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  1. Thanks! Granddaughter is learning remotely because Mom, a teacher, is high risk. Hope all goes well and everyone stays safe!
  2. USPS came through and 1 day early! I received my new passport today via priority mail (which I didn't pay extra for). To recap: renewal mailed (via certified mail for tracking purposes) on January 20 received at the DoS Texas facility on January 25 (as estimated by USPS) notified by DoS that the renewal application was being reviewed on January 28 notified by DoS that the renewal was approved and being printed on February 21 notified by USPS that the estimated delivery date for the new passport was February 25 passport arrived February 24
  3. Just out of curiosity and slightly off topic (and as the grandmother of a kindergartner who is fully remote), are all kindergartners required to return to school or is remote learning still an option for students whose parents don't feel it is safe to return to the classroom? Thanks.
  4. An additional request: please provide reading (non-fiction and fiction), viewing (documentaries, TV, movies), and listening (podcasts) recommendations. We have lots of time to get to know Australia before we arrive. Thanks!
  5. Thank you all for wonderful suggestions and please keep them coming! I'm known for my planning but this will be the furthest in advance we've ever booked a cruise. From your initial responses it looks like it's a good thing we have lots of time to plan. I'm already worried that obviously we won't be able to see everything recommended. We're all so excited already I can't imagine how we will feel 2 years from now.
  6. Jeter02 - that just made my day! My smile right now rivals her’s. Thank you so much.
  7. Today's update (2/23/2021) is courtesy of the free USPS notification program "Your Daily Digest" that lists mail and packages arriving today and Arriving Soon PASSPORT SERVICES/DOS TUCSON Estimated Delivery on: Thursday, Feb 25 Interestingly, the renewal was sent to Texas and then forwarded to the Tucson Department of State facility for processing. Now I just need to wait and see if the USPS comes through!
  8. Great minds think alike! I've already sent your response to the other travelers and am setting up my research folder.
  9. Aus Traveller - I am overwhelmed at all this information. Thank you so much!
  10. We - DH and I, sister and BIL, 2 brothers and SILs - are getting ready to book the Coral Princess Round Australia 2023 (departing April 2 from Sydney) cruise next week and would love your insights and opinions. We are all in our early 60s to early 70s and have cruised on the Coral before (DH and I twice to Alaska; others once to Alaska) so we are familiar with the ship (and Princess in general) but this will be the first time any of us have visited Australia. We definitely plan to arrive early in Sydney; its just a question of how many days early. Some have mentioned arriving a
  11. That's why I quoted the section dealing specifically with Port Everglades thinking some might find it germane to this thread.
  12. Reported in yesterday's Sun-Sentinel business section article When will cruises resume from the US? Here’s what we know (https://www.sun-sentinel.com/business/fl-bz-cruises-resume-ss-prem-20210221-zsnggew2pjgtnkkfgv7irjqnu4-story.html#nt=interstitial-manual) If cruise lines are able to restart operations in May as currently scheduled, Port Everglades will be ready with comprehensive health protection protocols developed in collaboration with federal health authorities, said chief executive and port director Jonathan Daniels. A ferry, called Balearia Caribbean, that shuttles guests
  13. I don't have a picture but I'll give a shout out to Carmen in Vines on the Crown Princess. She is so friendly to everyone, knowledgeable about wine, and loves her job. We sailed with her for 31 days and then 2 1/2 years later we re-boarded the Crown and she remembered us and our names the first morning of the cruise when working as a barrista in the International Cafe. She even asked if my sister and brother-in-law were cruising with us (they had been on the first cruise)! As others have noted, over the years we've completed commendation cards and provided extra tips to recognize
  14. I was shocked, but happily so! I have wondered if the fact that I've continually had a valid passport since 1969 (and sometimes both a tourist and diplomatic one), security clearances for over 30 years before retiring, and current global entry may have made the approval process faster. But I have no idea what is involved in that process.
  15. Living on the east coast 🙂my first thoughts were the comments about using Cancun as a terminal port. That would definitely involve air transportation for US passengers. We have flown to the west coast to cruise out of LA three times (to South America, Panama Canal, and a Coastal cruise). The thought of having to cross the Tijuana border would make me think twice about any of the LA itineraries. The hassles and time commitment involved in getting to/from the ship, especially when flying into LA or San Diego (with few non stop flights from the east coast) would probably be enough
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