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  1. Not speaking for SRF, but I think they essentially are one and the same. To my understanding SRF is correct regarding seniority and a pecking order of jobs - and shift times. So those helping with your luggage off the ship may be at a different seniority than those checking it in upon arrival. In either case they are not cruise line employees and are employed by the Port Authority,
  2. As mentioned by SRF, the baggage handlers at the port are not cruise line employees, but rather long longshoremen contracted by the Port Authority. Complaining to the cruise line would have no impact other than they could perhaps pass your comments on to the responsible parties. In fact none of the pier employees encountered prior to boarding, which include the check in staff, are cruise line employees - they are all 3rd party employees contracted through the port authority. Additionally there are Government employees working as Immigration and Customs officers. The first contact you have with cruise line employees is those you encounter on board.
  3. I have no idea where you are coming from. I was not limiting your response - only clarifying my comments as you quoted me, which was in response to another poster indicating issues with the check in staff. You are free to comment as you wish at any time, but since you quoted me I wanted to make sure the context of my comments were correctly understood. Again, I was only commenting on who hires the staff, as the poster I was quoting with my response suggested that they might be NCL employees. I was not commenting on any of the issues experienced. I fully comprehend what you said, so lets not get snarky. I also have no direct experience with NCL having never cruised with them - but was only commenting on the staff employed at the piers for all cruise lines. Perhaps it's my posts you did not comprehend. But be it as it may, I am sorry for all the issues that the Epic passengers suffered with this cruise. Very frustrating. Enjoy your cruising.
  4. OK - That may be the case and the fact that you paid NCL for the transfers is also correct - but that is all completely irrelevant to my point. You need to re-read my response. My only point - and all that I said - is that that the check in personnel at the pier are not NCL employees, but are 3rd party employees hired by the Port Authority. Nothing more.
  5. Actually they are hired by the Port Authority. And documents training would come from the the Dept. of Immigration. Certainly NCL (or any other cruise line) can communicate the need for better training, etc., if they are aware of the issues. But their operation it is not their direct responsibility. Same goes for the baggage handlers, etc.
  6. While this may be entirely correct, these are not cruise line employees, but privately contracted staff. Just want to be sure that this is understood and is not seen as the direct fault of NCL.
  7. I'm sorry but that is just an irresponsible comment. Way too early in this tragedy to be pointing fingers or assigning blame. Blame will also not bring anyone back....
  8. So there you go with assuming things not yet in evidence - you know the danger with that. Not too judgmental. I think it best to let things unfold before jumping to conclusions on anything. But do as you wish.
  9. I think you need to re-read my comments. I said there will be plenty of time to do that later - now is the time to focus on support of those involved with the tragedy. There is a time and place for your concerns, but now is not it. All the facts of the situation are not yet understood. Foolishness is also demonstrated with poor timing with regards to this.
  10. It more likely is cruise line related and has nothing to do with the age of the ships. Oasis was launched in 2008, so while not an older ship compared to some, she is certainly not new at 11 years old. And as indicted before, being refurbished and size have nothing to do with it. I'm certain the the older CCL ships have been refurbished at some point....
  11. The table minimums have nothing to do with the refurbishment or the size of the ship. My guess is if the tables were empty the minimums might be lower, but if the players are willing to pay it and the tables are full, then that is what will be charged.
  12. The advantage of booking pre-cruise is best selection of day and time for your desired treatment. On board there may sometimes be better pricing, but typically it is for port days and you would likely have fewer options for days and times overall.
  13. I would hope that your decision wouldn't be based solely on the amount of mailings you receive as Oceania is one of the better cruise lines in the industry and it would be a shame to not consider them because of that. And, as with any cruise line, their solo rate is based on, and essentially equal to, the double occupancy rate less one set of port fees and taxes. (And while they are lower, the solo rates with those cruise lines that offer solo staterooms are still at a premium compared to the one passenger fare with double occupancy, in staterooms that are considerably smaller). Their rates overall are higher as they are more of a premium line with many things included that are separate on other lines. I seriously doubt that those rates would change significantly based on lesser mailings.
  14. In our experience, while the mix is (as typical with many itineraries) a blend of people from all over the country and with some Canadian and other international passengers, the majority is regional NY/ NJ /PA and other northeast states as that is a very convenient drive-to port for the 2-4 hour radius that includes those states. Obviously this is an attractive alternative to flying to a FL based departure port. This would also be a similar situation with Baltimore, MD, based itineraries.
  15. Nor is there anything on any of the major network news channels or the internet at this time regarding this. Here is the link to the roll call for today's Epic departure. Looking at the last few pages, there is a lot of confusing information with nothing seeming to be of certainty regarding what is happening: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2554819-norwegian-epic-december-8-2019/page/16/
  16. We maybe take comfort in the fact that the US plants 1.6 billion seedlings each year (yes, billion), half of which are by those in the forest products industries, and that there are more trees today than there were 35 years ago.
  17. Sorry you have been so inconvenienced as the result of this passenger's inconsiderate illness combined with Mother Natures will with the weather! Certainly you must be owed some sort of compensation for your inconvenience and early return. 😒 And BTW, how long have you served as Captain of a vessel at sea to be so knowledgeable and in position to second guess his decisions?
  18. On board credits are applied against any purchase made on board that is charged against your stateroom account. Most cruise lines have gratuities charged separately, alcoholic and other beverages charged individually or as a package, internet charges, fees for specialty restaurants, shore excursions, etc. All of these would be charged to your stateroom account with an OBC applied against as credit to those charges. That is what makes an OBC desirable. Those cruise lines that include those at no charge would have those costs included in a higher cruise fare. So while they are still being paid for as included in the fare, an OBC would have little or no value, except for other miscellaneous on board purchases at the ship's stores.
  19. Consider the source. Very typical response.....
  20. That must have been some time ago as 5 years ago when we last cruised on her it was port side. In fact, with only one or two exceptions, every RCI ship we've sailed has been port side.
  21. But it might be a good surprise if the current rate is lower -or becomes lower with the balcony discount - than that at which you booked originally. Maybe check just to be sure.
  22. It can vary, but in our experience on her it was port side.
  23. That would be my guess as well.... But I might have to google "sternside" to see if I am missing something from my nautical lexicon. 😊
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