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  1. OP...thanks for sharing. Great photos. Not impressed with the look of the IV. A category we wouldn't book.
  2. Yes it is very clear and I know that from past experiences and have also said that in other posts. The conversation with Oxo was about the unlimited drinks on our Sea Pass cards, whether they are loaded on the evening of "embarkation" and the night of the "Senior Officers party". The letter doesn't reference that. We always have the CBP so we've never asked the CC host. My "assumption" is no, the unlimited drinks are not loaded on our Sea Pass cards due to those two events. As I posted before I'm planning on asking (out of curiosity) the CC host on our upcoming Summit cruise. Prior to February 2019 the CC only loaded CC HH drinks on our Sea Pass cards on limited cruises (large number of top 3 tier members) and the drinks at that time were limited to three.
  3. I (we) totally agree and most others do also. On our March 2020 B2B Summit cruise I'm going to ask the CC host for clarification because the welcome aboard elite letter doesn't address it. We just assumed no CC HH drinks on our Sea Pass cards for the first evening and the Senior Officers party as there isn't a hosted CC event held on those evenings. We've never asked as we also always get the bundled CBP perk.
  4. Again, it's unlimited CC HH drinks on your Sea Pass card as of February 2019. IMO both the Captains Club and Crown and Anchor programs have their positives and negatives.
  5. I figured as much from the bold letters used in your post.
  6. Agree. Good question. We enjoy going to the CC HH on the evenings when it's hosted. We always get the bundled CBP perk so we've never tried or asked if the unlimited drinks are loaded on our Sea Pass cards for the first evening and the evening of the senior officers party. Since there isn't a CC HH on those evenings I'm assuming no. We are doing a B2B cruise on the Summit March 2020 so I'll ask the CC host.
  7. I would call Celebrity's existing reservation department at 1-888-751-7804 and ask them since you haven't chosen a specific sail date yet.
  8. As of February 2019 the CC HH drinks loaded on your Sea Pass cards are now unlimited. No matter the sailing or the number of elite and elite+ on the specific cruise.
  9. Speaking from personal experience.
  10. How long ago did you book your cruise? You only have 60 days to transfer (from the time of booking) your booking from Celebrity to a TA.
  11. Yep, that's the CC welcome aboard letter I was referencing in my post to you.
  12. Yes. All you have to do is show your Sea Pass card to the server/ bar tender. You will need to order drinks from the CC HH drink menu. 🍷
  13. Do you wear boots on your Caribbean cruises? I wear sneakers when it's O or 100 degrees. Hate sandals and flip flops. Rolling eyes on your "it's not hot in the Caribbean", not about wearing boots in the Caribbean. I changed into shorts today after skiing this morning for the drive home.
  14. OK,wear your boots then. It's far from cold in the Caribbean even this time of year. 🙄
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