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  1. From Ocho Negril is 83 miles away. it would depend on if your tour guide were to take you over the mountains or along the coast. Also depending on how long you are in port. these would determine how long you could enjoy Negril. Or if you could. we have cruised all over Caribbean but in Jamaica we won’t cruise there, only stay there for the week. A small percent of cruisers can actually get to the most real Jamaica. We have made a tour friend years ago, been to his home and we see him every few years there in person as we trust him, he keeps away all the people selling stuff unless WE want to engage.... our favorite place to eat is Scott’s Cove, if its still there where the locals eat is usually the best food! we are going for a week next October and he is on my phone as I call him for his birthday. we have done almost every touristy thing and go there to actually get away from cruise crowds. His name is Kenny Salmon if you cannot find him on the web let me know. He is an independent and been doing this for years. tip always ride with somebody with a Red license plate! my code name for him is KimMarley lol Kimberly
  2. I don’t remember but you can email them 😊
  3. We were there a few weeks ago and for us, i would give the entire day a B+ the hardest part was having our reservation in hand we had to walk a bit to get away from the ginormous market trap that wasn’t there ten years ago! We were to find a guy named Dave in a green hat...no problem. he got us in the appropriate van with another couple and the roads are currently down to one lane. We were not in a rush, and the driver got bored sitting still for a-bit so-he jumped out to a road side fruit stand and we tried lychees he bought. when we finally got to the “resort “ opening, we took a five minute ferry ride to the key. They run back and forth all day. bad things.....bar was crowded....took much time to get drinks and there were too few staff at bar and servers coming around to our beach chairs . Butt there is a limit on persons/day passes so as the day wore on the semi crowds left.....hint....leave when the workers do about three pm,,,,one gave us , and a couple of other guests and staff right back to the market....didn’t have to walk uphill! the water is gorgeous, lots of good photo ops, fountains, hammocks in the water etc. I had to ignore the animals in the cages because even if they are rescued, they are still caged....and I cannot enjoy. the lunch was just enough food, the acreage is huge, lots of nooks and crannies to enjoy time on land or in water without crowds 😎
  4. Yes we did the ship a couple of weeks ago. I think it was called something else though on the fun times.
  5. We do the MDR less and less. We are a couple in our mid 50s and have comedy to see, naps to take before dancing etc. when we sit down we give them a heads up that we have to get to a show lol. we do a table for two so probably easier to do this than at a table of ten.
  6. the pool, chairs etc open in port. Not sure about services like massage etc.
  7. Just got off. CBSN is as described above. No other alphabet channels you want. In my review I will mention that our biggest gripe is that those who want to unplug, there is no way like before on tv nor fun times , nor hub app which shows current temperature at ports! App had temperatures but not even close to accurate weather
  8. So I guess this would have been prorated from Tuesday afternoon through Saturday night? Or price because Hubby bought me extra OBC gift card for Christmas. I then got a $60 Bday spa coupon from the Steward? Lol Spa wasn’t able to combine them in the computer, but I had decided by Tuesday afternoon I needed those heated chairs, and the awesome childless jacuzzi! I don’t understand the math of what got taken from what...just saw the print out from the cruise that I paid $89. I only got to go three times but I have big time tension pain in shoulders and neck so I should have gone more, but was happy enough, but with only 6 chairs, last time one out of commission , I was a bit frustrated that I hadn’t gone more and that people took very long naps in them. I tried the ones with steam room but too humid for me. so I guess they hadn’t sold out, so I was able to snag a pass for the rest of the week ....didn’t realize until a couple days later , with spa cabins invention they were not now closed at port! Hopefully this makes sense! resting up now for our sad flight back to normal life and cold azz weather tomorrow from Miami 😰
  9. Went ahead got a week pass for $89. will do total review next week 😎
  10. Nope. They told me they sell weekly passes first....come back Tuesday to see if I can get a day pass....ugggg
  11. Either near Royal Palms or near port near water...but not fine dining prices. looking at menu options at Royal, leaves no good seafood options for my taste buds. I want a whole fish....like snapper or grouper. Not with a southwestern twist! fingers crossed somebody answers sooooon! Thanks!!
  12. When to ask and how much for a one day spa pass for some ME time? Love those heated loungers!!
  13. Tip....keep the cabinet door to the fridge ajar and it stays cool better!
  14. Thanks so very much! We did both on Valor a year ago and the mac n cheese was yummy! Except there ....it was above looking over the the lido buffet stairs as burgers were near the pools and hot tubs. counting the hours!
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