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  1. With this change they have lost our business as well. Too bad as we are Silver and found them to be a nice line.
  2. Part of that is due to location, not a lot of satellite coverage that far south.
  3. The cruise crud or cough is nothing new. If you take longer cruises it shows up around 30 days in. We have had several rounds on the WC. I have had it multiple times on past cruises, no fun. I personally believe it’s related to the AC, I can only imagine how much mold is in the duct work. I am surprised the industry hasn’t tried to resolve it as it can be a big negative for a cruise.
  4. We don’t often book ship excursions so it’s possible I misunderstood the rule. We are being told it’s 48 from port arrival not 48 before the tour. In our case, we are overnighting in Mumbai. Our arrival is in 48 hours but the tour is the second day which is 72 hours. Has the 48 rule changed?
  5. They have discontinued the option for additional pages. As to having enough pages, it is in the instructions you receive plus it’s fairly well known by frequent international travelers.
  6. All my future cruises have disappeared….
  7. We are in the process of booking this.
  8. KirkNC

    White Night

    Prawns are available in different forms somewhere every night. I have seen scallops as an appetizer but not sure I have seen it as a main item. At least on the world voyage, every new segment has a seafood buffet at night and a brunch which both serve various seafoods. I talked to the F&B Manager about the lobster and he said it had gotten too expensive.
  9. KirkNC

    White Night

    Interesting, we have been on the Onward for 100 days on the world cruise and I have seen no lobster tails other than in a pasta dish in Aqualina. It’s possible I missed them as we have not been to every white night.
  10. I don’t think a club continental is $12,000 per day…..
  11. Hal has finally become the Walmart of cruise lines I feared some years ago.
  12. The only revenant website would be Azamara’s. Here are the terms and conditions from their website and I found no language allowing them to change pricing on a booked voyage. https://www.azamara.com/static-assets/resources/ctc-pdfs/North_America_CTC_Terms_and_Conditions.pdf
  13. While the Terms and Conditions associated with a booking give Azamara great latitude including completely changing itineraries, it does not allow them to reprice the cruise. Keep fighting and I bet you will win.
  14. Thanks, as one who won’t pick a line if it has formal nights, this could open another venue.
  15. I didn’t see anything about dress codes but the cancellation penalty for voyage only is draconian.
  16. We haven’t found the chairs to be as bad as many portray, not perfect but fine for us.
  17. I think this is less about cashflow than piss poor planning on someone’s part. We have over 1,000 days on cruise ships and outside of Covid, we have never run out of fuel. I feel the worst for our Philippine crew who had made arrangements for family visits that won’t take place as we are now losing a day in Manila as well as Hong Kong.
  18. Not sure two constituent all but I do believe cruise lines are under tremendous financial pressure. The big three issued massive debt and significantly diluted their existing shareholder base to survive the pandemic. The fruit from those decisions (not being critical as it’s how they survived) is starting to come due. AZ avoided that by getting sold but the equity owners typically expect significant returns and based on all the issues including the data conversion, AZ ships are not exactly sailing full. Now we have the Red Sea situation which is costing them a lot of money. Onboard the Onward our first five legs of the world cruise are nowhere near full, probably averaging around 550. Today we just learned we have to make an emergency stop to get fuel or we will not make it to Manila 🙄. I’ll take your bean counter comments as a compliment as I was one for forty years 😉.
  19. Am I the only one concerned about what this says about AZ cashflow? I see where insurance would cover a default loss but just the fact that AZ has to give up 7% of their profit to help fund current operations is not a good sign. Reminds me of Whimpy wanting a cheeseburger today but not paying until next Tuesday.
  20. Hey Bill, we are going from Dubai to Venice on a 34 day, 29 sea day jaunt. Minimal time in five ports, really just fuel stops.
  21. Personally, I wish they had done more stops in East and South Africa and dropped segment 10 but either way they were in a terrible position.
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