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  1. Luggage is scanned upon embarkation to the ship, not disembarkation. If they scan luggage coming off the ship, they would also do so with those carrying it off when they disembark - and on the one occasion when we have done this it was not scanned. With the exception of a recent cruise disembarking in Vancouver, our luggage has always been there waiting for us prior to clearing customs for us regardless of when we get off the ship. In that case, the luggage was late coming off the ship and we waited while it was brought directly to the claim area, and was not scanned on the pier. Coincidentally, that ship was Ovation.
  2. I don't mean this to sound picky but to clarify for the OP in case they are not familiar, the location is Old San Juan, not Old Town. And as a day port of call, the ship will dock in Old San Juan, so the vendor you refer to should be just off the pier.
  3. I guess the distinction I am making is with aft facing balcony staterooms that are in a corner location - not side facing balcony staterooms that happen to be far aft in a corner area. True aft facing corner staterooms by definition have full aft facing balconies or wrap around types. Any with side facing balconies only are not aft facing, but simply far aft side location balcony staterooms. But most aft corner staterooms in my experience with RCI and Celebrity, as example, are also aft facing with aft facing or wrap around balconies.
  4. If that is your preference, yes you can. That typically commences by 7:00 AM.
  5. Actually, most cruise line's ships do. Along with being popular, aft facing corner balconies are common on most ships. And on a number of ships they are among the most expensive real estate on board.
  6. I get that and I guess I should have multi-quoted to include that response as well, as my point was that individual opinions about what ages are appropriate for what vacations aren't relevant - only those ages as specified by the cruise lines matter. And they likely are in place because of the varied opinions that would be expressed regarding whether or not lower ages are appropriate, and that probably most people would agree with an older age limit than a younger one. JMO.
  7. Regardless, it does not change what the age policy may be with the cruise line and that is the only thing that would matter.
  8. In part that is due to having a couple of different headphone groups that each have their own music playing - which adds to the fun as not everyone is hearing the same music.
  9. I can't answer specific to Israel, but assuming you are docked and not tendering and unless there is something unique to that port from others, typically once the ship is cleared with Customs at a port of call it only takes 15-20 minutes to disembark. Usually two exit points are used as well, typically one forward and one aft. Ship based excursions will be prioritized but that does not usually cause any significant delay for others following after.
  10. Good point. Although as indicated in my first response on this thread, RCI will also provide this information in advance if you email them prior to your departure with a request. The Broadway style production shows are published on the RCI website for the various ships that offer them as they typically remain in place for about 5 years.
  11. Agree with mom says on this one - itineraries that include the ABC's (especially when all three are included) are one of our favorites, but also enjoy Barbados quite a bit. (In particular their flying fish sandwich for lunch!) Had a particularly good day at Barbados a few years back when another couple we were cruising with had a friend of theirs who lives half the year in Barbados take us on a personal guided tour of the island for the full day we were there. Was able to see many places most day visitors never have an opportunity to. Very enjoyable!
  12. As do other lines, such as RCI and Celebrity as example, with detailed info on the Officers and Senior Staff on a separate sheet on day one in your stateroom, as well as all entertainment and other activity information in the daily Compass. As they don't have golf pro's and dance hosts, that naturally would be omitted.
  13. Unfortunately, in our experience, RCI is notorious for their lack of enforcement of the stated policy of no chair reservations. Celebrity, while not consistent from ship to ship, does a better job with placing a 30 minute warning time card on an empty reserved chair and removing it and the person's belongings after about 45 minutes. I have witnessed this on two of their ships in recent years.
  14. Welcome to Cruise Critic! Just a suggestion, as there are a number of cruise lines that offer cruises with itineraries that include the Greek Islands, along with discussions here you may also want to reach out to a travel agent who specializes in cruises to discuss your preferences and expectations with them. They can assist with identifying the different options that may best suit your objectives. But most of the mass market cruise lines (RCI, Celebrity, NCL, MSC, etc.) offer itineraries that include that region. There are also a number of smaller ones (Windstar, Viking Ocean, Seadream, Seabourne, etc.) that also offer itineraries that may include a more intimate cruise style with those locations. How many ports of call involved would also be dependent on cruise length. You would need to check each one to see who has the most ports of call to which islands based on the length and different itineraries offered. Along with the information you will receive on this thread from experienced cruisers, you may also want to check the Ports of Call board for the Europe forum at the following link for additional information and discussion regarding this: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/8-europe/ Sounds like you are planning a great vacation - enjoy!
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