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  1. Seems to me servers should scan the medallion before the charge is made. Should reduce this problem to very minimal. Small photos can be misleading. Passenger could also keep the medallion in an RFD protection sleeve, only remove it for use.
  2. Most airlines accept bookings 330 days out from flight. Some are less. Is your return flight within the 330 day window? Also, sometimes EZ doesn't have flights available exactly on the day one of the airline's booking window.
  3. If the deposit is refundable then any Future Cruise Deposits will be returned to your account, momentarily, and then applied to your new booking. Credit card payments most likely will be returned back to your credit card and you will then be charged whatever is required for your new booking. But you can always ask your T.A. to work it out that the extra payments are transferred, and see what happens.
  4. I think Princess has recently redone their wine lists. Maybe that is why the wine you seek isn't there. I don't consider it a change for the better or worst. Gel Masks have been missing in our elite package for a few years at least. We never used them, left them on board along with other items in the package. Mints were on our Caribbean Princess cruise in August, maybe they are gone now due to the ship wide reduction in individual wrapped items. Did you notice sugar is now in a bowl, not in packets.
  5. If it shows available in your cruise personlizer you can book it. You can cancel, refer to the cancellation policy when booking. Tours booked in the cruise personlizer require payment at time of booking. OBC can be used to pre-book tours. If you are a couple with uneven OBC that does not cover both parties, you may have to call Princess to balance the use of the OBC.
  6. Is your issue with the b2b turn around day or is it getting a flight on your final disembarkation? in Shanghai? Princess normally has disembarkation tours, but you probably will still have to hang at the airport for quite sometime. Regarding China travel visas you will just have to obtain what is required, if required. Check with Princess and the consulate.
  7. Never heard of this on Princess. In San Pedro all the taxis are right there. A taxi ride to LAX is round $65 for two. You will have to collect your own luggage and bring it curbside, there are porters in the luggage area to assist. Did you ask your T.A.? Maybe they can get you what you wish.
  8. From the FAQ's Length of Cruise Number of Formal Evenings Number of Smart Casual Evenings 1-4 Days 0 1-4
  9. Lots of trivia. Both general knowledge and specific themes. Teams of up to six. Very popular. Teams form early in the cruise and tend to stay together. No electronic assistants. Small prizes to the winners.
  10. Here are some thoughts and answers. Fly to FLL early spend a few days in the warmth, then a warm Caribbean cruise from day one. Look into Princess EZ Air pricing. Some info on Princess: Cocktails on Princess run around $11.50, straight whiskeys around $9.00, beers around $7 to $9. These estimates include the 18% automatic gratuity that is added to the menu price of every beverage. Very few drinks are menu priced over $12. Most are in the range I mentioned. Excursions are all pretty much how they are described on the Princess web site. In the Caribbean many do private tours or just head to the beach. Specialty dining. The Crown Princess has the Crown Grill, (steak, chops, seafood) and Sabatini's Italian. Both are $29/pp. There is also the Crab Shack, @29/pp, run some evenings, and the Salty Dog Gastro Pub, $12/pp. Dining experiences include the Chef's Table, $95/pp, and balcony dining $45 for breakfast, $100 for dinner, price is for two people. No need to dine in any specialty restaurant. DR food and selections are pretty good. You can see all the dining options here https://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/food-and-dining/dining-options.pdf Rooms. Depends on what category you select. Balcony cat. cabins are around 195 sq. feet interiors. Interior cabins are a little smaller. Mini suites larger. Minis have a tub/shower. Full suites even larger. There is lots of storage with open closets wardrobe, plus six drawers. Princess allows you to carry on 1 x 750ml bottle of wine per adult at no charge for use in your cabin. Additional bottles can be carried on and are subject to a $15/bot corkage fee. These bottles are marked and can be used any place on the ship. You can bring on as much non-alcoholic beverage as you like, no limits, no restrictions. We enjoy all the live musical entertainment and activities in all the lounges. Princess theater shows are all walk in. Arrive at least 30 minutes early for seating.
  11. The information you received from Princess is not accurate. Same size cabins, same size balconies, same interiors. You were upgraded to a higher category cabin in a nice location. Convenient to the stairs and elevators. Enjoy you voyage. All cabin selections default to 'upgrade will be accepted.' If you don't want an upgrade then you must have you T.A. mark your booking 'no upgrade.' If you book on line you have to call Princess after you book to have the booking marked.
  12. My understanding. OBC that really comes from Princess and is passed through the T.A., example group OBC, shows. OBC that is gifted by the T.A. from their points or other methods does not show.
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