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  1. Interesting! I wondered how we got more than one login at a time, but I wasn’t about to go to IT and ask. We are now Silver, so I guess that was it.
  2. We were on the Grandeur just before the crossing and heard a little sound carryover from our neighbors. Not much though.
  3. @Zqueeze1 just getting caught up—so sorry to hear of your hospital visit! Best wishes for a speedy recovery and more cruises!
  4. I had the app on my recent Grandeur cruise. The biggest advantage was having Passages available without having to take a photo or carry around the paper copy. Also available off-ship. Nice having port agent contact off-ship too, if it’s ever needed.
  5. We got off in New York after a wonderful cruise—glad things are still going well on board!
  6. You also get a 10% discount on wine lunches.
  7. We didn’t even have to visit anybody—we just kept logging in. I know we had three simultaneous logins, I didn’t try for more.
  8. Oh, gosh—I’ve been lurking and enjoying your cruise blog and I’m so sorry to see it’s come to an end this way. I hope your husband heals quickly and you’re back cruising again!
  9. I didn’t notice CR being particularly loud when we’re on just recently. As a hearing aid wearer, I tend to notice those things. I thought the music piped in was at an ok volume but sometimes the music didn’t go with the venue. Just another viewpoint for anyone reading this thread, and not disputing the observations of others.
  10. Well, we’re off the ship now, in Moynihan Train Hall. Disembarking was easy. (Finding a taxi was harder.) It was an excellent cruise with great dining and wonderful entertainment. We met friends for dinner in the city last night, at La Bernadin. That’s been a long-time desire of ours to dine there and it was everything we hoped for. Notably, this three Michelin Star restaurant and the Grandeur have the same level of service. That says a lot, a lot a lot, about Regent’s crew. We were very happy to find out this morning that Monique and Natasha will be with us on the Splendor in July!
  11. There is a great skit from Monty Python with John Cleese yelling in a nice restaurant about “clever people like me who talk loudly in restaurants.” Unfortunately I’ve had to quote that line periodically although only once on this cruise.
  12. I had the beef Penang and thought it was delicious! The New York harbor lecture was great too. We met friends in port today and had dinner in Charleston at High Cotton. It was very good except I had to pay for our drinks and dinner! 😄😄😱
  13. Sadly for us, but great for him, Gino has retired from cruise work and taken a new land-based job. He’s missed!
  14. Yes. We’re 0 for 2 on getting there. Third time’s a charm? That sounds like a wonderful turn of events!
  15. Great show on the Grandeur last night—Ignite the Night. There have been some grumbling about the production shows featuring too much Broadway or 1940-1960s music. This one was much more contemporary with great dancing and music from Styx and Bon Jovi to Bruno Mars and Walk the Moon and also featuring the incredible Regent Orchestra. Really well done!
  16. We had a great lunch in Prime 7 today. I had the shrimp and grits, the fried chicken, and the lemon meringue dessert. It was delicious and paired with a nice rosé we didn’t know about but heard another couple order next to us. No photos, I’m afraid. Nice breakfast in CR today too. We went to the interdenominational church service yesterday afternoon for Easter, in the theater. Photo below. That was a nice touch added by Regent. Enjoying life on Regent!
  17. Well, we missed the CC gathering yesterday—there another one April 4, I believe. We’re having a wonderful time as well. Treating Aruba and Bonaire as in-port sea days. Up early and hang out on the pool deck. We had dinner in La Veranda last night and thought it was very good. So far, we’ve dined in Pacific Rim, Compass Rose, Prime 7 and La Veranda. All have been excellent, although service was a little slow in Prime 7 (>2 hours). We met a wonderful couple, Ed and Judy, and had dinner with them twice already. I had a very good pre-dinner cocktail in the Observation Lounge yesterday—the Not Old Fashioned. Delicious! 🥃 Sorry, no food porn…but here is drink porn with the Not Old Fashioned.
  18. MarineTraffic. It works best when ships are close to shore but it’s good for what it does.
  19. The Grandeur is at Terminal J this morning, just like our boarding pass says. Five other big ships in port too!
  20. We’re in Fort Lauderdale now. We arrived yesterday and just dodged a storm back home with 5-6” of snow but worse was freezing rain and ice combined with winds that knocked down tees and took our power lines. Power was off for 12 hours but back on now. We’re looking forward to this cruise. Our first Regent cruise was about a year ago on the Splendor and we loved it! I’m calling this our “Crockett and Tubbs” cruise from the two Miami Vice detectives; Crockett from Miami and Tubbs from New York. @Zqueeze1, I’ll chime in too once in awhile if you don’t mind!
  21. We were in 9019 and had some “sound leakage” from our neighbors, and they weren’t yelling either. For us, it wasn’t much. But I also wonder what our neighbors hear from us, our TV, etc. We also had issues with the lack of air conditioning cooling in our room, despite having it worked on twice.
  22. We’re on deck 5 on the Dawn in June in Norway. Good to hear it’s a winner in your book!
  23. We never sailed on the American Queen but we were on the Countess twice. It is quite pretty ship and new, even if the “bones” of it are not. Our middle of the road cabin was large, especially for a river boat and there was plenty of space in the public areas; the bar got a little crowded before dinner, but I’ve seen worse on ocean cruising ships.
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