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  1. We leave. Weds. Oct 6 after work and have an AA non stop that leaves around 5 pm and we are staying at the pan pacific that night s well, so the direct flight is desirable so we can get in time to have a nice dinner. I checked westjet and no direct flights on our dates and the cost was a bit more. At least if AA does not cancel the direct flight on the way there, we will keep these flights. But I will keep watching for lower fares and other direct flights. Thank you. dog lover, we are excited to stay at the pan pacific! Glad to hear you enjoyed it.
  2. Thanks so much. We will bring our cards with us. Good info on the sky train entrance. We would have went to the main entrance and panicked.
  3. I have a great price thru aa and princess. The air canada flights are much more expensive direct or thru princess. I did not see westjet, so will check that out since I can still cancel the aa flights with no penalty up thru August. Ty.
  4. We usually use southwest or delta. However, we booked AA through Princess flexible air cause they were the only ones with direct flights to and from YVR for about 250 per person round trip. Aa has now cancelled the direct return flight on Sunday and put us on a really bad timing/connection flight. So In order to keep the great price I have on these flights, I will need princess to contact AA and move us to a different flight for free. Hence, the questions.
  5. thanks for the advice. We are staying at the Pan pacific and were not sure if the sky train runs that early on a Sunday. We both have global entry, so arriving around 5:15 am will put us exactly two hours before the flight and give us a bit of cushion.
  6. Thank you both. I found another aa flight connecting thru Dallas that leaves at 7 am, with good timing. so will call princess on Monday to request that return flight instead of the crazy early with a crazy connection time. Thank you.
  7. Thank you. Does anyone know what time us customs opens at YVR? We will modify the connection at lax to make it longer.
  8. Aa only has one other reasonable flight and that leaves an hour or so later connecting through Dallas. That adds about three more hours of travel time to phx. The rest of their flights leave too late in the day and would put us home later than we want. Our alternatives are to change the flight and go home on Saturday night or reserve a new flight through princess on a different airline. Both of these options would require refaring that will be about $450 more in total. We have the flexible flights reserved right now through princess that are a great price, so the flights are not ticketed thru aa yet, just showing pending status.
  9. In October, we will be returning from yvr to phx on the 18th. AA cancelled our direct flight at 8:15 am on a Sunday and have put us on a 5:45 am flight with a 41 minute connection through lax. So a couple questions, what time do we have to be a YVR on a sunday morning? I am reading that us customs does not open till 4:30 am, but also am reading that we need to be there three hours in advance. So what do we do, stand in line for 165 mins till customs opens? Is arriving two hours in advance appropriate for a Sunday morning at YVR? Does US customs open earlier when there is such an early flight? Is the 41 min connection time in lax sufficient to get to the gate before boarding starts? We travel with only carry ons, so do not want to be the last people on the plane. There is another flight that has a 90 min connection, that we could ask to switch to.
  10. Can someone who booked under the sale let me know if the prepaid gratuities show on their online booking. My drinks and WiFi show up, but my gratuities are not showing as paid. I called and the rep said it was there and sent me a special services email showing it. However online still shows I need to pay it. Since I do,not want an issue on board, thought I would check to see if it is just a temporary website issue with everyone. Thank you.
  11. its working now -- but really slow and the site is going wacky --
  12. I am trying to book a three for free cruise today and it says it’s a 1 dollar deposit but when I get the reserve page it says the deposit is 200. Anyone else having that problem. I do not really want to have to call them today!
  13. The news articles say Sept 27 barring any construction delays. Fingers crossed for you!
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