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  1. I do wish people would be careful before they post "facts". I am waiting to have a cruise cancelled, due to leave in November for Sydney, so I don't have to pay almost £5000 final balance and then wait months to get it refunded. It is still being sold, which is disgraceful, Princess most know it isn't going to happen, as do the Australian Government, who should announce once and for all no cruise ships and give a date.
  2. Cruise lines are deliberately taking money for cruises they must know will not happen. Taking minutes to take your money and months to return it. Be careful.
  3. not from Sydney, but why not book Regal princess later this year? Later this year the Regal is supposed to be sailing to Sydney in October, but if you want to chance it, good luck.
  4. Later this year ? From Sydney ? I wouldn't book if I were you.
  5. My problem is I have booked a package through a TA, which includes flights and hotels. I have paid for the flight to book seats I wanted, so although my cruise deposit would be given as a FCC if I cancelled now, I would lose the rest. No option but to pay the balance because it is a package Holiday under UK regulations and the TA would take the hit if it is cancelled, and be liable for the total cost.
  6. It's a mess. No time frame, so those of us with existing cruises booked and balances to pay soon, in my case 28th July for a November cruise, have a decision to make, don't pay and risk losing the deposit, pay thousands of pounds and risk waiting months for it to be repaid. Our Government should give a date, say 31st December 2020 and review it then. At least the customer and cruise company would know where we stand.
  7. Day 12 and still no refund - back to PandO !! See post 2913. Not chasing me yet.
  8. As a retired fairly senior police officer I have no intention of doing time for PO. They will get it back, but I shall keep them waiting.
  9. Cash, straight into my bank, £3243 x2 !!
  10. They will get it back, it's just how long it takes. I bet they won't want to wait 74 days. I'll keep you all posted.
  11. I have no intention repaying them for a long time. It will be interesting how long it takes for their polite requests become more threatening.
  12. For those that have followed my posts I have had a very nice email from PO telling me that they had inadvertently repaid my refund twice. They have given me the option to repay by cheque or bank transfer. I think I'll email them back and say I am out of the office for few days and this email address is unattended.
  13. I am going to have a ball ! Due to my work commitments, refunds are taking longer to arrange. Rest assured you will get paid, but it may take a while, 74 days seems the norm. £3243 is the payment.
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