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  1. Right...And I did find this, should either of us end up there. https://commons.trincoll.edu/historyblog/2017/04/26/belgorod-russia-visiting-the-battle-of-kursk-museum/ Now, back on topic.
  2. We had a casino dealer from Kursk on one of our cruises. Is there anything there for a visitor to see? (Not sure I want to go there, really, but I’m curious.)
  3. yes, this is more precise. It’s the US listing that triggers SEC reporting. ‘I didn’t realize that. I’ll go looking!
  4. the 10-Q SEC filing will be due by midAugust. Same for RCL and CCL. Crystal is part of a non US company, but it looks like they share a 6 month report around the end of August.
  5. We requested an EFT refund from Chase, filled out an easy on-line form and got it electronically a couple days later. This was earlier this month. Never had to wrangle with a check.
  6. Practically the same experience that I had with Chase Visa with a similar amount, except we got an EFT to our checking account (into a US bank). Astride—maybe there’s another way to get the money?
  7. Interesting. I got an email from Chase once my refund from Regent showed up asking me to verify account information online. Then Chase did an EFT to my checking account. I think it was 3 days total.
  8. I agree on both counts. Any on-line survey I’ve done has had problems. I agree there’s a missed opportunity on asking about cancellation and refund policies more forthrightly. I got Q12 without issues but I’ve seen those forced ranking questions before.
  9. That’s an odd statement for a credit card company to make, where almost every charge you make is processed over an internet connection. Don’t they accept automatic payments from a bank account? Just curious. Assuming you get your money, I guess a few extra days doesn’t matter a lot. Yes, I lost my Chase points too.
  10. Same here. We got the credit on 5/28. After some poling around on the actual process, I requested the refund on 6/2 on their secure message center, got the email and confirmed the bank account on 6/4 and got the money in my account today, 6/5. One week plus one day from crediting to cash in bank and 3 days from cash request to cash in bank. Nice job, Chase! That’s how it should work!
  11. We’ve had a great river cruise and a great ocean cruise on Crystal and we’re thinking of going again. We got an open booking on our last ocean cruise. But, seeing some people wait well over 90 days for a refund has given me pause on booking again with them. Either their financial condition or customer service are questionable, or both. Unless there’s another reason I can’t think of.
  12. You could also try VIA Rail, the Canadian train system. We took the train from Montreal to Toronto after a cruise in 2018 and it was quite easy and enjoyable. Better than a flight or bus, in our opinion. Obviously, I can’t comment on a post-pandemic train ride, though.
  13. Doubling up on the other thread, but we got a full refund today for our April 1 cruise that Regent cancelled. 77 days from when we requested a refund. The refund was in four separate transactions but they total the right amount. I am relieved. We’d still like to sail on Regent; this was to be our first time on that line.
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