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  1. Nope. Cruise points are not reciprocal, only tier level up to elite and diamond. Diamond, diamond + (DS) and pinnacle will be elite on Celebrity.
  2. We would like to see QUEST on Celebrity. One persons ceiling is another persons floor. We've always had fun and a lot of laughs. Your son in law forgetting his camera and someone picking it up and keeping it had nothing to do with QUEST or RCs security.
  3. It'll be around longer than I'm expected to live. 😉 Hopefully we'll be sitting in the DL on the Rhapsody this March. 🍷🤞
  4. Sounds good to me. Kinda like Celebritys liars club. IMO, anything that is funny with passenger participation and engages the audience is a good idea. We really enjoy RCs QUEST.
  5. Yep, been to many of them. Scripted answers from the majority of the participants based on the same questions asked. But our choice to go and having a few good laughs before calling it a night. But one persons floor is another persons ceiling.
  6. And without the use of a jigger and no 5 ounce wine pours. Say when. 😉
  7. I've already saved you and Bucky a spot right behind us. My pleasure, Savon Blanc of course.
  8. You still can do all of that or don't cruise. Simple choice. If there is going to be any changes when/if cruising resumes we'll all need to comply with the new requirements. We'll wait until RCG officially publishes any new requirements in our cruise documents for our future cruises and then base our decisions on that.
  9. The line starts behind us. 😉🥂
  10. We had one like that on both legs of our March/April 2019 Caribbean B2B cruise on the Freedom. I'll never forget her name, Jandi Kim. The worst, ever! I'm also positive if she was ever to smile her face would have cracked. All other DLC have at least introduced themselves (besides the scripted letter) and acted like they enjoyed having us back cruising with RC and using the DL. But we did prefer the DL over the CL on the Freedom.
  11. Just consider it a bunch of blah, blah, blah! Some post does makes for some entraining reading. 🤣 We'll adjust accordingly if RCG ever does decide to do something as ridiculous as some are suggesting for the top three tier levels. Some posters aren't even there yet and wishful thinking for others.
  12. That would make me the latrine queen then.
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