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  1. We aren't casino people either. Agree about the chimney effect on Radiance class ships. Also on the Voyager Class ships. Smoke stench from the casino finds it way up the stairs to the Royal Promenade and also into the Schooner Bar.
  2. We've got a 10 night Celebrity cruise booked for September 2021 out of Vancouver. No word from Celebrity.
  3. Exactly. Mine is no longer in that good of condition and faded a lot more. I don't dare wear it as it might fall apart after 50 years. I always wear a hat of some type when I'm outside, at home and especially in the Caribbean. Funny thing and not sure why but in my mid 50's I must have started growing again as I started growing threw my hair on top which left it a lot thinner on top than it use to be. 🤣
  4. Yea ya gotta be careful in the sun. Even in the winter here. Skiing. You could always borrow Bucky's "bonnie hat". He'll know what I'm talking about. I still have mine. Kathy is a blonde with fair skin. She has high blood pressure (that's what she gets for hooking up with me 🤣) so being in the direct heat and sun for any length of time wears her out. Escaping to the A/C is always a reward for sure. Well that and having a couple of cold ones🍻 sitting under the covered patio on the patio chilling out. And speaking of Sol, I do like that beer.
  5. My Magic 8 Ball says, cannot predict now". 🤣🎱
  6. Pat, now I'm convinced Bucky and I are brothers. I'm also one that loves the heat. High 90's low 100's doesn't bother me. I'm always outside doing something. But it's a dry heat as we have very low humidity. This morning it was 19 degrees. Burrr. Hate it!! 🤬
  7. Chair hogs are excellent early morning entertainment for me. I'm walking the track NLT 6:00 AM and walk until 7:30 AM. I have a birds eye view of the chair hogs quest on the pool deck still in their PJs with bed hair/head carrying arm loads of towels they secured the day before. Scouring around strategically moving lounge chairs and marking their territory with their towels. Then they slip away. On occasion I've seen pool attendant's remove towels that early in the morning and rearrange the lounge chairs. I'll whistle down to them and give them a big smile and two thumbs up.👍 🤣👍
  8. La-la-la de-de daLa-la de-de da da-da...🎹
  9. But I'm old. 🤣 FERS is OK coupled with SS and TSP compared to some (not all) private retirement systems.
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