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  1. Confused by your posting. Did all the amenities just disappear on an existing booking, or is this a new booking to replace one that was cancelled, changed or other?
  2. Grey Goose martini was US$10. Most margaritas were around US$10 (maybe US$9.75) including the Ultimate Patron Silver margarita. Both would be included in the beverage package that includes drinks menu priced US$12 and under.
  3. Princess has already cancelled all cruises until the end of March, and some further out than that. Normal operations will return when the virus is under control around most of the world. A vaccine will lead to control.
  4. Have never seen excursions on sale. Have seen modest price increases as the sail date gets closer and when booked on board. Once booked you can always keep checking. There may be a chance of price changes. If the price goes up you will feel good that you booked, if it happens to go down you can re-book at the lower price. Almost all ship excursions can be cancelled approximately 2 to 3 days before the actual excursion. Check cancellation specifics for your excursion when booking. The cancellation deadline is also shown on your tour ticket delivered to your cabin on boarding day. A few ex
  5. Not a surprise. Not "Bad News" from the CDC, the bad news has been and will continue to be the virus itself. The CDC is just reminding people in a strong way that the pandemic continues everywhere, and cruise ships pose one of the highest risks. I can't think of another leisure or business activity that would have a greater risk of spreading the Covid virus. We are booked in 2022 and hopefully will be able to travel then. If not we are prepared to wait it out.
  6. Suspect that there are frequent testing protocols for crew.
  7. You would have to check the protocols first. Could be easy, could be difficult. Depends on the boarding protocols.
  8. No "elite" lounge. Normally between the 5pm to 7pm time frame those that have elite & platinum loyalty status plus those in full suites can go and get some less expensive drinks, around $5/$6 and some h'orderves. The less expensive drinks are only the 5 or 6 listed on the special menu. Other drinks are at the regular price. On the Caribbean Princess the location is normally Skywalker's, but could be Club Fusion. It depends on how many passengers qualify and attend. There will be a card in your cabin on boarding day. There will be one evening when it's not open. Note: this is how it wa
  9. You will just have to wait it out to determine what changes are being made.
  10. Possible b2b's will not be allowed even if booked a separate cruises.
  11. The Caribbean Princess Quebec to FLL Oct 20, 2022 itinerary is open for booking. Expect there also will be an Enchanted Princess itinerary from NYC to FLL November 4, 2022. That itinerary could include ports in the ABC islands to comply with distant foreign port requirements.
  12. "c) If you want to eat at the buffet for any meal or snack (on sea days the dining room is not open for lunch)," Should read port days.
  13. When & where are you sailing? If still during the pandemic then on board may vary from our experience. Deluxe balcony is a nice choice of cabin. Enjoy pizza? Don't miss Alfredo's open from 11am until mid to late evening. Individual pizzas made to order plus other menu items waiter served. Search on line for the menu. Alfredo's is no charge. International Cafe open 24/7. No charge for food items. Specialty coffees and teas have a charge. Free brewed coffee, tea and hot chocolate available all day and evening in the buffet. Arrive 30 to 45 minutes early for theater s
  14. For dinner I would reserve traditional fixed seat dining. That way you will have the same waiters and head waiter each evening. The head waiter will show you the menu the day before if you like, or you can just place a standing order for a selection of veggies. The DR is open for breakfast each day and lunch on sea days. You can choose from the menu, or just ask for what you want. On port days you will have to select from items in the buffet area or order room service. There are plenty of veggie options to choose. Ask for the buffet chef who can guide you.
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