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  1. I did say that Captain is rare, but less rare are senior officer staff. We have been on several RCI / Celebrity cruises with females in the higher staff positions. As well as in the Hotel staff positions. I can't say what percentage and would politely question where you are getting that number from? Perhaps some of our more regular contributing maritime members can offer some insight.
  2. Which is also done similarly with other cruise lines such as RCI and Celebrity. However, there rarely are suites that are left unsold on most cruises.
  3. Any vessel for hire - in particular if associated with a cruise line sponsored excursion - would be required to have life vests, as would any vessel used to shuttle passengers to and from the ship.
  4. Yep. Same reason that most on board services - photographs, shore excursions, etc., - are expensive. They all are 3rd party contracted and the cruise line gets a percentage of their revenue.
  5. And most ship positions are staffed by women. While the point of this thread recognizes a recent woman's promotion to Captain on a cruise ship - which admittedly still is a rare occurrence - there are many women filling all levels of positions from staff officers to crew on many ships in both ship and hotel operations. And quite a few are in senior corporate roles as well. IMO the cruise industry is not one that lags behind with gender neutral staffing.
  6. We are saying the same thing. You do not have to reset it, but entering different numbers when locking it does. But the pin is retained in memory as that is how you are able to open it once locked. And we really have run this to its end I think, but thanks for your input.
  7. I'm sure you mean this in jest as the Maitre d on board a cruise ship would never respond to, nor accept this as a method to arrange tables for a guest.
  8. Very good for her. But while she may be the first Canadian female to be named Captain of a cruise ship, she is not the first female cruise ship Captain - RCCL and Celebrity each have had one for a number of years. Other cruise lines may also have female Captains, but those are two that I am aware of.
  9. If you set it and then close it and lock it, if it did not remember the pin how would it open the next time? Not worth discussing any further. You believe what you want and I will do the same. Have a good day.
  10. Not sure how anyone could answer that, other than possibly the cruise lines. Perhaps you could contact your cruise line for guidance or any indication they may have of potential itinerary changes.
  11. Agree - and whatever aroma that may be that they are referring to would be a first for me to have someone want that in their home....
  12. OK then that being the case, they can arrive at the pier around 10:00 - 10:30 for luggage drop off and check in and boarding will begin around 11:00. And to anticipate what might be their next question, on the last day for disembarkation they will have to be out of their stateroom by 8:30 and off the ship by 9:30 - 10:00 so the ship can be empty of passengers to clear customs so that they can start boarding the next itinerary's passengers by 11:00.
  13. As others have said it would be helpful if you could provide what cruise line / ship and departure port. The answers provided are generally correct but if we know more specifics we can provide a more specific answer applicable to your cruise.
  14. As mentioned it is intended for all which means no prior experience is necessary. You will be given instruction will familiarize yourself with it under the group leader's supervision. Once you have the basics you will then follow the leader for the run of the tour.
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