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  1. I know everyone is trying hard to stay within CC rules but I am surprised this thread has survived this long.
  2. Sorry, other then a few rando nights the casino still allows smoking. Stone Age I know. The only other smoking place is aft outside of Lido, usually starboard side.
  3. Some of you guys are over the top, talking about beta and 50 day moving averages and who knows what. What are you guys, day traders? Did you hear the the story about how to make a small fortune? Start with a large one....hahahaha. 99.99% of the people reading this thread own 100 shares (plus whatever dividends they may have received). You buy it, put it on the shelf and never look at it again. Every cruise you earn $100 or $250 or whatever and your happy. If this is a major part of your portfolio (100 shares), then I suggest you might want to quit cruising.
  4. I wonder if you have chosen the current cruise line as something like this is not HAL’s strength.
  5. Weird, I posted a reply but it went into the vapors of the net. Thanks for the reply. We too are surprised by how much some seem to love their medallions and Mariner pins. We have seen people wearing them at embarkation. We have not been on Viking or Oceania either, the price increase is what bogs us down. We are simple cruisers, usually in an inside cabin so something like Viking is a big price jump. We have been choosing HAL due to itineraries, friends on board and value. We cruise a lot, over 240 days in the past year but are starting to question if we are with the right line or even if cruising is the best form of traveling for us. Surprised by your MSC comments. I have always thought of then a Carnival for mature travelers. Thanks again.
  6. Not to highjack the thread but I would be curious on your take on Oceania and Viking.
  7. Sounds like something that came down from corporate and is implemented in a variety of ways. I would think a consistent experience would be important.
  8. Then they will probably come raw. Don’t know how or why a steak place can’t seem to properly cook a steak 😳. On the 2019 WC we had far better luck with lamb chops in Canaletto, double chops cooked right and actually hot, right off the grill. What a concept.
  9. It is a changing landscape. To me the problem is HAL and others just focus on expenses. Personally I think they charge too little up front. Look at the price of a cruise today compared to ten years ago, not higher, probably lower. Particularly for milk run cruises like Caribbean or Alaska. I would rather pay more (nothing crazy) and get some of our lost “things” back. I was hoping Viking was going to work, smaller ships but I really like the Asian crews on HAL plus as 5 star we have a lot invested in HAL and want the perks, as little as they are. What to do....
  10. Easy....what I paid minus OBC (shareholder credit) minus dividends (even though those are nothing special). So I am currently holding stock that CCL has completely reimbursed me for my cost plus some.
  11. I knew when I read the headline it would not go over well.
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