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  1. Thanks for the replies, even those from the miseries !!!!
  2. We will be on board the Regal in Nov 2020 when the Regal will cross the Equator on our way to Sydney. Anyone had this experience on board a Princess ship ? I assume there will be a deck party.
  3. If you have extra days I would recommend Lake Garda. Train from Venice takes one and a half hours and first class is cheap.
  4. The Captain or Master is always in charge. Pilots are experts who advise.
  5. Regal. Repositioning in October 2020 from Southampton to Sydney.
  6. If any additional tip goes into the pool, your steward, waiter, will be lucky to get 10 cents ! Is that really worth paying out another $20, $50 or even $100 if that individual gets such a miniscule amount ?
  7. I do not wish to high jack this thread, but seeing it is entitled Questions about Medallion Net, here goes. Cruising next year from Singapore to Sydney. Do you think it will work during that cruise ?
  8. Not everyone has an unlimited budget. Worry is the wrong word but I do have to keep an eye on spending.
  9. I like a drink, but my next cruise is for 18 nights so I will have to drink a hell of a lot to make the drinks package pay. I know it includes coffees and soft drinks but I am going to pay as I drink.
  10. Atl last some sensible posts. Being from the UK, the tip levels and culture in the USA is crazy. We are used to 10 to 15 per cent in restaurants being the norm. P & O were finding that passengers in their hundreds were taking tips off, so they have now included them in the fare. I am going on an 18 night cruise next year on Regal and will be expected to pay around £400 service charge, plus 18% on each drink ! Then I see posts when passengers have plenty of dollar bills to tip bar staff ! Sorry I will not pay £400 and will adjust it to £200 and tip my cabin steward.
  11. I don't mind reasonable grats but these increases are crazy. I do not believe the total is given to crew and is an added income for the company. Anyway I will reduce my total.
  12. I have just read on another social media site that the free internet minutes had stopped for Platinum. Is this true ?
  13. Love sea days Chill out on deck or on the balcony. Just booked Singapore to Sydney, Nov 20, on Regal, loads of sea days and a great destination
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