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  1. Hopefully the fight won't be has long and difficult this time. I really doubt that many canceled cruises where final payment has already been made had very high occupancy rates unlike in the spring.
  2. I'm just booking a family cruise (6 adults, 2 kids) for July 2022 today. It will replace a cruise on the same ship, same itinerary, and almost the same dates that we had planned for July 2020. It is far enough out to hope that the situation has improved greatly but, if not, the deposits are totally refundable.
  3. What is the source for these statements? Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines require 2 shots (Pfizer 3 weeks apart; Moderna 4 weeks apart); that alone seems like a substantial reason that "all at risk people" will not have it before February.
  4. I received the email announcement this afternoon at 3 pm! Since we are reserving 3 rooms and only one will have elite occupants, our TA will make the reservations first thing tomorrow. Thanks to all who responded!
  5. Deck 16 is, in our estimation, the best location so if you can't get starboard side, get port side.
  6. Has anyone received a Princess announcement today opening the early reservation day for elites?
  7. Excellent post. Vaccination requirements on certain cruise itineraries have existed for decades (if not longer). We were required by the Brazilian government (and therefore by the cruise line) to have proof of the yellow fever vaccine (proof being the yellow international shot record with the stamp and notation from our travel clinic) on an Amazon cruise in 2010 because before entering Brazil we had a port stop in Guiana (Devil's Island), a location known to have yellow fever. Passengers were not allowed to embark on the ship without the vaccination record (and a passport of cou
  8. I wonder what percentage of Princess US cruises are longer than 7 days. Think of all the cruises out of the US that are only 7 days (or less) long: Eastern Caribbean, Western Caribbean, Alaska (out of Seattle), New England (out of New York), Mexican Riviera (out of LA), etc.
  9. Dr. Fauci did state yesterday that the Pfizer results may bode well for the Moderna trial results since both vaccines are using the same technology.
  10. This is also being discussed on the Key West board:
  11. And the number of covid cases are increasing daily, hitting numbers last seen in mid-August, which I find very concerning. Florida health officials on Sunday reported another 6,820 new cases of COVID-19, the highest number of new infections since mid-August. The high number of new cases comes even after many testing sites in South Florida closed temporarily for the weekend with due to the approach ofTropical Storm Eta. (https://www.sun-sentinel.com/coronavirus/fl-ne-florida-coronavirus-deaths-cases-sunday-november-8-20201108-keizke7txfd4dm7qsc66djqmwm-story.html#nt=pf-double chain~
  12. I may be ignored due to my other posts, but in case I'm not this may be useful to OP and others. We have sailed out of Southampton twice on Princess and always went a day early as recommended by another poster. A well located and comfortable hotel, the Premier Inn West Quay, is where we stayed both times. On our first cruise we arranged a private driver with smith for airports (https://smithsairportcars.co.uk) roundtrip. They have fantastic drivers and lovely cars. On our second cruise we only used them to the port because our return flight was at 4pm and we didn't want to spend
  13. They've been in Europe for decades. I shopped in one when we lived in (West) Germany 1988 - 1990. If I remember correctly Aldi was established in Germany after WWII.
  14. I didn't see WiFi on anyone's list as an additional cost but I may have missed it. WiFi is sometimes bundled (depending on the cruise line and its promotions) with drinks and/or gratuities for a single additional cost.
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