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  1. Anita, Sharon, & everyone else who is missing their family this thanksgiving, hugs XXXX we had been planning on doing a social distanced outdoor thanksgiving with our kids & grandkids, but we all discussed today & it's probably not happening... we're under a curfew here now, & pretty sure it will be a lockdown right after thanksgiving... can't stand the thought of us alone in the house on T-Day, so we're either going paddle boarding or sailing. nice thing is work is crazy right now, so not much time to mope :) bad thing is not much time to catch up here :)
  2. Hi Kat, still following all protocols, wearing masks, social distancing... they are actually not 100% sure that you can't catch it & pass it along, just that you won't get sick... this vaccine tricks your body into making antigens to the spike protein that covid uses... so until a significant portion of the world's population is vaccinated, we're all going to be wearing masks for a while... our mask mandate here was made stronger yesterday, hopefully people will all comply
  3. Kat, the trials in the UK actually used a different vaccine for their placebo, ours was just saline water....My SIL, who is 29, also did the trial, his second shot was on Monday afternoon, & yesterday he had symptoms pretty much exactly like mine... I was still tired yesterday, but think that's all over now. Right now they're not sure if yearly boosters will be needed, or maybe yearly full vaccines like with flu... I'm fine with anything that lets us have a little bit more of normal life :) In more fun talk though, did you say bacon wrapped scallops? were they in the frozen
  4. Happy Monday, can yo believe there are only 6 more Mondays left in 2020? Kat, I'm sorry about your continued eye problems, I hope it's either much better before your appointment next week, or that they give you a better treatment regime so yo don't have to go through this any more... I like the sound of your outfit, one of my goals when we can get out again is to see some more of our National Parks :) Lois, that casserole sounds so good.... at some point during this I was making casseroles & freezing them, but haven't in a while. I really should. I'm being very
  5. I'm hopeful, but that's it :) I did this because I'm not a healthcare worker, or a scientist, & it's the only way I'm able to contribute other than following best practices. I'll still be wearing my mask when I'm around anyone other than DH & practicing social distancing. As far as I'm concerned, I'll continue wearing a mask & social distancing as much as possible until Fauci says it's safe to do otherwise. That's one thing I hope people realize, we're going to need to continue wearing masks for probably the next year at the very least.
  6. Melody, you have to sleep in that? wow, I can't imagine, do you have to sleep in it the whole 12 weeks or will you be able to "downsize" at some point? Anyhow, best wishes for healing sleep tonight :)
  7. Hi Ladies! glad the FL folks got through the storms ok, & Lois, congrats on your new dishwasher... I have to admit, since 90% of of food is now cooked at home, I run the dishwasher sometimes 2x a day Cynthia, mask wise, I still love my Johnny Was masks, the interesting thing is that some are larger than others, so I give the bigger ones to DH, & he's happy with them. I've bought some from target, but found them uncomfortable (for me at least) & thanks for your cautionary story, we all need to be careful, even though we are all tired of it. Kat, that's
  8. Hi Rick, I spoke a little too soon yesterday, within an hour of posting I ended up with chills, low grade fever, body aches, very slight sore throat, & a headache to end all headaches, this morning, I feel perfectly fine... lots of Advil did help though.
  9. Hi all, had my second Pfizer shot (or saltwater, who knows) definite soreness and achey on shoulder & neck & back on side shot was received....& that's it so far. Slight headache, but for myself, a full day in a mask does that to me. Interestingly, a large group was starting their J&J trial at the same time. There was lots of "what trial are you in" in the waiting room, & oh , you lucky so & so's when someone would say Pfizer ;) Once in what I would call the "lecture hall" where you wait for your covid swab, shot, observation time, &
  10. Melody 18 foot surgeries ? that's awful... Are they hopeful for you being able to run & skate again someday? Anyway, I hope it goes well for you on Friday. I'm about to leave for my first haircut... so excited
  11. @PurpleHays wow, at least you have an awesome story to go along with your injury....amazing that you kept going & finished your session. Regarding the concern from your kids, it's nice that they care, but I'd say in the risk-reward scale, what you're doing is definitely worth risk of injury... having something that benefits your physical & mental health is so important esp. now... I get a lot of flack from some family members (mom :) ) about my hiking & running, esp. running alone at night, I take my mace, & try to be aware, but there's no way I'm giving u
  12. hi Cynthia, congrats on your TJ trip... remember in the before times we'd plan Europe travel in the same meticulous way we now plan grocery shopping?? Enjoy your goodies, & hopefully you'll be able to go again before too many months go by :) I have some good news to share, DH found a floor model of the dryer that matches the washer we bought, & now I have a matching set! since they are both front load, with all controls on front panel, we are going to use a piece of marble left over from our kitchen & build a counter running over washer & dryer, & then bui
  13. it is cool & chilly & windy here today also.... of course not as cold for those of you up north & in mountains... had a really good run/hike last night after rain stopped & then settled in with a nice margarita & watched the speeches & fireworks... lit our first fire of the season, just a gas log fire, but nice & cozy.... the cats very much appreciated it... luckily we remembered that the flue was closed from when we had the ash raining, & we opened it ahead of time :) If we'd gone out that way it would have been IMG_2002.MOV 2020 ;)
  14. was woken by fireworks outside around 8:30 this morning :) Can't decide whether to put up Christmas decorations or 4th of July.... might do a bit of both & & on topic: wearing pj's & plush velvet short robe, cause it's finally raining :)
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