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  1. Assuming you can afford a Rolls Royce or Ferrari! Which, needless to say, is a pretty big assumption!
  2. You need to find a much better TA. As a number of posters here have mentioned, some TAs (including mine) start with a significant discount and then may also throw in OBCs and/or specialty dining. I can understand CC wanting to protect its advertisers. Attending the CC Meet and Greet (or Meet & Mingle on other lines) is a great way to get information about TAs. Just ask some fellow passengers!
  3. S6 cabins are vista suites so check out You can also just google Sapphire Princess S6 Suites and check out Images. There are lots of pictures. If I remember correctly, the aft Dolphin Deck balconies are the largest.
  4. OP - you expressed your opinion and asked for others' opinions and that is what you received. We should all realize that opinions are not necessarily based on fact (especially in a fluid situation where 'fact' may be hard to determine) but are judgments and not everyone will agree.
  5. Not sure what cuisine and price point you are interested in but here is another nearby restaurant: Boatyard - few minutes walk east on 17th Street located on a canal (http://boatyard.restaurant/)
  6. Mine too! And sometimes she throws in some OBC or a specialty dinner too.
  7. Goddess Garden sunscreens don't have avobenzone (https://www.goddessgarden.com/blog/what-is-avobenzone-and-is-it-safe-in-sunscreen/). I used it for the first time last week in the Dry Tortugas and it worked well. I made sure I followed the recommendation to moisturize the skin first (in my case it was a couple of hours before applying the sunscreen) and that seemed to make application very easy and didn't leave me with a white film. I'm not sure if our water is hard or soft, but we had no issues washing our suits and rash guards when we got home. It is available on Amazon (we use the SPF 50 Sport version).
  8. On our January 5th cruise the M&M was held in the Sky Lounge the morning of the first sea day (IIRC at 10:30). We had an excellent turnout (about 100 passengers and at least 10 senior staff including the Captain and Directors of most of the major shipboard operations) but I don't remember seeing any children at all and there were plenty on the ship. The Lounge itself was closed for the private function so I'm not sure they would enforce the under 18 restriction. Not knowing your children and their ages I'm not sure whether they would find it interesting or supremely boring (although they'd probably enjoy the sheet cake; most of the adults did!).
  9. The mini-suites above Club Fusion are our preferred cabins. We've been in them about 10 times on both sides of the ship and while we always bring ear plugs we've never had to use them.
  10. Yes, the garage is directly across from Cruise Terminal G and MSC is at Cruise Terminal F right next door (the ships are docked in a long line).
  11. You should do some research before making such a sweeping statement: https://www.cdc.gov/nceh/vsp/surv/gilist.htm
  12. Suite inclusions and perks: https://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/ships/PrincessSuite_eFlyer.pdf Love the aft Dolphin Deck Vista Suites on Sapphire Princess. The balcony is larger than that on other decks. The mini-bar is filled once upon embarkation. In case you haven't seen this, here is a current thread about Sapphire Suites:
  13. Art Basel Maimi is being held that weekend. Last year there were more than 80,000 attendees; they obviously weren't all from out of town but enough are that hotel rooms charge a premium and sell out.
  14. Art Basel Miami, which brings in tens of thousands of visitors is that weekend (Dec 3 - Dec 6). Last year's attendance was over 80,000; obviously all weren't from out of town but enough are to fill up hotels and jack up prices.
  15. The channel may appear wide sailing in and out but the ships need to turn around or at least the Meraviglia, which is 315.3m (1036 ft) long and 43m (141 ft) wide, did. We watched that maneuver from our balcony and I'm not sure the channel was much wider than the length of the ship. It certainly looked like the bow was extremely close to the dock as the ship turned and that was on a day with minimal wind.
  16. Agree completely with Asecert's description! We were in 16019 on the January 5th sailing and would book it again in a heartbeat. We also found being located on the lounge level was very convenient and only one flight of stairs to the dining room.
  17. Years ago we were in a Vista Suite on the Dolphin deck on the Sapphire. We loved it! The balcony is large (much much larger than the pictures above) and the area behind the beam provided some shade and/or a place to tuck the dining table. Here's a picture (I just Googled Sapphire Dolphin Deck Vista Suite):
  18. You're correct on the HC. WFM = World Fresh Marketplace (the reworked buffet on the Caribbean Princess; it may be on other ships too)
  19. We are staying at the Hilton Moorea in October and their Polynesian Fire Dance Show and buffet is held on Wednesday and Saturday nights.
  20. I researched Uber in Fort Lauderdale last month and Seattle in the summer of 2018 and in neither place did they offer car seats. From on-line information it looks like Uber may offer them in NYC but no where else. Our 5 year old granddaughter just visited us and used this remarkable inflatable booster. It takes up lots less space than a car seat or even a regular booster but is comfortable and folds up into a small package. https://www.amazon.com/UberBoost-Inflatable-Backless-Portable-Toddlers/dp/B07RR7ZYGY/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=inflatable+booster+car+seat&qid=1582346737&sr=8-5
  21. IIRC $12 per day but I'm sure someone will chime in if my memory is slipping!
  22. All the trees that will provide shade eventually were just planted. I'd look for one but realize that even if it is providing some shade when you arrive, the sun will move while you're there and you may very well lose that bit of shade. If shade is important to you (it is to me) I'd spring for the umbrella.
  23. That's exactly what our daughter did on our granddaughter's first cruise when she was 11 months old. On her second cruise when she was 3 1/2 years old they purchased an incredible stroller that broke down to a size that fit under the airline seat in front of her! It was amazing and our daughter had so many people asking about it she could have done a commercial. https://www.amazon.com/Pockit-Terrain-Velvet-Black-Compact/dp/B07S3XDZDV/. This summer our newest granddaughter, who will be 10 months old, will use it on our family cruise. It was an investment but our daughter got it on sale and has gotten lots of use out of it and now our other granddaughter will too.
  24. That is correct and it can be a drawn out process getting the loan because before the U.S government provides agrees to it they reach out to immediate (and maybe not so immediate) family members to pay for the ticket (I know this because my brother-in-law's ne'er do well brother ended up on the doorstep of the US Embassy Brussels 20 years ago).
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