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  1. My only concern would be the impact on seatings In specialty restaurants as they will get more traffic then before.
  2. It would not be surprising if the industry has decided it can’t risk having passengers onboard that have a higher chance of a medical incident.
  3. Happy Saturday! Hopefully the Nieuw Amsterdam will not celebrate Amelia Earhart Day and disappear over the horizon 😳.
  4. I’ll be surprised if some mask wearing is not required for a while. Hopefully it will be limited but at ports it’s not up to the cruise lines. I don’t think we have even begun to understand the changes we will see in cruising.
  5. Your right! And at the end of the day the cruise lines will follow the CDC guidelines regardless of the out come in court.
  6. You would think they would have better things to do in Florida right now given their growing Covid rates.
  7. They probably just knew they would get it if they asked for it. Does seem a tad snobby but PC members have been accused of that before. The crew will try to fulfill requests especially from PCers.
  8. Agh, I can’t believe I forgot about the 10 Pinnacle dinners!
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