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  1. Day 3, continued Having happily abandoned my bike riding to Roslyn plans, & more appropriately dressed, I set out to explore Edinburgh, with no set plan , if you knew me, you'd understand that this is a big deal. My opinion of surprises is on par with Mr. Knightley's :) I basically got out & just walked. A little aside here: in my research for this trip I had decided to purchase a joint membership to Historic Scotland https://members.historic-scotland.gov.uk for us. Definitely a good decision, it included entrance & parking to almost all the sites we visited in Scotland. One of my first stops was the beautiful St. Giles Cathedral, where I paid the photo fee ( & got a cool sticker) As far as I'm concerned the most amazing thing about the Cathedral is that dogs are allowed in :) however, if you want a little more info on St. Giles, here you go: https://stgilescathedral.org.uk
  2. ok, I've been informed that I left out the most important of the fishing images, the "cast"
  3. Day 3 We were up & at-um early, I was eating breakfast by 6:30 (a wonderful full breakfast was included w/our room, I can't recommend this hotel enough) Steve was long gone on his fishing expedition. I got my gear together for the day, headed out, & then immediately returned to completely change what I was wearing, because baby it was cold outside (at least for this LA girl) Layers are your friend in Scotland. A little about Steve's day. He had gone fly fishing in New Zealand & loved it (catch & release, with a no barb hook) Well in Scotland they do a version of fly fishing called Spey fishing & it's a little more complicated, so he actually go lessons before our trip. The guide included some photos, & here are a few.... he didn't actually catch anything, but honestly the beauty of standing in a river in the middle of the Scottish Highlands, well, sounds amazing right?
  4. Day 2, continued We just wandered out & about a bit aimlessly, our hotel was situated right next to & overlooking High Street, so it was very convenient, our only goal was to stay awake, eat some dinner, & then have nice long showers & collapse into bed early as we both had big days planned for day 3, Steve was meeting with a private guide for a day spey style fly fishing, & I was planning on renting a bicycle & riding to Roslyn Chapel... however, my plans completely changed as I instantly fell in love with Edinburgh & decided I needed to spend as much time as possible there. I caught glimpses of places I knew I'd want to return to the next day (Cemeteries! Pubs! Churches! None of which are exactly Steve's cup of tea, but he too was smitten. We found a decent restaurant to eat in & discovered my new favorite beer of the moment: We headed back to our now ready room, they had given us a lovely upgrade to a corner room with views of High Street (I actually took these room photos the next week when we returned to the hotel, they gave us the same room) We had a few drinks in the executive lounge, took a glass of wine to the room ;) showered, laid out the next days clothes, & were out like lights... a little note, glad we both had eye masks as it was still daylight at 10 at night!
  5. Hi there, I"m back with photo review of our Refection Ireland, Scotland & Iceland cruise. If you've followed any of my past reviews, you'll know that it's going to to be long & photo heavy... & it might take me a bit to finish it... ok, now that we've got the caveat emptor out of the way, let's get going! A little introduction, we are Steve & Debbie from the Los Angeles area, we're in our 50's, & love to travel, & really love Celebrity... We booked this cruise while on our last cruise to New Zealand & Australia, they were running nice promotion at the time that included extra OBC & all 4 perks... we booked into aqua class, however as we got closer to our sail date, prices dropped & I was able to upgrade us to our first Sky Suite! All I can say is if you ever have the opportunity to travel in suite class on Celebrity, jump on it :) It was just wonderful! Day 1 Even though our cruise wasn't leaving until May 16th, we flew out at the beginning of May so we could do some pre cruise land travel through Scotland, & few extra days in Dublin. Our daughter was kind enough to drop us off at LAX... the culmination of 18 months of obsessive planning & research were finally coming to fruition, & boy were we excited! Here we are at the airport ( & yes, Im totally wearing birds with socks) We spent a little time in a lounge drinking wine (don't judge me lol) & then it was time to board our flight We booked on Air New Zealand to LHR as we really like their premium economy product & booked our two favorite seats as usual, Here's Steve settling in for the long flight Ten & a half hours or so later & many glasses of wine (again, don't judge :) & welcome to London & Day 2 We hit up another lounge for a couple of hours, & then boarded our British Air flight to Edinburgh: A shortish cab ride later, & we arrived at our hotel, The Hilton Carlton, in Edinburgh. The room wasn't ready yet, & we're big believers in hitting the ground running, so we dropped off our luggage, washed up a bit in the lobby restroom, & headed out to explore Edinburgh
  6. Hi there :) I actually meant more smart wool type products, like their long underwear...definitely don't need more than one buff each :) they washed & dried over night very easily
  7. Hi Ladies, I definitely welcome all tips, suggestions on this thread ( & yes, I'm back & planning next May's Alaska) This was definitely what I would call more of an "expedition" type trip & I learned a lot.... I made myself (& DH) a "hard" packing list for next year... it was a real shift from my usual Rome, Paris, Barcelona type packing mind set. I feel that I packed for cities & country type hiking while I should have focused more on the hiking. :) I don't know if anyone read my long (really long!) recap of what worked & what didn't, but I can't say enough about those smart wool buffs.... I'll be investing in a few more of their products for next year's trip. Meanwhile, I have my birthday trip to San Diego in a few weeks, we're going to take the train after work, & drink wine all the way there, no packing anxiety for this one, I definitely know how to dress for being lazy & drinking wine in a beach town lol
  8. Happy to hear that you are enjoying, we had a great time last month :) getting our photo review together... I wouldn't hesitate to book Reflection again :)
  9. Most men will be wearing either dark color slacks or dressy jeans with a long sleeved button up shirt, you'll also see a few men in nice black tees w/a sports coat. There will be a very small smattering of tuxes, suits, khakis & golf shirts. Technically, you're both fine with what you plan on wearing, have a great trip :)
  10. Thanks for all the helpful replies & tips! I'm going to look into the Glacier Wind Charters... I hadn't even considered a taxi to Mendenhall, sounds more relaxing than the car rental route & we love going up trams... so that might be a good fit for us. I'm still going to look into the bike ride private excursion... a couple of other options, I definitely want/need something active, either biking, hiking or kayaking.... we're in our 50's but relatively fit & active, so no big bus tours for us :)
  11. Hi there, we're pretty experienced cruisers, but have never been to Alaska, We're on the Celebrity Solstice 8 day out of Vancouver next May. Our first & last cruise excursion was in 2002 Since then, we either diy with rental cars, buses, trains, etc. or private excursions. I've been looking into excursions for our trip & it seems that I will definitely do a private whale watching (or searching) excursion in Icy straight Point.... planning on renting a car in Juneau, but in Skagway & Ketchikan, I'm stumped.... I'd like to do the White Pass train up in Skagway & bike back down.... it's offered by our cruise line for almost the exact same price as the private tour operators. I understand that on the whale watching (or searching) tours the prices are the same, but you get smaller groups... is it the same on the train & bike tours? I get that the train is the same for everyone, but will the bike portion be with a smaller group? To clarify, it seems that private tours in Alaska are priced just like the ships tours..... is there an advantage to private??? Thanks in advance
  12. Hi, I totally agree! Another great thing for me is that I used to always have problems with watering eyes, even with "hypo allergenic" type makeup, since I've been getting the extensions, I have zero problems.... plus the time & effort saved is amazing.
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