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  1. We're on the first Alaska cruise of the season in May, final payment is made, & we have no plans to back out. My only concern is that with the ship (Solstice) is doing its TA from Aus. to Vancouver with many stops on the way is that there's a possible "domino effect" that could happen, ie, one port deciding in an abundance of caution to refuse entry, culminating in a ship that doesn't make it to Vancouver on time, but that's just a fleeting thought. Can't plan for every single possible outcome, we fly out in about 80 days for a week pre cruise in Vancouver & I"m keeping fingers crossed that we won't run into any problems. Next May our cruise is scheduled to end in Venice, hopefully no changes will need to be made to our fantastic itinerary :)
  2. Congrats Lois, what a way to spend the first two months of your retirement. Sending good thoughts your way for fast healing. & off topic here: but I scoured all the Targets within an easy drive, & no Cuddle duds in my size. considering just buying them online & paying full price. :)
  3. Since you're so far out, I'd cancel & rebook either direct with Celebrity, or a TA that doesn't charge change fees. Are you getting an amazing OBC from your TA?
  4. Lois, happy last day of treatment eve :) Before you know it, you will be packing for your fabulous cruise! & it's so nice that you bought a little gift for the radiation nurses
  5. just two more to get through, awesome Lois, you got this... & I'm sorry about the peeling, hopefully the next two won't make it much worse. I wonder if after your very last treatment you can start with a burn gel of some sort?
  6. I usually lose anywhere from 3 to 5 lbs after our trips (we tend to go for about 3 to 4 weeks at a time, & average about 30,000 steps on port days :) ) I watch what I eat, but not what I drink on vacation :) On port days, I'll try & do the full set of stairs up & down at least 10 times DH usually gains about 2 or 3 lbs, but it goes pretty quickly once we're back home.
  7. I have to admit I was one of those who said no e-reader for me, I like the feel, smell, experience of a "real"book. However, in 2009 before our first TA I bought a kindle, & I"m hooked. The paper white gives the same look as an actual page (no glare, it's matte) I can read in bed without needing a light, I can adjust the font so my 50 something year old eyes don't struggle, It's waterproof, & it can hold thousands of books. I keep about 400 on it at a time & the rest are archived in my Amazon account. Having sailed on a "sick" ship before (Solstice in late 2017) I remember talking to the crew about how some of the most difficult things to sterilize are the books in the library, so I can understand why ships are slowly doing away with them. I do think that for those who like a hard copy of their books that an exchange is a great idea. DH usually buys a book at the airport before our flight & then leaves the book in the library at the end of the cruise.
  8. Yeah, that's a tough flight schedule. If you're flying in a cabin that gives you access to a lounge with showers & food, that might work out better. LAX is a bit of a mess right now, & getting to & from the hotel, even with a shuttle might take a bit more time than you realize... is your luggage checked through or do you have to recheck it?
  9. same here :) we've been married for over 33 years, & I do the clothing shopping, & the packing for vacations... I'm type A when it comes to packing, so it keeps both of us happy. it's kind of the point of being partners, right? Each one contributes whatever they're good at... at least that's how it works for us :)
  10. I'll bet this trip is one of the best things you could do, time to heal up before hand, & then relaxation at sea! I have heard of Cuddle Duds, I actually looked at some that were on clearance at the Target near me, it was a super soft long sleeved crew neck that I really wanted, but unfortunately they were out of my size :( tomorrow is my day off & I think I might go to another Target & see if they have them.
  11. We did a similar one over 10 years ago, from what I remember it was an El Nino year so it pretty much rained the whole time, everyone said it was a freak storm we had hit so I'm hoping for much nicer weather this time :) Yes, bringing the swimsuits... except boy do I need new ones
  12. Lois, 8 sea days sounds wonderful :) & 16 is longer than I've ever been on board. My longest was 14 days... I've been noticing the patterned leggings, I especially like the plaid styles that are out (I don't have any though) I tend to have what I guess is a capsule type wardrobe, (not that I planned it) pretty much grey, blue, blacks with a little bit of white & khaki. I do have some scarves for color though :) I get the trying to figure it out, we just booked a thanksgiving week cruise on Holland, it goes from San Diego to Mexico & back, going to be very different packing than my usual cool to cold weather trips... I'm hoping it will be warm enough to live in bathing suits & coverups during the days. planning is fun though, I do enjoy the anticipation :)
  13. Lois, best wishes for continued healing. It's wonderful that you have this big trip to plan for, I hope it gives you a "light at the end of the tunnel" feeling. I'm a big fan of leggings as well for travel, as long as my top is long enough to cover most of my bottom, I feel good to go. & the fact that they can roll down into nothing is nice as well.
  14. Hi all, hoping I can get my question answered without stirring up drama... We'll be on the Koningsdam in November, does the casino have any smoke free nights? Also, is smoking allowed throughout the casino, or is it confined to one area? thanks in advance :)
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