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  1. It will be interesting to see the intentions of ACL in the deployment of these four acquired vessels. My immediate reaction is focused on the Pacific Northwest Columbia River cruises. Will that market support two vessels, certainly different styles, floor plans, etc.? As to the Mississippi and connecting rivers, will it be to ACLs advantage to reduce competition ie. passengers, therefore adjust prices accordingly? Nice to sit back and consider the possibilities. Happy cruising CC friends.
  2. The end of AQ Voyages was not unexpected as it was becoming increasingly aware that the manner in how they were delaying refunds on cancelled cruises increasing longer and longer. We got caught up in this several years ago and when told it would take 90 business days, I filled a dispute with Visa and was refunded the next day. Equally disappointing was that we never received notice from AQ, heard it from another customer. We look back on many voyages as we travelled the rivers of America, mighty Mississippi from St Paul to New Orleans (in segments), Columbia, Cumberland, Tennessee and Ohio. We think of sailing with Phyllis Dale, Greg and Lindy, Curtis Field as General Grant, Anthony the bartender on the Countess and Erik the manager upstairs. Enjoying early morning coffee with Holland Ware in the front porch, meeting Dave from Charlotte and Doug &Carol who will still travel with. Yes this is the end of an era, inevitable as their shoreside management and downward on board experience forced the sad ending.
  3. PSA for folks booked and then cancelled, immediately file a dispute with your credit card, they drag out refunds for 6+ months! They used to be a great cruise line; however, between a horrible back office, money issues and a deteriorating onboard experience it’s best to avoid.
  4. We are seriously considering the Rhapsody out of Colon to the ABC islands. Appreciate the guidance of Zu Concierge. We would arrive in PTY mid afternoon, which would be better, go over to the Port that day or stay in Panama City overnight? Also at the end, the flight home leaves at 6:41 pm. Any suggestions for how to spend the 1/2 day? Have already previously transit the canal and visited a lock? We could always look for a hotel day room close to the airport.
  5. When you are told 90 days…they mean 90 business days! As soon as I was told that, I filed a dispute through my credit card and received the credit right away.
  6. Be prepared to not receive a response to your reaching out to AQ. We did from a post on Facebook, never responded.
  7. The Tauck “gift of time” has a cut off date to encourage earlier depositing. I believe that for 2023 trips it was like July 31, 2022.
  8. LakeLife, we were scheduled to sail on the Countess early December. Beginning of September we heard through a third party that the cruise was canceled, never received a notification. Upon inquiry we were offered a cabin on the AQ leaving a day earlier for an additional $3,000! We declined the offer and was told the refund would take 90 days. I immediately disputed the charge with Visa and was promptly credited back. Of course we’re out the airfares.
  9. We had the same no notice cancellation for the December 6th sailing, found out when our companions went to make their final payment. They would transfer our booking to the AQ departing a day earlier in the same category for $3,000 more! Was told it would take 12 weeks for refund. Called Visa and disputed the original charge. Was processed immediately with the completion of paperwork supporting the claim. Very poor handling of this by AQ.
  10. jebbs, while I wholeheartedly agree with you, the rep we spoke with works a Tuesday-Saturday week, we’ve previously booked two cruises through her. Just disappointed on how it’s being handled. Appreciate your kind words
  11. We are definitely supporters of AQ, been on five cruises so far enjoying each of their riverboats. We love the product, the meals, staff, entertainment and American river itineraries. You get the picture….fans 🙂. We and another couple that we actually met on the AQ seven years ago, booked the Countess for Christmas markets on the Mississippi the beginning of December. They offered a good deal if you would pay in full. This morning we get a call from our companions, when they went to make final payment, they were advised that the sailing was canceled because of low number of bookings. Neither of us received the supposed email notification giving us our options, one of which is to transfer to another cruise. Fortunately, the AQ does the similar sailing a day earlier and they have availability…..not bad, just deal with flight changes. Okay, let’s just transfer category to category, or something close to similar. Nope, if you transfer it’s at current pricing and we want approximately $3,000 more! No choice but to sadly cancel; here’s the kicker, your refund will take 45-60 business days! Very disappointed with how AQ is handling this 😕
  12. Seaspray, we sailed the Queen upstream once in March, fought a heavy current the entire trip. We are actually sailing the Countess from Memphis to NO in early December and our hotel is the Peabody.
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