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  1. Out of Cruise lines I have been on, I would have to go hands down Celebrity if price was the same (and affordable) across the board.
  2. We went on an Alaska cruise last summer (actually sailed a year ago today...) and while we DID have fairly decent 4G signal a lot of the time we had big fees that I wasn't aware we would have because even though we were just off the coast of Alaska, it was "at sea" so more like International...Double check your plan to see what it covers. FWIW, There was decent signal on land, too
  3. I have been on many cruises and have used the patch on most of them and have had no issues other than the dry mouth mentioned. I have had success with Bonine as well.
  4. I just did an Alaska cruise on Princess in August that went to Glacier Bay and it was beautiful. That said, Tracy Arm is the one I REALLY wanted to see but the one we did worked better for our dates, etc. I think what you have already booked is fine. The Serenity is a good size but not too huge as to be overwhelming. Most Alaska cruises have all the usual port stops so what will really matter is your choices of shore excursions and the ship/cruise line you are on doesn't matter a whole lot there because you can book private tours if you want and the excursions available through the cruise line are usually the same or similar for all of them...Go and have a great time whatever you decide.
  5. I got stung by a bee type thing, not sure what it was, out on the balcony on the Carnival Fantasy while we were out at sea.
  6. It would probably look like one of the lifeboats, LOL
  7. SS Carnivale, Carnival Cruise Lines, 1989 2nd was on the Fantasy in 1990 when it was New and the biggest ship afloat, funny now the biggest one is more than double that
  8. We went to Alaska in August- it was My DH, MIL and I. After multiple delays, we finally landed in Vancouver at about 3am. We did fly in the night before but we thought we would get there at about 1130 or something like that. We had booked a night in a hotel. When we landed, our Luggage was not there, they told us it was still in Toronto. My MIL had packed her carry on well, she had her PJ's, and a change of clothes (and undies) for the next morning as well as toiletries, etc. DH and I had to wear what we had on. My MIL's luggage didn't actually get put on the original plane for some reason, we found out the next morning it was still in Rochester. So it sucked but at least she had a change of clothes she could wash and wear the other one because her stuff didn't get to us until Tuesday afternoon (left on Saturday). So my advice...pack as much into that carry on as you can fit, LOL
  9. I meant to take pics of the menus each night but I kept forgetting. I did get one night and the Pinnacle Grill Menu. I'm pretty sure my husband took quite a few nights so if he did I will try to post them. They are on his phone and of course he is not home.
  10. We did 3 nights on Land after the cruise, 2 at the Princess Denali Wilderness Lodge The first night we didn't really eat dinner, we just snacked in the room, we ate on the train fairly late in the trip there. This was the dinner on the 2nd night Fish and Chips The night at the Princess Fairbanks Lodge Seafood mac and cheese, there was other seafood in there other than those shrimp on top, there were baby shrimp and some small pieces of some sort of fish, too. It was really good and filling.
  11. These are 2 from earlier in the week that I found on my phone, may have been the 1st night. This first one was my hubby's dessert, they were apple filled and that is a raspberry sauce This was a chocolate cake and some sort of ice cream Not 100% sure what flavor, but I ordered ice cream a couple nights, interesting flavors. It might have been a toffee or something like that.
  12. Last night-- Menu pics and then food pics will follow Hubby's NY Strip My Salmon, it was really good (I was nervous, because I am not a fan of hazelnut but I never even tasted it) This was a chocolate mousse type thing with pistachio This was Meringue "Islands" in a vanilla sauce. It was pretty good but really sweet.
  13. This was a chilled fruit soup, was really thick, closer to a yogurt type thing. I think it was apple but I don't really remember, it was really good, though but it's been almost 5 months. Those little brown things were fried grapes, they were interesting. This was some sort of a seafood salad type thing This was my Lobster tail with risotto, it was a very small piece but with the risotto and the other courses, it was enough, and it was really good. Hubby's Beef Wellington Baked Alaska
  14. Chilled soup (can't remember if it was peach or apricot) Shrimp and scallops, with veggies (I think that might have been pureed cauliflower but I'm not sure) Hubby's Spaghetti and Meatballs Limoncello Yummy Tiramisu
  15. I think this is the 2nd Formal night Shrimp Cocktail 2 views of my hubby's chicken (this is from the always available menu)-He enjoyed it Crab legs The cute little finger wash bowl they gave us for the crab juice on our fingers...
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