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  1. Haven’t seen mine yet, email that is.
  2. Quote from page 54 “Given that cruise operators will not be able to fully control the SARS-CoV-2 mitigation efforts (e.g., sanitation, social distancing) of every venue at the destinations of interest, the Panel recommends that in the startup phase, guests should only be permitted to disembark at ports if they are taking cruise line- sponsored excursions where such efforts would be subject to vendor management considerations..” Now the question becomes how long is the “start up phase” or when will it end. This comment combined with the recommendation to visit cruise line controlled venues and start with short cruises means it will probably be well into 2022 before cruising has any appeal to us. Anyone want some cheap FCC’s?
  3. But what would those protocols be? At the end of the day cruising really doesn’t work with a pandemic. Until the virus is done, cruising either can’t happen or if it does the experience will be ridiculously restrictive.
  4. Unfortunately it won’t let me see it without signing up.
  5. She earned her keep on that one plus gives us really good pricing.
  6. Mandatory ship tours are not for us so if that’s a requirement, our travel dollars will go elsewhere. I understand things may start that way but we will be on the sidelines until that changes.
  7. We did not ask for or expect anything but they did give us some FCC’s. It was actually our TA who pushed for it.
  8. I understand, we had a cruise so bad on the Maasdam last year we got off 17 days early.
  9. Thanks, unless I missed it there is no discussion on port protocol. We are watching very closely to see if they are going to allow private shore excursions or guests to disembark freely at ports. Kazu, that must have been one bad cruise, you mention it often on O topics. No line is perfect and they all make mistakes.
  10. Not sure how you can trust a company that was so cavalier about the health and safety of passengers and crew. It caused us to cancel a Greenland cruise in July 2021.
  11. Hopefully we are two to three weeks from receiving the luggage. Of course after 6.5 months, no telling what shape it will be in.
  12. I was kidding since they have held the luggage for half a year instead of returning it as promised.
  13. We are still awaiting our luggage from the 2020 WC from HAL. It’s in Florida and has been going through customs for three weeks. It’s been almost six months since we left the ship...... O and there was a fee, $500 for us. I apparently misunderstood, I thought it was a shipping fee but it turns out it was a storage fee.
  14. None of the tax discussion is relevant because they are not US companies.
  15. I just saw this as well. Have to see if HAL takes an additional hit. Are the Volendam and Zaandam next?
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