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  1. And yet so many continue to book direct with the cruise line leaving that money on the table, baffling.
  2. 260,000 dead, reason enough?
  3. Roy, sorry to hear about your brother. You need to get the Kool Aid away from him. We are a loooooong way from herd immunity. That takes70-80% of the population immune and we are less then 5%. Millions would die if we got there without a vaccine. I will go for the lamb shank over the chicken. One of my favorite HAL dishes.
  4. I agree but think your dates are optimistic. I am guessing later. I don’t think they can make billions of doses in that time frame. Remember , all production does not go to US only and you need two shots. All told the world needs more then 12 billion doses. The two top vaccines Pfizer and Moderna hope to be producing 60 million doses a month by February. That will take a while time to make billions of doses.
  5. O’ and just for the record. I don’t dance, square or otherwise 😜
  6. Expedition cruises require health certification. Many cruises to Africa and South America require vaccinations like yellow fever. Why would requiring a COVID vaccine be any different.
  7. The book by Daniel Bryce is excellent as well. An amazing feat.
  8. And in a country of over 350 million, with those recovery rates, over 1 million people die. I don’t think that’s what we want.
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