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  1. Hi, I've cruised/traveled to that region a couple of times in October, & I wold say you'll probably experience a good mix of warm to cool weather... Greece for us was warm but windy... I believe I was wearing linen shorts & long sleeved linen tees there,with a big sunhat. DH wore shorts as well, however we also hit ports in Turkey where we had super hot weather one day, & cold rain on another... there were definitely days that were swimsuit weather on board the ship. I'd say light layers are the key, & definitely be prepared to protect yourself form both hot sun & rain :)
  2. noticed this on our last two cruises... extremely limited selection. not surprised that they went to zero, it seems like they are trying to eliminate anything that would keep people in their cabins during downtime ( footstools, movies, decent dining tables, etc.) I wonder if this is specifically aimed at making repositioning cruises more profitable ?
  3. We were able to to tender, but service was stopped several times due to conditions. People who had waited till later in the day to go ashore weren't able to go as they eventually halted going ashore, but did keep the service for going back to the ship.
  4. I always buy the medical & evac policy, but go back & forth on the full trip insurance. Our credit card includes a certain amount of insurance, so we wouldn't be completely out of pocket. As my mom gets older however, I might have to start taking out a more full policy in case she had a medical emergency & needed us to return suddenly.
  5. Days 6-11 Rather than do a detailed day by day of our driving trip through the Highlands, I'm going to just touch on the highlights with some photos, suffice it to say, it's one of the most gorgeous places I've ever visited, we absolutely did not have anywhere near the amount of time that I'd have liked. Brief summary: lots of castle stops! Major camera trouble! Hairy Coos! Sheep! Views, Views, & more Views! We spent the first night in Ft. William, passing through Loch Lomond with many stops along the way.... stayed at small bed and breakfast that evening, & did a lovely hike into the very small nearby town of Corpach for dinner... it actually snowed in the hills that evening! The next two nights were spent on the Isle of Skye (we took the ferry over, & bridge on the way out...could have easily spent a month on Skye, we stayed at the Cullin Hills Hotel, which I can't recommend enough! Skye was all about day hiking for us, & we were lucky enough to hit beautiful weather. Next we headed to Inverness, with our major stops being Eilean Donan & Urqhart Castle (Loch Ness! Rain!) After Inverness, we visited Pitlochry, & then Stirling & finally spent one more night in Edinburgh before flying to Dublin for our pre cruise stay. View from the B&B in Corpach:
  6. Day 5, we really took it easy, my camera had been wonky for days & it kept loosing dates & times :( we decided to just walk in whatever direction we felt like, wandering through the back alleys & "Closes" we actually went to bed pretty early because the next day was driving day! First of all, we'd never driven on the left, but we watched lots of driver perspective videos on you tube, how hard could it be? Day 6 through Well, getting out of town was not easy! we had gps, but still, there were so many turns to make, it truly was trial by fire! We discovered some interesting differences between Scottish highways & California ones (in other words, we almost killed ourselves & those around us) I'm going to attempt to upload a video, but I'm not sure if it will work or not IMG_3944.MOV
  7. Hi Norma, we had seats 23 A & B, hope this helps! We walked over to Holyrood Palace, but the rain was really starting in, so we headed back & stopped at a cute pub for a snack, discovered that we really, really liked chicken pate with oatcakes! After, we headed back to the hotel, Steve took a little nap, & I went to the exec. lounge for a little afternoon tea (which really meant a gin & tonic :) We bundled up & headed out to walk to the Scran & Scallie, how cold was it? This is how Steve dressed & he was still freezing! sights along the way: amazing meal:
  8. Day 4 We awoke to some serious rain storms, but decided to put our Historic Scotland passes to good use & visit Edinburgh Castle. One plus of the early hour combined with the stormy weather was that we pretty much had the place (& the tour guide) to ourselves One of the most fascinating facts to me, was that American sailers were held prisoner here during the U.S. Revolutionary War, & they left behind graffiti https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/our-region/edinburgh/edinburgh-castle-s-ancient-star-spangled-banner-1-4494437 As you can see, by the time we were ready to leave, the bus crowds were beginning to arrive:
  9. Wow, sorry guys! Life seriously got in the way, (in a really good way, our kids & grandkids moved back to L.A. after a stint of living in Washington :) Going to try & continue & hopefully finish up in a little less detailed manner as I've got way less free time nowadays. I did a lot of walking that day, it drizzled on & off, if there was a true downpour, I'd pop into a pub for a glass (it's much smaller than a pint) of beer or cider :) I walked to Carlton Hill & also visited another really atmospheric graveyard with a tribute to U.S. President Lincoln Steve came back from fishing & we walked over to a small pub for dinner... headed back to our room to try & get an early sleep... difficult to do when it's 10 in the evening & still day time!
  10. We do a mix, if we arrive, & things look chaotic, we'll carry our cases onboard. One time when embarking in Barcelona there was a pretty strong storm, & it didn't look like the luggage was being organized too well, we carried on board. We always self carry our luggage off the ship, had a piece go missing years ago & don't wish to repeat that :)
  11. thanks for your answer, I have a feeling we're going to end up doing the combo :)
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