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  1. Grand, Star, Island, Coral, Sapphire, Diamond, Majestic. All the ships mentioned in bold have retractable roofs. Agree, only have seen the roof open a few times and then only years ago when the ships were new. I don't know if the Majestic has a roof that opens.
  2. The Sky's deck plans look the same, but seating is more like a lounge with tables and chairs where you can place drinks. The layout isn't as good as Explorer's Lounge, but it is an improvement from the original small entrance and uncomfortable and mostly non-movable seating of the original design. The entrance has also been made wider allowing easier access and egress. The other problem with the original design was that is was difficult to order and hold any drinks, thus limiting the ability to sell drinks and increase on board revenue. On the personal side, we don't go on cruises to see make believe TV shows.
  3. Grand, Star, Island, Coral, Sapphire, Diamond, Majestic
  4. Thank you. It looks like 3 of the 5 are the Iona, Enchanted and Mardi Gras. Will the Discovery be one of the last two? It doesn't appear that it will due to it's late original delivery date plus the approximately one month pause at the shipyard. But, things happen.
  5. I have seen shorts usually on the first and last evening of the cruise. I have also seen passengers in shorts turned away. If you want to wear shorts be prepared with other clothing and don't be surprised if you are turned away. Shorts are permitted for lunch and breakfast.
  6. skynight


    Add 11% to the 2018 prices shown in the attachment. An 18% gratuity is added to the menu price of all alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. Example, you will be charged $11.80 for a $10 menu priced drink. Beverage packages include the gratuity and nothing more is added to your account. Princess Beverage Package Evaluator for Drinkers V1.1 2018.xls International Café Coffee Prices March 2019.doc
  7. Another dress thread. Kind of an answer. On most Princess cruises most evenings are smart casual and there are a few formal nights (2 formals on a 7 day cruise). Women: Basically for smart casual evenings if the jeans and T shirt are respectable you can wear them. Sneakers are not a problem. Most maitre'ds do not allow shorts in the DR for the evening meal. On formal evenings you can still wear nice jeans, with a nice polo and your lovable sneakers. Men: If your hubby likes to dress up go for it on formal nights. Lots of men in suit and tie, sport jacket with or without a tie, shirt and tie with no jacket, nice sport shirt or island print shirt. Not too many in actual formal tux. On smart casual evenings nice shirt and long pants. Again you may be turned away in shorts. Other meals are casual dress, no bathing wear. Evening dinner in other venues such as the buffet, or a specialty restaurant are smart casual, but you will find some passengers dressed more than others.
  8. Some thoughts. -One week cruises tend to book up. Longer cruises not as much. -Pre-booking can be done anytime on line. You have to pay in advance if booked on line, charged direct to your credit card. -If booked after boarding the charge goes to your on board account and thus nets against any OBC balance that you may have. -On line booking is restricted to specific time slots. If you book once on board you may be able to select a time other than the specific time slots by visiting the Crown Grill on boarding day. -Once on board you have access to the schedule for the cruise, and have more information to select a day and time. If the ship is a medallion ship much of the cruise's schedule can be accessed in the app pre-cruise.
  9. I know this is what it says on the Princess site. But will it happen? We will have to wait for a specific announcement from Princess. A summary of a Carnival Corp. briefing on this site indicates 5 new ship deliveries for the entire corporation. The information is not specific to which ships, although I expect one of the 5 ships is the Enchanted. No specific mention of the Discovery. "Nine ships were scheduled to be delivered in 2020 and 2021. With delays averaging five months, there will now be five ships delivered in this time period, two in 2020 and three in 2021. There are no plans to cancel any ships that are contracted to be built."
  10. Poor thinking, but Princess came to it's senses with the Sky, Enchanted and Discovery.
  11. With 4 adult sized people in the same cabin I would choose a mini suite. Larger interior, larger bathroom, better bed set up. Most balconies on the ship, examples L212, A534, A510 are 9'x4. Not much space to sit. Some balconies are a little larger. You can find them on the deck plans. Most interiors of the same category, (balconies, deluxe balconies, mini suites) are the same size and design. Again there are a few exceptions like L108. Four people in any standard or deluxe balcony would be a tight fit. Bathroom use will be an issue for any cabin with 4. It's tight. Only one sink. Only space for one person at a time. You might want to consider a balcony cabin with an inside for the teens across the hall or nearby. The two teens would probably like that setup better. Princess published schedules for the Discovery back in December 2019, pre-pandemic, based on ship delivery in late October 2021. I don't believe they have modified the schedules and wonder if the ship is actually being built.
  12. Our view is no cruises until at least 2022, assuming that this timing will be post vaccines, post pandemic. If the cruise experience at that time isn't one we would enjoy then we'll just pass and find other recreational experiences.
  13. If it sails the Crown is a fine ship for this itinerary. Lots of viewing areas on both the upper and promenade decks. Nice lounges and 5 pools for on ship time. When sailing the 10 RT itinerary only those passengers that booked ship's tours can tender off in Gatun Lake. No private excursions and no just getting off and looking around.
  14. Miss cruises plus a lot of other normal and recreational activities. Catching up on lots of classic TV and those "B" movies.
  15. I've had the OBC posted same or next day after I faxed the information. Once cruises start operating again it's anyone's guess.
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