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  1. That’s what I thought. I would be a good offer if Carnival had it. Thanks! Tom😀
  2. Princess has a package that includes gratuities, premium drink package & wi-Fi. Does Carnival offer anything like this? Thanks! Tom😀
  3. Here’s some thoughts about the Premium Drink Package. I booked a cruise & considered adding the package to my 7 day cruise. I looked at what adding the package would cost & then figured in the free gratuity’s & I would only pay $50 more after the gratuity costs. This is well worth it plus it was cheaper that adding it to my original booking & I’m very happy.😁 Tom😀
  4. Thrall, They do have an alternative for fish. Check there web site as I don’t remember what it was. Tom😀
  5. Whatever you do go to the Alaska Salmon Bake. You will not regret it. You don’t need to buy it from the ship. They have a office where you buy your ticket plus they provide transportation in a school bus. Tom😀
  6. On the Medallion App it says that my Ocean & Personalizer is Incomplete but everything in correct. My cruise is in October 2021. Any reason for that message? Tom😀
  7. Do we have a list of all Princess Ships & who the captains are? Tom😀
  8. I’m aware of another cruise that said that they were starting rehearsals this month. Tom😀
  9. The cruise lines that are currently sailing overseas require you to use a ship tour & not just wonder around on your own. I’m aware of 2 cruises where families left the tour group & were removed from the cruise. I wouldn’t book a cruise if I hand an issue with being required to take the ship excursions. For me I have 3 cruises booked & am willing to do what’s ever required. Tom😀
  10. I know one of the entertainers & I’ve been told that they won’t know anything until the end of March. I’m been told that it takes 3 months for the staff to learn the new routines. Tom😀
  11. Your photos are perfect. You have captured a great story. Some people have said that I take too many photos but they bring back memories of what I did even if it was just for one day. I admit I need to make folders so it’s easy to find photos. I’m still amazed at the resolution of photos with my IPhone compared to my Professional Nikon with lenses which involves more work since I have to download the photos first vs my IPhone where I can send them immediately. I have 11x14 mounted photos that I have exhibited & am embarrassed to say that they were taken with a phone. I have seen a review w
  12. I’ve traveled on the Majestic as a non Asian in 2019 & felt fine. It was not geared towards the Asian market on my cruise from Sydney to Hong Kong. Remember it was built for the Chinese market with many signs in both the Chinese & English language. After our cruise it was repositioning to the Asian Market & left Hong Kong with only the crew onboard. Here’s one photo to show the signs. Tom😀
  13. FYI.....I arranged a M&G last year for a cruise that’s in February 2022. I’ve never had any problems arranging a meeting regardless of how far away it was. Tom😀
  14. Thanks for taking us along & for you detailed history. I’m set to sail on December 8, 2021 from San Francisco to Hawaii. Hoping we can cruise by then. The distribution of the Vaccine here in San Francisco is a real challenge. There was concerns as to how many doses they could get but no planning as to how one can make an appointment or get the vaccine shot. I only waited 1 hr & 20 minutes where other people waited over 4 hrs & then got disconnected. I’m scheduled in a few weeks for the 1st shot & then go back in approximately 21 days for the 2nd shot. I’m aw
  15. I have a cruise booked in October 2021 & I have a $300 FCC applied. This is a new booking I made over the weekend. My Stock Credit was applied as soon as I emailed them the information. Tom😀
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