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  1. In addition to the 'regular' room service menu, suites can order off the MDR menu (no charge). Pre-Covid the steward would leave the following day's MDR menus during the nightly turndown service and if he/she forgot all you needed to do was ask for them. I'm sure someone who has cruised in a suite post-covid will note if that procedure has changed.
  2. From the Port Miami official website (https://www.miamidade.gov/portmiami/) Important Notice fr Miami-Dade County continues to monitor COVID-19. Get the updates and find testing sites. PortMiami along with Nomi health will be administering Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson vaccines at Cruise Terminal J, from 8am - 4pm, weekends included. Booster shots are also available for those who qualify. This service is open to the public and will run until the end of the year.om 8am - 4pm, weekends included. Booster shots are also available for those who qualify. This service is open to the public and will run through to the end of the year.
  3. Neither are B2Bs. The DMW reservations on the March 2022 cruise for our party of 6 on the Enchanted Princess reads: Capri Dining Rom Private Table 6:20 pm 2 (DH and I) + 4 (our traveling companions) The DMW reservations for 6 of the nights on the July 2022 cruise for our party of 8 on the Caribbean Princess reads: Island Dining Room Private Table 5:40 pm 2 + 6 The DMW reservation for the promo Specialty Restaurant reads: Sabatini Trattoria Private Table 5:50 pm 2 + 6
  4. When I was finally able to access DMW after an update in August, I was able to make reservations for cruises in March and July 2022. We are traveling with others on all those cruises and I was able to add our traveling companions to the dinner reservations. For the March 2022 cruise I just made a standing reservation, same time, same dining room, same size table. For the July 2022 cruise we all have a promo specialty dinner and I was able to reserve that too. The other 6 nights we have a standing reservation, same time, same dining room, same size table. I haven't tried to set up the April 2023 reservations yet but it looks like I can do it now so this was a good reminder to get everyone else's booking numbers.
  5. I renewed my passport last February and took advice I had read here about renewals were there is no immediate need for the new passport and therefore no need for expedited service: mail the passport regular mail and pay the approximately $4 (can't remember the exact amount) to send it certified. Then you can track the passport's journey on-line from dropping it off at the post office to it being officially received by the State Department. Once I knew they had received it, I kept checking the status of the State Department's website. I had my new passport and my expired passport back within less than 5 weeks (the new passport arrived a day ahead of the expired passport).
  6. Cabs and uber charge by the vehicle. Hotel shuttles charge by the passenger. If your hotel is near the port cabs and uber will most likely be cheaper than the hotel shuttle (depending on price of course) if there are two or more people in your party. Shuttles are on a schedule while a cab or an uber will be on your schedule.
  7. In the case I commented on above, Crystal didn’t cover the costs (hotel room and meals) of those passengers disembarked for quarantine. I don’t know if they were eventually reimbursed or not but upon arrival at the hotel they had to provide a credit card for billing purposes.
  8. Princess doesn't start Caribbean cruises until mid November. I haven't seen any threads concerning itinerary changes yet (and I'm watching because we have our first post-Covid cruise on the Enchanted in mid March).
  9. The US Embassy Barbados, which covers the entire eastern Caribbean, has an informative website that includes Covid information for those islands: https://bb.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/covid-19-information/ Hope that helps!
  10. @ssbeard1 - In case you didn't see this post by green eyed lady on the two current Value Trips threads: I was also trying to get rates for 2022 and I got an email back from them today finally. They said rates for 2022 should be posted by end of October so I should wait till then to book it. And cancellation is 24 hours before.
  11. That is quite a thread. Amazing that I haven't seen anything about 5 asymptomatic cases on a cruise of less than 200 passengers and disembarkation of 13 passengers and their cabin mates for isolation in Bermuda due to being identified as having been in close contact (15 minutes in a 24 hour period) with at least one of the 5 positive cases. Luckily the ship was staying overnight in Bermuda and after retesting most were allowed back on. See post #325 from one of the disembarked passengers (one was a close contact and the other was not). Involuntary disembarkation and mandatory isolation in a the foreign port is what worries me the most.
  12. On another thread I read that Grand Cayman isn't accepting cruise ships until mid/late January. I know Covid is high in Jamaica right now but I don't know if they have a similar restriction. If not, it could be that once Princess had to drop Grand Cayman passengers would have had another sea day and some no doubt would have complained. Now two ports are replaced by two ports instead of one.
  13. Thanks for the quick reply. We are lucky enough to be elites and, at least in the time or before Covid, would make sure we embarked as early as possible on Caribbean cruises to book the sanctuary for the entire cruise so I was interested to know if they had changed the reservation process and how it worked. Given that there are multiple possible reservations times (full cruise, half day mornings, half day afternoons, single days) and you get to pick your specific lounge locations (full sun, shade, port, starboard), I've let to figure how that reservation process would work.
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