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  1. Some people care little for others and cheat any way they can. But curious why you posted this in the vaccine thread??
  2. I volunteer for the Iconic Suite on EDGE or APEX.
  3. Many people in suites and balcony cabins particularly in nice weather itineraries love breakfast on the open balcony to start the day. IMO one of the joys of cruising!
  4. Hard to understand why they thought these were steps forward for passengers.
  5. That is what some here think and have stated previously. But they have a crew of butlers for suites and their major role by far is room service. The unfortunate part of Hoppenization of cabins or Edgefication or whatever you want to call it is that they let form rule over function for sure. They should have asked for feedback from butlers before they took tables and footrests and loungers out of suites!
  6. TeeRick


    Yes I think it is a good approach. Cruising is still a risk for many of us and it is beneficial to see the cruise lines revise operations and have crew training and cruise simulations for a while. Overall this is a step forward albeit a very slow and cautious one.
  7. We used Defrantur Tours in Buenos Aires as we got many positive recommendations for them here on CC. They are excellent. We used them to pick us up at the cruise port and drop us off at the airport and for private tours in between. Excellent, inexpensive and highly reliable. I do hope they are still in business!
  8. ipee you are a veteran on these boards. You know that any mention of the word "smoking" is at the very least an abrupt turn on the thread and commonly a thread killer!😁 No matter how innocent your intentions. 😎 But I think the OP got their answer early before the diversion. Be well!
  9. We sailed in the Celebrity Suite on Edge. There is a coffee table inside the cabin but it is low of course for dining. The round dining table on the balcony with two chairs is perfect for dining. I guess the butler could move this inside temporarily if you wanted to dine inside.
  10. But maybe we can sail into Canada in the coming months on a small ice-breaker vessel? 😁
  11. I am Elite+ on Celebrity and Diamond+ on Royal Caribbean. I never ever receive any emails from either of them. No marketing emails or sale announcements. No new Itinerary announcements or ship announcements. No Captain's Club or Crown & Anchor emails. No Power up Points emails. Nada. Nothing. Zippo. No matter how many times I request them. I do get an email with notices to pay my final payment though. They never miss those!
  12. TeeRick


    I believe - but I admit that I don't know- that if the No Sail Order expires tomorrow that a lot of discussion and agreements have already been made by the cruise lines, the CLIA, and the CDC. But the CDC has the ultimate hammer as they could simply issue another No Sail Order at any time if the cruise lines do not comply or if there are too many positive cases on ships resulting in hospitalizations and deaths over what might be expected. Perhaps neither Imposition or Expiration of the No Sail Order is a one time event as some believe. It could happen again and again. But I would not want to have my business affected by such ongoing uncertainty.
  13. Yes agree that numbers are subject to all kinds of artifacts and inconsistencies as I was trying to point out. But I think the most common and visible reporting is the number of positive cases. Everybody seems to obsess over this number. And it is the one most subject to context and interpretation. Not very useful for many reasons.
  14. I believe what others have stated here. This exercise was done for the crew members on these ships to instill pride and help morale and relieve boredom and stress. The video has not been sent out by Celebrity to customers as a marketing tool. It was posted on Captain Kate's personal account. This exercise was probably much less costly than the usual launch party flying in all of the top brass, entertainment, food and drink, etc. The ships were all near each other. Probably not a lot of additional costs. The crew deserve the best since they always give their best!
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