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  1. leaveitallbehind

    Black Friday

    Most cruise lines run rolling promotions - once one ends the next one begins. RCI does this and will have something related to black Friday, but nothing likely that will be more than any other promotion they offer at any given time. In other words, they certainly may word it as such and promote it as a Black Friday special, but the actual values won't be much different than their other promos.
  2. leaveitallbehind

    formal nights

    And the dress code is everything from smart casual to tux - no "formal" requirements anymore.
  3. leaveitallbehind

    Cruising to Bermuda in December.

    Have been there many times. That would be a very early out of season cruise date for Bermuda as their normal cruise season is late April to late October, with the prime being June into September. I would not book a cruise there at that time as while it still may be relatively mild once there, getting there would be in the Atlantic winter in terms of sea travel. And what drives the climate for Bermuda is that it benefits from the Gulf Stream and, as was previously indicated, it is off the coast of South Carolina. It is not a tropical climate.
  4. leaveitallbehind

    2 Questions - coming and going

    As mentioned, the disembarkation flight time is more than fine. You also do not need to do self assist if you are doing so to manage that time - you have more than enough time for that process and connection as FLL is only 45 minutes away from the POM. Also, don't know what travel arrangements you have in mind to get to FLL but you may want to consider Uber. Very efficient and reliable for that - we've used them a couple of times R/T FLL - POM / POM - FLL. You can also reserve your POM pick up in advance with Uber.
  5. leaveitallbehind


    Need a bit more information as LHT28 suggested. Where do you live? What port do you want to cruise out of? Where in the warm weather do you want to go? Any specific islands you would like to visit? Agree as well that the shorter cruises will be more of a party cruise with a younger demographic and would suggest something more along the lines of a 7-night cruise if you want to avoid that. Please come back with some more information so that we can provide good suggestions.
  6. leaveitallbehind

    What identification do I need if not using a passport?

    If you are US citizens, as this is a closed loop US based itinerary, RCI only requires a BC and valid picture ID for boarding. You will be fine with the ID to which you refer for you, but to be safe, I would suggest taking it all with you. Better to have it and not need it than to need it an not have it. Enjoy your cruise.
  7. leaveitallbehind

    Cruise credit

    Are you referring to an On Board Credit associated with your booking? I'm not sure of Princess's policy with this but you may need to cancel and re-book in order to get whatever current offers they are making with new bookings. Offers change frequently and you would just need to decide if the current offer in total with price, OBC's, etc., is more attractive than what you have already booked and what cancellation fees - if any - may be associated with making the change. But for the best responses you may want to re-post this on the Princess board at this link: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/119-princess-cruises/
  8. leaveitallbehind

    Bring my own coffee ?

    As others have mentioned, hot water availability from the staff? Most likely. Boiling? Doubtful. And in either case it would then need to be transported to the stateroom. Many buffets will have hot water dispensers for use with their teas and that may work as a source. But then I guess you would need to take the press with you there. Still seems like a lot to go through for a cup of coffee, IMO. But then I am not a fancier.
  9. leaveitallbehind

    Bring my own coffee ?

    That's fine, except that with most - if not all - cruise lines you cannot bring any type of coffee maker that is electric and has a heating element in it on board as it is a fire hazard, and as such would be a prohibited item.
  10. leaveitallbehind

    What identification do I need if not using a passport?

    You don't mention which cruise line or itinerary you are planning to cruise on. Some cruise lines and itineraries require a Passport - certainly as a US citizen any that depart from non-US ports. If you haven't already, check with your cruise line to confirm the necessary ID. In general, however, closed loop US based itineraries don't require a passport and you would be OK with the ID you indicate, given your situation. Sorry you find the necessary ID and paperwork as frustrating, but you are leaving the US and will be traveling to foreign countries, which make this a requirement. The complexity of your particular situation is what makes it more complicated. But agree with zgvol that if a Passport is feasible it would be recommended. Makes things a lot simpler.
  11. leaveitallbehind

    Satellite issue

    So did you check the antenna cable connection??? It would seem if it occurred with you it would have been ship wide? So I guess I stand corrected....but still surprised. Wonder why they would use their satellite system for the ship channel's? Maybe they can't be separated and its all or nothing.
  12. leaveitallbehind

    Satellite issue

    Can't argue what you are saying as your experience but I thought the ship channels relative to your account, etc., were direct feed and not satellite dependent. Perhaps I am incorrect.
  13. leaveitallbehind

    Can Go Big OBC be used to pay gratuities?

    Just to confirm, cruise line sponsored OBC's are applied to any purchase made on your stateroom account. It is simply an amount of credit that is indiscriminately applied against the total of charges made. So if, as example, you have a $150 OBC and a net end of cruise total of $500 in charges to your stateroom account, your final balance due is $350. The only restriction - as previously mentioned - is that it cannot be used as the deposit for a future cruise booked on board. Also, any remaining credit with a cruise ship sponsored OBC is not refundable to you. If it is not used in full it is lost.
  14. leaveitallbehind

    Satellite issue

    Easy to say, but not knowing what the issue is, not really a fair comment. Perhaps it is an issue that requires more extensive attention to correct than a few spare parts. Fortunately the inconvenience is only with something as minor as TV reception.
  15. leaveitallbehind

    Southern Caribbean, question about beaches and lunches

    Agree with the other responses in that the only food items that will be permitted off the ship in port are commercially manufactured items in their original packaging. That being said, all of your ports of call will have food venues in port and near - or at - the beaches. You should, as suggested, check the ports of call board to learn more specifics for each port. Here is the link: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/456-caribbean/