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  1. Agree. Especially cruising out of San Juan when there is only one sea day.
  2. When we first started cruising we did inside staterooms and it was long before the BPs were introduced. Not a big deal for us. ✋
  3. And to get away from Cruise Critic. 🤣
  4. I just remembered my driver's license also has "Veteran" printed on it. So I guess I've got it covered with 3 different ways of proving I'm a veteran. Just never had to prove it.
  5. That's what bothers me about answering some questions, no matter the subject matter. Celebrity is consistently inconsistent.
  6. We each have a cell phone (not smartphones). We only take one cell phone when we cruise and as soon as we get to the stateroom it's turned off and stays in the safe until the cruise is over. No laptops either. Unplugged on all of our vacations (land or sea). Even before retiring.
  7. Also check here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/456-caribbean/
  8. The Magic Carpet...The innovative space on Celebrity Edge is a "launch" deck for tender boats ashore on Deck 2, a outdoor dining space for Sushi on 5, and bar, lounge and dining space on Decks 14 and 16. The Magic Carpet is an incredibly versatile and unique addition to the top new cruise ship of 2018.
  9. Also here is the C&A Email address. crownandanchor@rccl.com
  10. We are staying on when others are getting off. 😉 For us we always book early so to secure the same stateroom for both legs of the B2B cruise. We always pick B2B cruises that have two different itineraries. Make sure when booking you ask for the B2B discount. $50 (per stateroom) for 7 to 9 days and $100 (per stateroom) for 10 days or greater. Just remember a B2B/consecutive cruise is two seperate cruises and sold that way. They are never published as B2B/consecutive cruises.
  11. Then we'd be a grain of sand as we don't gamble at all.
  12. My post is correct. The OPs cruise is on the "Apex" out of "Southampton. I'll refer you back to the OPs original post. I wasn't referencing all cruises out of Southampton only the OP cruise on the Apex out of Southampton.
  13. Posted only for effect of what the OP was whining about. Nothing more! The picture isn't mine.
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