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  1. No, they could not. If they are taking a one-way cruise from Whittier to Vancouver, then they cannot stay on the ship from Vancouver to Los Angeles or San Francisco. PVSA.
  2. The question is whether or not you used OBC to book any excursions - not this excursion. They will automatically refund to credit card only if you don't have a remaining balance. If you cancel all of your excursions, then they will refund all of your credit card payments. If you cancel excursions within five days of sailing, the refund will go to refundable OBC - not to your credit card. If you then cancel the cruise, you will receive a check for the refundable OBC. Note that the check will be to the passenger who was booked on the excursion - not to the person who paid for it.
  3. There would be no problem flying from Vancouver to Skagway or Ketchikan, since they would clear US immigration and customs before boarding the plane in Vancouver. All flights from YVR to the US clear immigration and customs in Vancouver. However, the PVSA would prevent them from boarding the ship in Skagway or Ketchikan for a one-way cruise to Whittier.
  4. And it doesn't matter whether you booked the R/T as a single cruise or as a B2B. The PVSA doesn't care about individual bookings. It only cares about the total cruise for each passenger.
  5. That's what I thought the problem was. You may need a two-device plan in order to work. The question is whether or not you and your husband both need to work at the same time. If not, one of you can use two devices while you're working and then trade with the other. If you both need to work at the same time, then you probably need at least three devices. You would each need a logon for your computer to do work. Maybe you could switch back and forth on the phone when you're logging in. This would require one extra in addition to the two with Plus. You will have to decide the tradeoff between cost and convenience.
  6. @Cabunitsaid the APAP uses a cellular modem - not wifi. If it uses a cellular modem, then it would not use wifi. Your machine may be different.
  7. My CPAP has a cellular modem. However, I do not have a contract with a cellular provider to connect the CPAP. The CPAP company provides for the cellular connection. It does not use wi-fi. The CPAP does not use my cellular service. I've used my CPAP several times on cruises with no problems. I know the data was eventually uploaded so that my physician could see it. However, I never checked to see when it was uploaded. I suspect the CPAP does not use data roaming and waited until I returned to a United States cellular connection before uploading the back data, but I don't know for sure. When you use a phone with a roaming foreign or nautical cellular connection, you don't pay the company providing the connection directly. You pay your home cellular connection for the roaming, as stated in your contract with them. I don't have a contract to provide cellular connection for my CPAP, so I'm not responsible for how it connects to a cellular network. I suspect that your situation is the same.
  8. I suspect the hassle with multi-factor authentication may have nothing to do with logging on to the Princess Internet. OP and husband will need to logon to work network every time they switch devices instead of staying logged on and work network may require multi-factor authentication to log on each time.
  9. Not only do you need to mention it to the head waiter (not just to a waiter) in each restaurant, you need to order your MDR meals from a head waiter the evening before. Also, you need to talk with the head waiter at each specialty restaurant the evening before your reservation if possible. Obviously @threebluestarscould not go the night before for a first-night reservation. Sometimes, when the MDR head waiter comes by to take your order for the first night and you tell him you will be eating in a specialty restaurant, he will offer to talk with the specialty restaurant head waiter for you.
  10. Don't count on the information in the app. Go to the Crown Grill and talk with the Head Waiter as soon as you are onboard. Discuss the allergy with him, and he will tell you what is available. If it weren't the first night, I would say to talk with him the evening before to give them time to prepare. If they aren't able to adequately handle her diet without more notice, you may want to ask him to change your reservation to the next night to give them time.
  11. You will need to use the FCD for the deposit. The Goodwill FCC cannot be used for a deposit. In my case, Princess automatically used it for the next cruise that I booked after receiving the credit. I asked them to move it to a different cruise (an earlier cruise previously booked) and they did so. When I cancelled the cruise with the FCC applied, they automatically moved it to my next cruise. I would not recommend saving the Goodwill FCC. It expires at a specific date, and it has no value after expiration. Something unforeseen may happen. OP won't be able to get a CVP involved, since the booking will be through a travel agent.
  12. I would recommend looking closely at the deck plans for your specific ship. On some Princess ships, there can be substantial foot traffic past the first few staterooms to get to the forward lifts. However, you would not have this problem on the Discovery Princess. On that ship, people do not walk by the Lido deck cabins to get to the forward lifts, so you would not have that foot traffic. People do need to walk past L301 or L302 to get to the forward stairs, so you may have a little foot traffic past those two cabins, but not as much as on the ships where people are walking to the lifts. I would not expect any problems farther forward.
  13. I wouldn't waste your time going to Guest Services. If you do nothing, the recommended crew appreciation will automatically be charged to your folio, and it will automatically use any OBC (nonrefundable OBC first and then refundable OBC).
  14. DW and I sailed on the original Pacific Princess on a one-week cruise in 2002. Our cabin sure didn't look like the ones on the show. Also, the cabin had two single beds that could not be moved together - not actually the best layout for "The Love Boat".
  15. Yes. See this FAQ. It also gives the restrictions I quoted above.
  16. A normal wheelchair will not fit through the door. If it's a collapsible wheelchair, if someone can carry it through the door into the hall, and if you can walk the short distance through the door to the wheelchair in the hall, then you should have no problem. Princess provides the following information about mobility devices: "Mobility devices of any kind, like other items, may not be left outside the stateroom. Please be sure that your mobility equipment is no wider than 22" if booked in a standard cabin or no wider than 31" if booked in an accessible cabin." If it will be taken through the door collapsed, then these limitations would apply to the collapsed wheelchair. The shower in tub in a mini could be a problem. Even before DW used a wheelchair, we did not book mini-suites for that reason - we booked either ocean view, balcony, or full suites.
  17. This was also back in the days when people hitchhiked and other people picked up hitchhikers. Times have changed.
  18. Sorry, you will not receive two credits for getting an upgrade to a suite. Princess provides the following answer in its FAQ: 16. Will I receive all the amenities of a Reserve Collection Mini Suite or a full suite if I am upgraded to such categories? Yes! You will receive all the amenities of the upgraded stateroom category. However, you will not receive double cruise credits for a full suite with the upgrade.
  19. Definitely book through a travel agent or a Princess Cruise Vacation Planner (CVP). Four cabins can qualify as a group and get some small group OBC. Eight cabins can provide one berth free (which can either be applied to one passenger or divided among all the passengers). Other group amenities are possible - I don't know all the details, since I only booked a group of five cabins.
  20. Embarkation day is easy. The real problem is to drink 15 alcoholic drinks on disembarkation day between 6:00 am and when you leave the ship.😉
  21. 1. No, the medallion cannot be used to locate another medallion or anything else. 2. They are not programmable. All they contain is a code that identifies the passenger. The medallion app on a phone, or on a display screen on the ship, can be used to locate a medallion. The easiest way is to use the app on your phone. It will locate other members of your booking. It will also locate other passengers on the ship with their permission; you select their name and it sends a message to their app asking for permission to share locations. As stated previously, it will generally show the location where you left the ship if you and your medallion are no longer on the ship.
  22. On a South Pacific cruise in 2012 (28-day round trip Los Angeles) on the Sapphire Princess, we had a program in the Princess Theater on November 11th (a sea day). The program was a combination for Armistice Day, Veterans Day (United States), and Remembrance Day (Commonwealth). The Captain led the program for a nearly full theater. He asked the veterans of each country to stand up, and we had veterans from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. It was a very moving ceremony - particularly with the participates from the many allied countries.
  23. I've had the same problem. I check both names and click on Add to Waitlist. One name is added. When I go back to that excursion, waitlist is no longer an option. I suspect they allow a limited number on the waitlist and I took the last spot. I'll leave it that way and check with Shore Excursions onboard.
  24. I thought you were probably doing something like that. I just wanted to clarify for anyone else reading that you can't have a couple of days in Southampton between the land portion and the cruise portion of a cruise tour.
  25. I've done a couple of British Isles cruises, and I don't have a lot of information about those ports. My last cruise was a family cruise with four couples. We booked a private driver/guide in South Queensferry for the eight of us and went to the border town of Jedburgh instead of to Edinburg. That was very interesting for us because we found the tombstone of our great-great-great-grandfather, but that wouldn't be that interesting for someone else. We took the Princess excursion from Greenock to the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. That was fantastic, and I would highly recommend the Tattoo if you were traveling in August when it is happening. Other than that, I really don't have any recommendations for either Greenock or South Queensferry.
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