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  1. And we will be doing land trips as long as that policy is in place. Initially I thought some sense of normalcy may return in mid 2021 but now I doubt it. My current thinking is mid 2022. Certainly cruises will take place before then but they will be so regimented with rules that the experience will not be something we will pay for. I think even the most avid cruisers will take pause once they experience the new sailing environment.
  2. I think you got the credit because you disputed the charge not because they actually gave you the refund. Credit card companies are required by law to give you a provisional credit while they look into the dispute.
  3. HAL allowed $1,250 per person for expenses incurred getting back home, however you need documentation. We submitted our airline tickets, one night hotel, our luggage shipment and the transfer. Our airline tickets alone were more then $1,250 a piece. In their response, HAL also denied the luggage and transfer expenses because we did not have receipts (we had never received a final statement of our account when we disembarked). Given that we had exceed the limit anyway we did not argue such a ridiculous decision. Later I did hear that some were reimbursed more then the maximum
  4. We had to pay $500 for the privilege of HAL holding our luggage for 212 days. Of course when we had to leave the ship in Fremantle they also charged us $59/pp for our transfer to the airport in Perth. The ultimate bad PR move.
  5. It started in Fort Lauderdale and was an around the world cruise with a 128 day itinerary. We made it to day 80 before everyone had to get off in Fremantle Australia versus our expected berth in Fort Lauderdale.
  6. There you go, I was thinking it was the Zaandam. As with most large corporations, HAL likes to give the impression of superior environmental behavior but since they were caught dumping grey water in Alaska, that image is severely tarnished.
  7. 😳😳😳 for that amount I would have thrown all but one suitcase worth of stuff away and bought new stuff when I got home.
  8. Hardly, things are getting worse not better. Case counts up 40-50% in the last few weeks.
  9. One is about HAL as well. I believe it was the Zaandam that discharged grey water illegally in Alaska.
  10. A few reason but first it’s important to understand the chaos. We found out two or three days before we had to get off. There was a major scramble to book flights which were being cancelled as fast as we could make reservations. It took three reservations before ours stuck. Many people like us had driven to FLL and planned to drive home so we were unprepared for flying with what would have been eight suitcases for us (and we were traveling light compared to most). Second we were told by the ship/HAL that we would get our luggage around mid-May as the Amsterdam was going to Cape Town for fuel and then to FLL. That would take a month. A few weeks for customs and shipping and it would be home. That turned out to be no where close. At the time, that seemed far better then having to deal with that much luggage going to and from airports. Even in hindsight, I can’t imagine having to deal with that much luggage.
  11. Well we just received one of our five, mainly shoes and toiletries but a few surprises as we had forgotten what was in it.
  12. As we have searched other lines, I have made that exact comment, we are not leaving HAL, they are leaving us.
  13. Just got an email from FedEx that ours will now be delivered on Monday instead 🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡
  14. Those who picked up their luggage from FLL picked theirs up on Sept 29th. Those who are having their's shipped have had less luck. Luggage appears to be dribbling out a little at a time. Some have received all of their luggage, some have received part of their luggage and still today some have not received any. HAL sent an email a few weeks ago saying all luggage would be shipped in Oct 16th but that has proven to be incorrect as many still have their luggage in a pending status per FedEx. In our case, we have had to interrupt our time in Hatteras Island to drive 4 hours one way to hopefully receive our luggage today (Per FedEx). Then another 4 hours back to the beach.
  15. We have yet to cruise Azamara but want to give them a try. We are going to them and O in the future (watch out, Kazu will show up and say O is horrible 😇).
  16. Do your other two have an arrival date yet?
  17. We got notice late today that our five pieces should be at our house on Sunday. That will be 211 days since we left the ship in Perth.
  18. Here is a revealing quote from the article Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, WHO’s chief scientist, said health workers, frontline workers and the elderly will likely be offered a vaccine first, though prioritization details are still being worked out by the WHO and its advisory groups. And, of course, a vaccine for the virus has yet to be deemed safe and effective by the WHO, the European Union or the United States. “People tend to think that on the first of January or the first of April, I’m going to get the vaccine, and then things will be back to normal,” Swaminathan said. “It’s not going to work like that.” She added that the world will hopefully have at least one safe and effective vaccine by 2021, but it will be available in “limited quantities.” The WHO’s strategic advisory group of experts on immunization, or SAGE, recently published guidelines for countries on how to consider prioritizing different groups of people.
  19. Agreed but many seem to think the vaccine is a silver bullet and it’s not. It’s a tool along with the three W’s that combined can significantly reduce spread. Another factor is getting enough of the population vaccinated. Surveys say as many as 50% of the population have said they won’t get the vaccine. That may change but that would significantly impact the benefits of a vaccine. Also it will take months to get it manufactured and distributed. I read an article today that said lower risk members of the population (I.e. young people) may not be able to get vaccinated until 2022. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/10/14/coronavirus-healthy-young-people-might-not-be-able-to-get-the-vaccine-until-2022-who-says.html
  20. Vaccine won’t solve the problem, there not 100% effective. It’s a tool but not the final answer.
  21. I agree, on the longer cruises we typically take, probably half or more of the passengers do not take ship excursions. Obviously there is some fluctuations based on the port.
  22. Hopefully for the cruise industry there are more people like you then like me.
  23. Absolutely, at least for some period of time. I am willing to compromise on some things in the short term but the current list is too extensive. The absolute deal breaker for us is only allowing disembarkation in ports with ships tours. As long as that is in effect we will not cruise.
  24. You and I appear to have a different take on what ruins a cruise experience.
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