refund date. " So - poor English expression there. "The refund HAS been processed and WILL BE PAID to the TA ??" -- When will it be paid? Has it been paid ? "Refunds are done through a cheque which may take up to 20 days to arrive " Arrive from where and to whom?
  4. The paranoia and hysteria that this virus has created is what is going to take years before we are back to normality. And there is every possibility that there will be no vaccine for this virus - there are plenty of human viruses that have no vaccine while others ( like the shingles virus) is only 50% effective. I am fortunate to live in Qld - but still much is still locked down here regardless of no new cases for quite a while. I am much more concerned about the possibility of my getting killed on Qld roads than contacting coronavirus ( there have now been 111 fatalities on Qld roads so far this year) - doesn't seem to be too much paranoia about that situation. If you insist on going to a supermarket - just make sure you don't drive there!!!!
  5. Yes - Cunard have advised me that they have sent cheques for our three cancelled cruises to our TA - but they have qualified that by saying that it could take up to 20 days to " arrive" - arrive where ?, I am not sure.
  6. Yes - I had used this email address before - but all I ever got was an automated reply which promised to contact me within 10 days - but never did. I did realise that I had been sending emails at "out of their hours" times and wondered if that was the reason for the automated replies with no human interaction - so yesterday I sent it during operating hours and lo and behold received a similar reply to yours. Now as you say - we wait for the TA action!!! I am with the 1st TA.
  7. FINALLY!!! - I have got an email from Cunard (written by a human being) that says they have paid a refund cheque to our TA on 12 June . This only happened after I wrote them a cranky email asking for a personal reply and not an automated reply saying "We are busy - don't call us, we will call you" because they never do call!!!! This was for a cruise which was cancelled by Cunard on 19 February, almost 4 months ago - one of the very first cancellations. At least I have an indication now that something is moving - rather than the total silence from all concerned up until now.
  8. I am willing to lay a bet that you have a regular source of income and you can maintain a roof over your head - with no thought or care at all for others who don't !!!!
  9. Nobody is discussing the difficulty the cruiselines will face re-crewing their ships!!!! According to media there are still 40,000 crew still unable to get home. I am thinking that many here are simply naive about what this and many other things are going to mean to the Industry starting up again even in 2021, and if it doesn't start by then it is all over. The next big thing to hit the industry will be the need to "cold store" all these huge ships which are still running hot.
  10. I would not even think of booking anything overseas in 2021 - except for maybe NZ and Pacific Islands. Have been burned so badly by booking ( and paying for ) things far in advance this year that I am now gun shy!!!! In fact from now on all holidays we go on will only be "last minute" offerings - in fact that is how we used to go on cruises , last minute bookings in guarantee cabins. We got some great deals !!!! Then we slowly started to book things a year ahead - not any more!!!!!!! Apart from anything else, at my age, unexpected health things start to pop up impacting insurance and other matters. Nope - last minute only from now on!!!
  11. Air Canada AC0519 on 12 Jun to Honolulu and Hawaiaan Ailines HA0443 0n 16 Jun to Brisbane. Money arrived in my CC account this morning. So basically got all hotel and airline costs back - "just" still waiting for Cunard!!! 😞
  12. Yes - all that!!! I originally some months ago went to FC and found that the TA I had booked through was actually in japan 🙂 = on holiday ) - but the person I spoke to noted that the fares were "non-refundable" and said thatshe would advise the TA applicable when she returned. After that , of course everything turned to custard - and I didn't follow it up in any way. A week or so ago, I received an email for mFC that encouraged me to contact them again ( by phone) - oh the lady you are seeking is away at the moment, I will ask he to call you back - 10 minutes later, a phone call form the TA and she said she was "just about to call me) - my refund had been approved and would arrive soon - same day I received an email from FC confirming all this and providing a cancellation receipt Number . Havent got the money yet but that was only 4 days ago with a weekend inbetween. I have to say that I haven't had many dealings with FC over the years bit in this case , they knew my exact position and date time of my communications exactly !!! I didn't hear anything from the TA - I did have to contact them to discuss the possibility of a refund.
  13. I have just received a refund for my cancellation of a Qantas flight to Japan - it had a $200 per person cancellation fee taken from it. I guess that was because the cancellation that I made was very early 19th Feb ( because our May cruise from Japan had been cancelled that early ) - but at that time flights were still going to Japan. I suspect that if I had not cancelled the flight and waited for Qantas to cancel it , there may not have been a cancellation fee applied??? I have also recently been VERY surprised to have my TA (who booked our return flights via Honolulu with Air Canada and Hawaiian Airlines) tell us that we have been approved to receive a full refund. This was from the large TA which has received very adverse publicity recently regarding their cancellation fees. When I first went to see them about the need to cancel those flights , they said that there would be no refund as the fares were "non-refundable" so I didn't bother to cancel them. . However they now seem to have done the right thing by me and I have received an official Registration number and told to expect to receive the money in my CC account soon. Still - I haven't got it until I've got it so will have to wait longer to see if/when it arrives.
  14. Unfortunately, we here in Queensland are still imprisoned by our paranoid female Labor Premier!!!!! I guess Victorians are much the same - but their Premier is MALE!!!! - but also paranoid.
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