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  1. In the heat of the moment I did show the raven/crow my big bird and also didn't forget to mention his mother either. 🤣
  2. Dani knows we all are thinking about her and her family even though most of us are pressing on with our lives. I'm sure she would have it no other way and you taking the time to take us all along on your trip is helping Dani and enjoys the diversion. 🍷
  3. Crap! I was focused on the bush. Last year we were in a rental car in Montana when one of those big suckers flew into the car and busted off the drivers side mirror. To add insult to injury, the damn thing shook off the impact with us and flew away. One tough bird!
  4. Yum yummy. A great place to have a perfect lunch with wine and something for the sweet tooth. Life is good. Who needs a cruise.
  5. Only in the Sky Lounge but not the pool.
  6. Agree. I do all the leg work and then book directly with the cruise line either over the phone (not that I don't trust the cruise lines websites, 🤣) or while onboard at the future cruise desk. Then I'll search for a TA (usually online) that will sweeten the deal. If not I leave the booking with the cruise line.
  7. We'll just wait until we are on our next Celebrity cruise (September 2022) to see what the CC tier level benefit/perks will be (any changes).
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